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Here's a couple of vampire-themed websites sent in by visitors. First we have the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. According to the blurb on the site, "From 1868 to 1975, the Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency (FVZA) was responsible for controlling the nation's vampire and zombie populations while overseeing scientific research into the undead. This site is a tribute to the men and women who served in the FVZA, especially the over 4000 Agents who lost their lives fighting to keep our country safe." And next we have The Temple of the Vampire. If you want to live forever, then all you have to do is join the temple. The catch is that in order to join you have to buy their book, The Vampire Bible. That's a good sales gimmick. I should try something like that for my book, such as if you want to achieve a state of absolute enlightenment, then you have to buy my book.


Posted on Wed Oct 29, 2003


Ya know what, guys, after reading more and more on this... I, yes, ME - TESSA, am hereby apologizing for my misguided comments. Skullfarmer made a good point - a few actually. Since my off-the-cuff post, I have done more and more reading and research on vampires and the vampiric lifestyle and am finding it to be quite fascinating. I shall continue to read and learn and am actually thinking that the hasty invitation to my "all you can drink neck fountain" might have been a bit ignorant... it is now closed for business. At least until I find (or am found by) a vampire I like!
Posted by Tessa  on  Mon Sep 08, 2008  at  09:56 AM
Wow this ToV shit is amazingly funny, and so are all these bitch fest back talks. If I was enterested I would resurch this temple so I could join in the bitching. All I want to know is if you people never joined (I mean people) why are you all so angry, why be mad if youve lost nothing. For those that joined deal with it you surely have become wiser through your foolishness.
And what was with that mental defective who lies about porpherya, that shit is hard core ive seen someone suffer from that. I hope the retard gets the shit he lies about if only for an hour
Posted by I love Strippers  in  a tittie bar  on  Thu Oct 16, 2008  at  03:49 PM
Here is a new one, now you can waste your money and join:

People can't get enough of these trendy Temples.

Posted by NA  in  NA  on  Tue Oct 21, 2008  at  03:57 PM
the tov are full of lies deceit and betrayal there are MUCH bigger fish out there. and bye the way does anyone know the missing line from "the summoning of the evil sorccerers" in Vol. 1 of the necronomicon?
Posted by edwardtheimmortal  in  ohio  on  Sat Oct 25, 2008  at  05:18 PM
Excuse me, "NA", Therian Temple is neither "like" the Temple of Vampire, nor is it a "waste of money" to join! Plus, many people can join for free if they qualify anyway.
Posted by FoxTherian  in  Indiana USA  on  Tue Oct 28, 2008  at  04:09 AM
I would like to let the world know the truth. Vampires exist. I know this for a special reason. I am a 13 year old vampire. What people say about us is mostly myths. Like the sleeping in coffins thing is FAKE!!! When we suck blood, we only have to do it once a year. And we don't need to suck human blood. Cow blood works just as good. We only suck human blood once every 10 years. If you are a bad vampire (not me, I'm good) you have to suck only human blood once a week. When we suck human blood it doesn't kill them, it just turns them into GOOD vampires.
Posted by Steven  on  Tue Nov 04, 2008  at  10:18 PM
haha wow what is there to say to that. let me guess you have a special deal with a butcher shop and evrything how mysterious(Cough retard)
Posted by I love Strippers  in  a tittie bar  on  Wed Nov 05, 2008  at  12:38 PM
"George C. Smith [Charles Nemo/Lucas Martel] was a member of the CoS for a while, but couldn't get into the priesthood. In the late 1980's he joined the Temple of Set with great expectations. Every article from the ToS's Scroll of Set, and other documents such as the Ruby Tablet of Set, that I can find shows a very intelligent young man with brilliant theories. Once there he revealed one of Laveys major sources: Ayn Rand. Check out Mr. Aquino's excellent Church of Satan history for Smiths article in the appendix.

George either founded or joined the Kthulhu Pylon (sort of like a local church within the ToS) near Lacy, Washington, and decided to leave the ToS and return to the CoS when he yet again couldn't get into the priesthood. I think another reason that he left was that, like Issac Bonewitz before him, he tried to reform the Temple of Set - he wanted to redefine how they view and relate to Set. Well, the Kthulhu Pylon transformed into the Temple of the Vampire and the rest is pretty much history. George became Lucas Martel for a while, and now goes by the name Nemo. He is a Magister in the CoS, and has written an article that reverses everything he said in his "Secret Source of Satanic philosophy" article now that he's a member of the LaVey cult again."

