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Vacation Time
I'm off to Europe for a two-week vacation, so don't expect that much in the way of posts during that time, though I'll be trying to check in from time to time. The itinerary is Loch Ness, Liverpool, Gloucester, Paris, Southampton, Canvey Island, and finishing up in York. So I'll be moving around quite a bit. Speaking of Loch Ness, I've haven't seen any word on how the Virgin sacrifice at the Loch went off. I'll try to find out when I'm there.
Posted by The Curator on Wed Sep 08, 2004

"...Loch Ness, Liverpool, Gloucester, Paris, Southampton, Canvey Island, and finishing up in York"

Boy, do you know how to live or what!
Posted by Peter  on  Wed Sep 08, 2004  at  02:49 PM
This has got to be the biggest hoax you have ever posted.
Posted by john  in  NH  on  Wed Sep 08, 2004  at  06:25 PM
Pfft, you big hoaxer. You're clever, but you're not going to fool us with this hoax. I bet you're going to use this site: to fake pictures from it.
Posted by Rita  on  Wed Sep 08, 2004  at  07:18 PM
And when the great hoaxers ran out of logs and ripples and virgins to sacrifice they mooved into the tourist trade!!! Enjoy the trip, I strongly recomend a trip to Borley, but dont expect any hospitality, they dont like publicity, hence all the books websites documentories etc etc.......!
Posted by Patrick  in  Luton Beds England  on  Thu Sep 09, 2004  at  06:49 PM
You guys r stupid, why cant he go on vacatioon?
Posted by JDF  on  Sun Sep 12, 2004  at  11:59 AM
This is a hoax - nobody vists Southampton!
Posted by Blochy  in  London....sometimes.....Seattle other times....  on  Sun Sep 12, 2004  at  11:58 PM

You're right.

People who live on Canvey Island don't even go there.

Maybe the hoax is suggesting these places as good to visit, start with Loch Ness and get sillier...
Posted by Peter  on  Mon Sep 13, 2004  at  02:01 PM
Have a nice trip Alex
Posted by Darren  on  Tue Sep 14, 2004  at  11:04 AM
When you get back you'll have to address the problem of the "Camel Spider" that is making people look stupid all over the country...geeze but people are gullible!!
Posted by Gee...  on  Tue Sep 14, 2004  at  07:39 PM
He already has, hasn't he?
Posted by Jacob  on  Wed Sep 15, 2004  at  06:27 PM
I don't remember seeing it...anyone have a link?
Posted by Gee...  on  Wed Sep 15, 2004  at  06:45 PM
Posted by mystic kitten  on  Wed Sep 15, 2004  at  07:08 PM
Blochy, one only visits Southampton if one has relatives to visit there (and thus a free place to stay). Same goes with Canvey Island.
Posted by Alex  on  Thu Sep 16, 2004  at  05:20 AM
But, they're not as big as they appear...they're supposed to be about as big as a child's hand...which is big...but this pic makes them look like they're bigger than a cat!
Posted by Gee...  on  Wed Sep 22, 2004  at  09:18 PM
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