Turkey Testicle Festival

image Just in time for Thanksgiving, I give you the Turkey Testicle Festival. Actually, it was held on October 9, so it's already over this year. But there's always next year to look forward to. I love the motto of the festival: Come and have a ball. Now I never knew that anyone ate turkey testicles, but I'm assuming this is real (that people really do eat them), since I know that sheep testicles are considered delicacies in various places. This festival should think about partnering up with that Cow Manure Tossing contest held in Oklahoma.


Posted on Tue Nov 23, 2004


Ok, turkeys don't have the same sort of sex organs mammals have, they are tucked up inside, and I don't know that it would be something I'd want to eat. I think it's a hoax.
Posted by angela  on  Tue Nov 23, 2004  at  03:49 PM
That idea briefly occurred to me... what kind of testicles do turkeys have? I considered doing a google search for 'turkey testicles' to see what might come up, but then thought better of it.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Tue Nov 23, 2004  at  04:01 PM
I have parakeets, a conure, and a cockatoo. There are slight differences between parrots and foul, but I can tell you there are no outward signs of "organs". 😛
Happy thanksgiving and pass the turkey nuts.
Posted by angela  on  Tue Nov 23, 2004  at  04:18 PM
Here we go. One of my wife's colleagues found this for me on Medline:

Anatomy of the Corpus vasculare paracloacale of the male turkey.

Knight CE, Bakst MR, Cecil HC.

The copulatory apparatus of the male turkey consists of two parts: the Phallus nonprotrudens, composed of the paired Corpora phallica lateralia and Plicae lymphaticae, and the paired Corpora vascularia paracloacalia. The Corpus vasculare paracloacale receives its vascular supply and drainage from the Arteria (A.) and Vena (V.) pudenda interna, respectively, and its innervation from the Nervus pudendus internus. During sexual stimulation lymph produced in the Corpora vascularia paracloacalia rapidly flows through the lymph sinuses into larger lymph channels located in the Phallus nonprotrudens producing tumescence. With detumescence, the lymph flows cranially from Phallus nonprotrudens into the Vasa lymphatica pudenda interna, which parallels the A. and V. pudenda interna.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Tue Nov 23, 2004  at  04:28 PM
This IS why I keep coming back to museum of hoaxes! I love it 😊
Posted by Jeff  on  Tue Nov 23, 2004  at  04:35 PM
Well, that was certainly more than I wanted to know about a turkey's private parts.
Anyway, some of the more down-home type cafes have this item (male turkeys' whatevers) on the menu, generally fried. They usually call this dish "turkey fries," analogous to lamb fries or calf fries, which are about what you'd think.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Tue Nov 23, 2004  at  06:11 PM
Well, everybody, I don't know much about turkeys specifically, but I do know that castrating chickens used to be a very common practice in US. I raise quite a few chickens every year to show and eat and I have castrated them before(they get bigger on the same amount of feed). I am also pretty sure that your giblets in your Thanksgiving turkey don't have testicals. I would bet it would be easy to get them from about any processing plant. Oh, and just guessing by the size of a chicken's (which I have certainly never eaten), but I bet they are big enough to eat if you really, really wanted to. Although it seems this is more of a fun event than anything else, I would say, that they might just have a few Buttered Balls at this festival.
Posted by featherhead  on  Tue Nov 23, 2004  at  11:48 PM
Well, I ventured where Alex dared not... and, among the 421 sites referring to 'turkey testicles' as such found one with this wonderful quote:

'Turkey testicles, on the other hand, are "the Rolls-Royce of the
testicle world" '.

It would appear that eating TTs really is, if not commonplace, at least not merely an odd perversion limited to the more obsure Internet paysites. Shaul Mutzafi restaurant in Tel Aviv, for example, certainly has it on the menu - and nothing in this review (http://tinyurl.com/5pjhk) suggests it's listed as a novelty food:

'...if you like turkey testicles, this is a good place to eat them.'

Turkey testicles are also mentiomned - according to this review http://themodernist.com/terminal3/cuisine.html - in 'Unmentionable Cuisine' by Calvin Schwaber; apparently they're good in margueritas:

'...express the organ from its membrane by squeezing it as one would peel a Concord grape.'

There. If that doesn't satisfy the curious...
Posted by paul in prague  on  Wed Nov 24, 2004  at  04:01 AM
Turkey testicles may be "unmentionable," but at least they're kosher (apparently).

