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I saw this image posted on Gizmodo (who got it from pixdaus). They claim to know nothing about it, except that it shows the Dani people of Papua, New Guinea.

Is it real, or has the Sony Vaio been photoshopped in? My hunch is that it's real. I'd guess that the laptop belongs to a photographer or researcher who handed the laptop to the guy with the big headdress in order to show him a picture. But that's just a guess.

I debated whether the image could be considered "not safe for work." But then I figured, No, it's too "National Geographic" to be considered sexual. (Though if this were the exact same scene with Caucasian women, I'm sure it would be considered NSFW... strange how that works.)

Only one question: What's with the disembodied hand reaching out from behind the headdress?

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Posted on Wed Jun 25, 2008


i dont understand. you post these things but is there, or isn't there an area of follow up finalizations and/or I not seeing something obvious? should i look around for "easter eggs"?

it makes me think that something should extend outward if this site is about readers doing the rest of the work.

I know attention spans on web sites and blogs are day-to-day change overs..but isn't there some way to keep up with the further strand of reality?

Simple thoughts on what possibilities may exist.
Posted by Diogenes  in  the usa  on  Tue Jul 08, 2008  at  09:42 PM
This photo is obviously fake. where's some distant tribe in nowhere land going to get a laptop!?!? Also the lighting differences are the other giveaway here.The lighting isn't even close to being correct.this is a very poor quality fake that I hope no one falls for.However,this would not surprise me if this was a somewhat racist and rather insulting advertisement for the sony vaio. I feel this is insulting because it makes ancient tribe rituals into advertisements

~Zhye Kyfr Chang P.S greetings from Moscow the weather is lovely!
Posted by Zhye Kyfr Chang  in  Moscow,Russia  on  Thu Jul 10, 2008  at  07:44 AM
I vote for Hairy Houdini.
Posted by Mr Henderson  in  Teddington, UK  on  Fri Jul 11, 2008  at  02:41 PM
HAHA that disembodied arm is totally coppin' (sp) a feel on that lady's boob...i dunno if anyone noticed that.

yeah the photo doesn't look real to me. it's too sharp, like people have stated before.
Posted by Jessica  in  USA  on  Mon Aug 18, 2008  at  10:49 AM
Is this for real...? I'm Freaked out.
Posted by Rick  on  Thu Oct 23, 2008  at  08:46 PM
It is photoshopped, there is no shadow and lightning does not fit.
Posted by Niki  in  Nicaragua  on  Thu Feb 05, 2009  at  11:33 PM
Hello everybody, I'm Alim. the photographer that pic. i tell you everybody, that pic is real. nothing retouch with photoshop. i take that pic to much, not the only one.
i tell everybody, Mr. Yali (bring laptop) he is Cheif in village. he alredy come to Tokyo (Japan) two times, after last visit (japan foundation) give Mr. Yali Laptop & Blackberry for communication. Mr. Yali every week go to wamena (city in papua) for recharge Battrey (accu) for the electric laptot and blackberry.
if everybody any questions, please send to my email. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
thanks for comment.
regards, Alim Boeana
Posted by Alim Boeana  in  Indonesia  on  Fri Apr 24, 2009  at  12:07 PM
It is easily viewed that picture is photoshoped. But I like the post. Loved the caption already..funny!
Posted by Roofing Kerang  in  kerang  on  Fri Jul 08, 2011  at  12:46 AM
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