Tree Image in Tree

A conker tree in Holdenhurst, Dorset was cut down. Inside one of the branches was found an image of a tiny tree. Tree experts say that the brown mark is caused by disease -- that the heart of the wood was beginning to rot. Personally, I don't think the mark looks like a tree. I think it looks like Jesus (wearing a tree costume). Link: The Daily Mail.


Posted on Wed Sep 12, 2007


It's a mushroom cloud. OMG Bill Hawkins was right!!!!!11!!!!

Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Wed Sep 12, 2007  at  10:36 PM
I was wondering if the tree (costume) image looked like the tree before it was cut down. Maybe it foresaw its own death!
Posted by Tah  in  Idaho (Yes, Idaho)  on  Wed Sep 12, 2007  at  10:46 PM
"foresaw its own death"

ahaaa! I see what you did there :-D
Posted by Richard@Home  on  Thu Sep 13, 2007  at  03:09 AM
You heathens! Jesus is SO clearly standing right behind that tree! See with the eyes of BELIEF, damn it!
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Sep 13, 2007  at  03:34 AM
Nonsense its obviously the memory tree:
Posted by Jonas  on  Thu Sep 13, 2007  at  03:59 AM
It is Jesus related!

He was nailed to a bit of wood.. wood comes from trees.. therefore Jesus is real!

Facts mate! Facts!
Posted by zoo  on  Fri Sep 14, 2007  at  12:16 PM
There's a tree outside with a knot in it that looks like a complete vagina with clitoris and all. Sometimes, sap comes out of it too. Its scary. I wonder if anyone else in town notices it and laughs as much as i do?

I said i would take a picture of it and i keep forgetting. Why do i keep forgetting.
Posted by River Styx  on  Mon Sep 17, 2007  at  12:29 AM
You're thinking about this like a human; but it is both a tree and Jesus, in a way: wouldn't the trees' savior be a tree himself?
Posted by nesbitt  on  Tue Jan 01, 2008  at  07:30 PM
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