Viagra Corporate Headquarters

The title of this image, which has been circulating widely online since at least 2009, is a joke. The building shown is not really the corporate headquarters of Viagra.

Of course, Viagra isn't a company. It's a drug manufactured by Pfizer, Inc. But the joke wouldn't work if the photo was titled "Pfizer's Corporate Headquarters."

However, this isn't even Pfizer's headquarters. The building is actually the corporate offices of Swagelok Northwest, located in Portland, Oregon at 815 SE Sherman St. The company manufactures valves and fittings for gas and fluid systems.

The topiary outside the building is real, as can be seen on Google Maps. Therefore, this is a case of "real picture, fake caption."

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Posted on Thu Nov 05, 2009


The awnings and doorways make this look more like residences in a formerly industrial space.
Posted by floormaster squeeze  on  Fri Nov 06, 2009  at  08:17 AM
It's pretty clear it's a doctored photo. On the left, look at the shadow on the building and the shadow of the sign on the pavement. Now look at the hedges. No shadows. Pretty clear it's no real.
Posted by RTB  on  Sat Oct 02, 2010  at  09:00 AM
Viagra is not a corporation. The drug is made by Pfizer and there is no Pfizer located in Toronto......
Posted by denise  on  Mon Oct 04, 2010  at  12:53 PM
Alex and RTB, it's a real place in Portland, Oregon!

Do a Google Maps Street View search for 811 SE Sherman St, Portland, Oregon and you'll eat your words.
Posted by OkraWinfrey  on  Sat Nov 13, 2010  at  08:49 PM
This story reminds me of a unfortunately named plumbing company in Victoria Avenue Christchurch New Zealand in the 1970's which had a phallic shaped sign, proudly advertising Triplecock the plumbers.
Posted by Andrew Cochrane  on  Thu Apr 07, 2011  at  03:16 PM
The pic is not doctored. It is a real building, but it has NOTHING to do with Viagra or Pfizer. The company named on the building is actually Swagelok, which is the Portland Value & Fitting Co.
Posted by KLB  on  Wed May 25, 2011  at  08:34 PM
First Viagra maker is Pfizer.
This is where there headqueaters in 277 East 42nd Street New York, NY 10017..check it out on google map. You'll be shocked at the size!!
Posted by sunny  on  Tue Feb 07, 2012  at  05:56 PM
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