Two Lists of Hoaxes has posted a list of the Top 15 Hoax Websites. And guess which site comes in at #11? Cranky Media Guy's Tom's Girl hoax! Congratulations, Bob!

One of these days I need to post my own list of the top hoax websites. It's one of those things I've been meaning to do for ages, but haven't gotten around to it.

Also, has a list of the Top 20 Hilarious and Creative Internet Scams. Some of their choices seem highly debatable. For instance, they include the question of whether, during the final episode of The Sopranos, "the man standing at the counter was Nikki Leotardo, Phil’s nephew who had been on the show before and who could have been out to kill Tony." How does that count as a creative internet scam? But it's their list. They can put whatever they want on it.


Posted on Wed Dec 12, 2007


Well, at least one of the top 15 is a hoax, the real end of the internet is here:

Of course, if you want to download the internet and never have to log on again, try here:

Just make sure you have plenty of disk space!
Posted by Captain DaFt  on  Wed Dec 12, 2007  at  10:37 PM
Wow, I had no idea I was on that list. In fact, I didn't even know the list existed until just now.

One thing though: who said that "Tom's Girl" is a hoax? I mean, it *could* be real, right? Tom is a real person.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Dec 13, 2007  at  01:11 AM
Alex, are you sure your promise to list the top hoax websites isn't itself a hoax?
Posted by Big Gary  on  Thu Dec 13, 2007  at  10:19 AM
I'm not usually this dim, but could someone please explain how the 'Tom's Girl' bit is a hoax? I suspect it's a modified picture of Tom but I still don't see how that makes it a hoax, per se.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
Posted by Amy  on  Thu Dec 13, 2007  at  03:18 PM
Well, no, I swear that it's NOT a modified picture of my friend Tom Kraemer. It's a picture made with the software program SuperGoo, which seems to be off the market now, although I recently found a copy of it on eBay.

The "hoax" part would be in the supposition that Tom never actually fell in love with the girl he made using SuperGoo, nor did he travel around the country, looking for the real life woman who best matches the picture of the imaginary girl.

Not that I'm admitting that the whole thing is/was a hoax, mind you. I mean, would USA Today and several other publications fall for a story like that if it wasn't REAL?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Dec 14, 2007  at  01:48 AM
wow what an honor to be featured!Thanks Alex! I initially found "Tom's Girl" here on the Museum of Hoaxes amongst other pretty amazing and funny stuff. But yeah, I suppose it *could* be real... more real than the pregnant guy anyway!

So Cranky Media Guy, what are my chances of getting a free "Tom's Girl" ladies t-shirt?? 😉
Posted by Tamara  on  Sat Dec 15, 2007  at  10:02 PM
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