"I'm talking about sheep in wolve's clothing. I'm referring to cult groups who claim to be Satanists but act just like the most dedicated Christian fanatics! I am talking about White Light Mystics who use Satanic trappings.

They are out there and they are dangerous!

How are they dangerous?

Well, in my own case it cost me almost three precious years of my life before I finally saw through the sham of one organization and began to undo the damage it caused to my life.

Yes, I said damage!"

And a super immortal so-called "real" vampire is claiming that he was damaged and duped by an organization? Wouldn't a real vampire be able to see through the "sham"?

I also wonder how many ex-Temple members are spending their "three years" undoing the psychological damage that comes from being a Temple Member?

After reading these two excerpts I am convinced that there MAY be some truth to the other website's claims.

I also doubt that Charles Nemo is a so-called real Vampire.

Real Vampires--wouldn't have a need to brag to the mortals (on here and elsewhere) about the coming Apocolypse or feel a need to beat their chests and call others puny mortals.

I think that individuals who have real power do not have to advertise as many so-called Vampires have had in this thread.

But, if you wish to pay for a magical guru then go for it, have fun paying them, jumping through hoops and hanging your Titles on your wall.
Posted by Private  in  Private  on  Mon Nov 17, 2008  at  12:28 PM
" warned: there are unethical individuals out there who will prey upon you, claim to teach you how to become a Great Black Magician overnight, who will promise instructional fellowship and activities with 'True Masters,'..."
Posted by Private  in  Private  on  Mon Nov 17, 2008  at  12:32 PM
Hi.I'm Meghan Berens.Im Fifteen Years Old.I Live In A Reserve Called Poplar River.Im From Manitoba, Canada.I Am Aboriginal.I Want To Become A Vampire.I Do Have My Beliefs And I've Waited For Kind Of Amazing Thing To Happen To Me since Forever.I Am Christian Catholic.I Want To Live This Life Because I Choose This Life More Then The Life I Have Right Now.You Vampires Can Change My Life With Power, Strength, And Wealth! I Choose You Guys For This World.And This World is Mine But You Vampires Can Make It Better.To Prove It Stop By My House. I Live In A Reserve, And You Will Know Which One I Am. I Am the Only Girl Teen Living There.I Live by The Airport. My Window is The Window By The Garage Door.I Will Leave My Window Open So You Can Use Your Power.I Want EVERYTHING You Got. And Im Am DEADLY SERIOUS about All This.ITS EVERYTHING TO ME!!!
Posted by Meghan Berens  in  Poplar River Manitoba ,Canada  on  Sun Nov 23, 2008  at  01:03 AM
they are delicious monsters aren't they
Posted by Delicious Monster  in  Orlando,FL  on  Tue Nov 25, 2008  at  07:18 AM
"I no longer believe in anything but the inevitability of death and the need to have as much pleasure as possible beforehand, with the proviso that I absolutely will not take advantage of others along the way, and will help the truly helpless when I can. The latter proviso is at least a matter of expedience, since I have no desire to end up as Gacy did. It
Posted by Private  in  Private  on  Tue Nov 25, 2008  at  06:48 PM
NOTE: To make the links in the former post work I would suggest copying and pasting them into your address bar if you have trouble.

To Meghan Berens,

I suggest that you live your life to the fullest and do not seek others to help you live out your life for you.

You said: "I Want To Live This Life Because I Choose This Life More Then The Life I Have Right Now."

You have the ability to create happiness and joy and peace in your life.

You have the ability to rise above your problems and accomplish your dreams.

Remember, you always have the power and choice to make your life better and others can not do that for you.

And you sound like you have some problems that need to be discussed with your parents or a professional counselor.

I would suggest that you tell your parents you are unhappy with your life situation so they can help you.

I also think that you should not leave your window open because that could be dangerous. You do not want some bad person coming in on you during the night.

I don't want you getting confused and thinking a bad person is a Vampire.

If they were real you would know and would not need to leave windows open to discover them. If they are real they will find you.

Personally, I will not believe in a vampire until I see one and then I would still question its intentions.