I think you're supposed to eat the turkey testes WITH margaritas, not IN margaritas.

The book review Paul in Prague mentions is very interesting. Go to it if you want to read about things like sow's nipples stuffed with sea urchin gonads (and who doesn't want to read about sow's nipples stuffed with sea urchin gonads?). There are also a variety of puppy-meat recipes briefly outlined.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Wed Nov 24, 2004  at  12:23 PM
F. McLintock's restaurant in Shell Beach California serves up over 15,000 pounds of 'Turkey Nuts' annually!
Posted by Jim C  on  Mon Jan 17, 2005  at  03:04 PM
To add to featherhead's comment: anything specific on turkey testicles is hard to find on the Web, but there are some reprints of folksy guides to caponizing chickens. Presumably turkey testicles have a similar location: internal, up near the kidneys.
Posted by Ray Girvan  on  Tue Feb 08, 2005  at  04:39 AM
Howdy! My wife and I annually attend the locally infamous Sierra Valley Turkey Testical Festival held at the Sierra Valley Lodge in Calpine, California (Oct. 6th, this year) which is definitely NOT a hoax. Of course it's intended to be outrageous, but it's also great small mountain-town fun, drawing perhaps 200 people (including many families with young kids, and a healthy number of well-behaved Harley riders).

The lodge's cook (formerly a San Francisco gourmet restaurant chef) also prepares several deep fried whole turkeys and plenty of top-notch side dishes, but we pretty much stick to the nuttier end of the menu. About 2" long, the organs in question are prepared several ways: sauteed; marinated and stir-fried; and dipped in buttermilk and flour then deep-fried. Five or six dipping sauces are set out such as soy sauce, sweet-and-sour, cocktail sauce, jelly or marmalade-based dips, and the ever-ubiquitous Ranch dressing.

A couple of local country and blues bands perform outside on the large eating deck. Special games are set up such as a "turkey nut toss" (using appropriately shaped little bean bags tossed through a miniature netted hoop positioned where it counts on a humiliated-looking painted turkey board), a turkey-calling contest, and so on.

We like these little nuggets so much that our freezer contains about 15 lbs. of Foster Farms' best (frozen in water), a special treat that might show up on the plank table in our log home if you ever get up here in the woods to visit and we take a liking to you!
Posted by "Chainsaw" Chuck  on  Sun Nov 25, 2007  at  09:34 AM
I've been to this festival a couple of times, they taste good. They're real Turkey testicles, they have them raw so you can see'em if you want, otherwise they're served deep fried and pretty tastey. My parents now live in Byron IL, which is why I've been there a couple times.

Good stuff, ya wimps.
Posted by Mike Richardson  on  Wed Dec 12, 2007  at  12:23 PM
Festival is always good to have and celebrate it with joy. And this turkey festival is very few for me and i have no idea what does people to on the eve of this festival. Can anyone just explain what does people actually do.
Posted by hinduja  on  Thu Jul 17, 2008  at  07:49 AM
Posted by sonia  on  Mon Nov 24, 2008  at  06:57 PM
In the late 60's I ate turkey fries a number of times in Abe's Restaurant here in Shreveport, LA. They were fried and delicious. Abe retired and the restaurant has since closed. Fuchsia
Posted by Fuchsia  on  Wed Feb 11, 2009  at  10:41 AM
How long do you deep fry, turkey fries?
Posted by Uncle Buck  on  Sat Apr 25, 2009  at  07:22 AM
A have a questions for you, I was told that the turkey testicoles are located under the wings. Is that true? If so where is the male member located
Posted by Lynn K  on  Tue May 12, 2009  at  09:55 AM
I attended the turkey testicle event this year and have the photos to prove it. They have the texture of fried clam bellies and taste like chicken. They would have been better with salt and hot sauce
Posted by Fi Martin  on  Mon Nov 16, 2009  at  02:05 PM
I'm originally from KS and went to college in OK. I've have turkey fries several times. If you like calf fries, you'll love turkey fries!
Posted by Chad M  on  Sat May 08, 2010  at  04:22 PM
Hey, You guys should come! It is a great time! I wish I could up load pix and show you what we ate. They dish out 700lb. It will be in August next year, 2011. So we don't freeze our nuts off!
Posted by Beth  on  Wed Oct 13, 2010  at  09:20 AM
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