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The It-Was-My-Twin-Sister Excuse
image Aylar's career as a finalist for Miss Norway was about to come to a crashing end when her secret past in the adult film industry was revealed. The rules of the Miss Norway competition clearly forbid contestants from having posed nude for money. But luckily Aylar had an explanation ready at hand. That woman doing all those things in those movies wasn't her, even though it looked exactly like her. It was her twin sister. (Wasn't there an episode of Friends where this happened to Phoebe?). Unfortunately for Aylar, a quick investigation revealed that she had no twin sister. She's now the ex- an ex-finalist for Miss Norway.
Posted by The Curator on Thu Aug 19, 2004

What a pity.
However interesting it would be to have a porn star be Miss Norway, it would be far more interesting to have someone with an evil identical twin sister be Miss Norway.
This whole thing can't hurt Ms. Aylar's film and video career any, though.
Posted by big gary c  in  Dallas, Texas, USA  on  Thu Aug 19, 2004  at  10:26 AM
I am outraged that someone would accuse her of such a thing. I wish I new the name of the movies so I could rent them and see for myself if I think it is actually her or her twin sister!
Posted by Appalled and angry  in  SW PA  on  Mon Aug 23, 2004  at  12:36 PM
She is one nice ******* *****.
I downloaded short move with her from news groups server once. I asked myself watching, why such a cute girl is doing this stuff? It is so incredibly stupid. She can get some rich boy to give her everything he owns.
Posted by Alien  on  Tue Aug 24, 2004  at  05:37 PM
Um, where in that article it's written she's Miss Norway? She was just one of the contestants, and was dropped before the finale. I think Miss Norway 2004 is Kathrine Soerland.
Posted by Isaac  on  Thu Sep 30, 2004  at  09:09 AM
Yeah, you're right. I didn't read it carefully enough.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Thu Sep 30, 2004  at  01:17 PM
Yes that was on Friends; Evil Ursula Buffay became a porn star, and used Phoebe's name as her stage name. Phoebe, as all American women would, tried to stop her sister having sex and getting paid for it, and when told that Ursula was enjoying it and earning up to US$200 a month in royalties, solved it in the American Way: Continuiing to vocally disapprove of her sister's vile actions, she used her ID to collect Ursula's Equity royalties thus profiting from it.

Who says the Simpsons have a lock on satirising US society?
Posted by DFStuckey  in  Auckland New Zealand  on  Fri Mar 18, 2005  at  02:25 AM
you want to see the videos, go to enter the "miss norway movie" and search. see the full f u c k i n g scene.
Posted by TheJuan  in  Philippines  on  Fri Apr 22, 2005  at  02:26 AM
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