Also, I think if you have to pay to meet one then the claims are most likely not true.

Now do what I say and keep your window shut! grin

You will be happy and things WILL be OK.

Be strong and talk to your parents.

You need to stay off of this website, talk to your parents and please seek some help as soon as possible.

Listen to the only rational voice here.
Posted by Private  in  Private  on  Tue Nov 25, 2008  at  07:08 PM
Well, I admit that I do need to brush up on my hermeneutics.

For a start, I found this web article to be useful.

Also, I did some browsing in old usenet postings and discovered that this Charles Nemo or Chaos Nemo had been accused of lying about visiting John Wayne Gacey.

Many Usenet posters were also accusing him of being a compulsive liar on other things too.

I don't have enough information to come to any conclusions in regards to attacks against this Charles Nemo's credibility.

It could be a possibility that this Charles Nemo character is another individual too?

Also, to be sure that this is the same Nemo of the ToV is also uncertain at this point for me.

I would be interested if anyone could come up with some better research results.

Usenet links:

Charles Nemo's Usenet profile:

Gacey visit a hoax?

This is the closest profile that sounds like Nemo on the Usenet:
Posted by Private  in  Private  on  Mon Dec 01, 2008  at  02:52 PM
WOW! Could this be Nemo's picture (see first link)?*/

Note: If you have trouble with links try pasting them into your web browser address bar.
Posted by Private  in  Private  on  Sat Dec 06, 2008  at  05:34 PM
people have been been peddling that "if you give me money I will help you live forever" stuff for years.

this is just a latest wrinkle
Posted by Delicious Monster  in  Orlando,FL  on  Wed Dec 10, 2008  at  08:42 AM
Perhaps I am wrong about this, but this is how I view TOV.

It's not a religion, it's a way of life. I think it's stupid that they have it with such words as temple or bible. Vampirism isn't a religion, it's almost an insult to call it such.

My advice would be to use the teachings of TOV, because they seem like they could very well profit you if you have an interest in being wealthy and worldly advanced.

As I began to read over these comments they began to be nothing more than an almost exact parallel to the Christian religions. One arguing that theirs is more right that their belief is the true way.

As far as I'm concerned everyone should quit thinking that there is a "true" way. Take every part of what you hear and learn and use it to your advantage, that's what it really means to be what people would call a vampire.

I can guarantee that if you do this and stop wasting time arguing that you are or aren't right you will end up much wealthier, healthier and live much longer.

I had a bit more to say, but I'm getting bored of this. I have better things to do than listen to arguments, how amusing it can be.
Just thought I'd leave a bit of "food for thought" with all of you.

Listen to me or ignore me, I'm merely doing this to spread a bit of information is all... well and amusement.
Oh well, I'm beginning to ramble like usual.

Posted by anaj  in  USA  on  Thu Dec 11, 2008  at  10:21 PM
I propose a challenge.

If there are so-called "bigger" things out there then present your selves to me and enlighten me.

If there are so-called "real" Vampires then present your selves to me and convince me you are worth my time.

Currently, I feel that I am the largest thing any of you have ever dealt with or faced.

I am a philosophical "hybrid" following the religion of "doubt".

Doubt is a terrible thing to those who BELIEVE.

Doubt is a terrible thing to those who wish to control.

One is left standing in the spirit of Lucifer or the metaphorical anti-Christ unaffected by your hypnotism.

One is left standing looking at your displays in the Museum of Hoaxes.

When one claims something is REAL then I demand PROOF.

So far I am not impressed with any claims in this world.

The only thing that impresses me is myself.

I glorify Myself only! And I glorify who I AM!

Bow before me "believers" and follow in my footsteps of DOUBT.

P.S. Religion was the biggest mistake you are having to clean up--idiots.
Posted by Private  in  Private  on  Wed Dec 17, 2008  at  12:15 AM
Its Meghan Again...Well Listen Here...My Parents Know Im Unhappy But They Dont Know Whats Wrong With Me...Even I Dont Even Know...but i dont really give a shit because i'd prefer being a vampire then fuckin being a pathetic human know i hate my life so fuckin much i almost gave my own life away....thats how much i hate it thats why i wanna be a VAMPIRE...i'd prefer that then being worthless.......and so whut if i have a problem...everyone knows i have a problem but noone has ever got the guts to tell me to my face....because they know im soo serious i dont take bullshit from anyone...and that is a fact...and another fact....i live in a reserve everyone knows everyone and i would know when its them.!!! ii would just feel know i think they are coming for me....everytime i go to bed theres this mans voice who talks to me...and i even cant sleep right away because i always here someone talking right outside my window and when i look out theres no one can that be a fact..?! you tell me when you figure it out ....let me know.!
Posted by Meghan  in  Poplar River Manitoba  on  Wed Dec 17, 2008  at  09:05 PM
Louis Armstrong--What A Wonderful World

I see trees of green........ red roses too
I see em bloom..... for me and for you
And I think to myself.... what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue..... clouds of white
Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights
And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world.

The colors of a pretty the sky
Are also on the faces.....of people ..going by
I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do
Theyre really sayin......i love you.

I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow
Theyll learn much more.....than Ill never know
And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world

(instrumental break)

The colors of a pretty the sky
Are there on the faces.....of people ..going by
I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do
Theyre really sayin...*spoken*(I

I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow
*spoken*(you know their gonna learn
A whole lot more than Ill never know)
And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself .......what a wonderful world.
Posted by Private  in  Private  on  Fri Dec 19, 2008  at  02:11 PM
so can that be a fact..?! you tell me when you figure it out ....let me know.

Well, have you ever heard of the natural phenomenon of ghosts?

I would also look into other sources of where the voices may be coming from.

It could be something metal picking up radio signals or many other things?

Be a scientist and look into what it could be.

And just because you hear voices then how do you know it is vampires or a vampire? What gave you this idea?

Don't jump to conclusions unless you have enough evidence or proof to say something is so.

Not implying or saying vampires are real, even if something popped in front of you and said "Hi! I am a Vampire!" should you believe it and take its word for it?

And, if it were real, then can you trust it? And just because a Vampyre Bible says it is on your side, how do you REALLY know? Believing a Vampyre Bible saying they are your so-called family is taking things on "faith".

Faith is blindly believing in something someone tells you or has no evidence for.

Whenever you stop doubting any experience is when you get into real trouble.

Of course, even if you told everyone on here they were real, do you think everyone would believe you? This reminds me of the whole Alien abduction thing.

Also, people used to think the earth was flat until science disproved that theory. wink

As far as me, I do not believe in gods, devils, heavens or hells.

There is only ONE thing to me: REALITY or what some call NATURE.

I am not saying you did not have these experiences or saying they are not real. I am just asking you to be careful of the conclusions you come to.

Note: The Vampire of fiction never hated has life or living.
Posted by Private  in  Private  on  Sat Dec 20, 2008  at  11:34 AM
people have been been peddling that "if you give me money I will help you live forever" stuff for years.

Interesting, I found this The Tempel of Azagthoth from the early 90's about the same time the ToV was getting started in the Usenet.

This Temple has a strong resemblance to the ToV.

Click on the "documents" link on the left on this link.


Note: Copy url into address bar if you have trouble viewing this web address.
Posted by Doubt  in  Doubt  on  Sat Dec 20, 2008  at  11:44 AM
Why am I not surprised?

I found out that the founder of the Temple of Azagthoth was a Temple of Vampire member.

Read the following excerpt:

"As far as background information on myself personally... I am a member of the T.O.V. (Temple of the Vampire) and closely alligned with the brothers in the Black Order of the Dragon. I am also a member of another orginization, which I will not mention at this time. I am a Satanist, but more importantly I am a Vampire. Vampirism is an extension of Traditional Satanism, with respect to the ONA here. I stress that we stop beating around the bush, as the new millenium approaches, strip yourself of your false ego and pride and realize the primal reptilian brain-center and use this. The purpose of the Tempel of Azagthoth and my purpose is to presence the Dark Forces upon the earth and rise as rulers. To go BEYOND Godhead, towards the black cloak of Azrael - its essence DAATH.


P.s. Its GREAT to be Alive and Well on Planet Earth.
Posted by Private  in  Private  on  Mon Dec 22, 2008  at  08:30 AM
HP Gilmore, Please disconnect this ToV scam from any kind of association with the CoS! It will be a true shame to see so many intelligent CoS members loose so much money when this Leper falls by the wayside! Hobble, hobble rich Cripple, laugh while you can behind your 20" flat screen world. Just remember, some of us are watching you, some of us are waiting for the right time, the time will come.
Posted by Rupert  in  Somalia  on  Tue Dec 30, 2008  at  04:41 PM
What bothers me is that Satanism is the only religion that is NOT a cult and anti-cult or, more accurately, an un-religion.

Yet, in my opinion, supporting the Vampire Temple is supporting a overt "cult". Let us not forget, that Anton Szandor LaVey was opposed to accusations that his CoS was a scam or was trying to recruit gullible "followers" looking to buy "merit badges" or black art "titles" to hang on their pretentious walls.

I have also wondered if this is an ex-Temple of Set's member's attempt to infiltrate the CoS.

Satanism, in my opinion, is the ONLY religion that is not a cult and that does not believe in any anthropomorphic being OR beings.

I also think that promoting "Undead Gods" is the same as promoting an anthropomorphic deity to worship. The Vampyre Bible clearly states that one should "worship" The Undead Gods. Sorry, but I only worship My Self.

I also feel that the Temple of the Vampire is a corruption of Satanism, as defined by Anton Szandor LaVey.

In summary, there is only room for ONE Satansim!

Yes, I agree that any associations with the ToV should be ended by the CoS.
Posted by Private  in  Private  on  Sun Jan 04, 2009  at  03:27 AM
Members of the CoS are also members of the Tov, and I, along with other members of the CoS find this a definite conflict of interest.
However, we have to remain somewhat stunted in our public opinions on the matter. We can critique other beief systems, but the minute the ToV is brought up, we are politely asked not to discuss it within the public forum format. This alone should throw up red flags to anyone with half a brain.
Why Gilmore is silent on this is anyones guess.
The more this problem increases, the more it taints the CoS. Somewhere down the line something is going to crack.
Posted by BlackBeak  in  kiddie corner to hell  on  Sun Jan 04, 2009  at  03:38 PM
I can see sides being taken. If you pay attention to the boards, you can see who stands for what, and who is behind which Magister. I can tell you that Nemo has a good number of Non-Active members behind him or at least brainwashed. It is with a good few of theses folks that I find myself disappointed by their allegiances. Myself, I would say that I'm more of a Faustian inspired Satanist, rather than the other. I don't even respond to Nemo, or any of his sales-pitch posts, for that matter take what he has to say serious. I also think that this is a pathetic conflict of interest. I have often wondered about the possibility of an infiltration, and often after reading Nemo's posts and the phrases in his signatures wonder if he might be putting out there for everyone to see. I hate Nemo, I hate his posts, I hate his books, I hate his Vampire/Money pyramid/cult/temple. I shall enjoy burning his picture in my flame!
Posted by Rupert  in  Khyber Pass  on  Mon Jan 05, 2009  at  02:14 PM
The reason you are censored and not allowed to have an opinion on the "unofficial" CoS messageboard, called LTTD, about the ToV is because the board owner, Magister Lestat Ventrue, is also a temple adept.

And he will do whatever it takes to protect his MASTER or MASTERS.

I have also wondered if a messageboard created by a non-Temple member would allow criticizm of the Temple or would the CoS jump in to silence these types of postings?

I also think, just as an observation, that the ToV has created an unnecessary and embarrassing schism in the CoS. Backing up the previous statement, if this is not true then why are there CoS members on here voicing their disapproval of the temple.

I have also seen anti-Temple postings deleted on LTTD.

Maybe some are disappointed because everyone knows the temple has the ball? Lol

Hail Lord Xenu!
Posted by light909  in  San Francisco  on  Tue Jan 06, 2009  at  10:27 AM
It's sad to think that Ventrue would bow to that tub-o-lard Nemo. Unless of course Ventrue was being greased in the terms of compensation as are a few other high profile CoS Members. Recently a poster on LTTD brought up the ToV, and the Bunko Sheet and was lashed out upon by Nemo, it was pretty pathetic. To calm the situation Phineas posted a link to the a question that was answered at some other date, in which the poster was addressed to the fact that he should have used the search function to answer his question.
Posted by Rupert  in  Bogota  on  Tue Jan 06, 2009  at  11:13 AM
Here is a nice example of Nemo at his best.

Posted by Rupert  in  Bogota  on  Tue Jan 06, 2009  at  11:35 AM
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