Towel Jesus

From Cranky Media Guy, with the comment, "New horizons in pareidolia":
A Houston woman says the face of Jesus is a message sent straight from God and left on a bathroom towel...

She says she used the towel to clean an air conditioner.
"I guess it just got stained," she said.
So Lucille washed it. And bleached it. Twice. And then her granddaughter used the towel.
"It kind of scared me, because I was going to dry my hair," Desiree Ramos recalled. "But then I just threw it. And then I went to go tell my grandma."...

You might not see the face in the towel. If you do, you might not believe it resembles Jesus. Lucille Lopez doesn't care. She does. And she's thankful for the gift she got from God.

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Posted on Mon Oct 22, 2007


If that's Jesus
then My wife is Gandhi
Posted by Sharruma  in  capable of finishing a coherent  on  Mon Oct 22, 2007  at  01:34 PM
Looks more like W.C. Fields.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Mon Oct 22, 2007  at  04:15 PM
You'd think if Jesus really did want to waste his time appearing in cloth form, he'd do it on something a bit more exotic than a towel used to clean an aircon unit.
Posted by Nettie  in  Perth, Western Australia  on  Mon Oct 22, 2007  at  06:17 PM
It looks like one of Rembrandt's drawings of ugly people. Seriously. But it looks nothing like any picture of Jesus I've ever seen. I'm going fot - the house's malevolent spirit. With any luck they'll start seeing red-eyed pigs outside the bedroom window soon.
Posted by Nona  on  Tue Oct 23, 2007  at  06:24 AM
Looks like Alice Cooper to me.
Posted by gcason  on  Tue Oct 23, 2007  at  01:58 PM
Either Alice Cooper or Emmitt Kelly.

I'm getting tired of saying this, but how do all these people know what Jesus looks like?
If they've actually seen him in person, isn't that a lot more interesting than some stains or burn marks on some household object or food item?
Posted by Big Gary  on  Tue Oct 23, 2007  at  05:50 PM
This stuff is ridiculous. I guess some people like living in the superstious dark ages.
Posted by Clifton  on  Wed Oct 24, 2007  at  05:22 AM
I still say W.C. Fields, the nose gives it away.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Wed Oct 24, 2007  at  10:47 PM
Big Gary said:

"I'm getting tired of saying this, but how do all these people know what Jesus looks like?"

What do you mean? You can Jesus' picture all over the place! He looked like a hippie! Sheesh.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Oct 25, 2007  at  07:48 PM
Just got done moving down here to Florida, and to my amazement, there was (what appeared to be) a face of Jesus smeared onto the floor of my trailer... as soon as I got a divine message that that is who it is, I will post a photo and sell it on Ebay...
Posted by Christopher  on  Sat Oct 27, 2007  at  06:04 PM
Listen if the women thinks she saw Jesus let her believe that the son of God has came down in towel form. Jesus comes in many diffrent ways, I also believe that it might be Jesus because nothing on this earth can come down on a towel and make a face like that. And if you believe in Christ please don't act that way towards her opinion.
Posted by Laura  on  Wed Jan 07, 2009  at  03:21 PM
This is really a big coincident. Its not scary for me but a good sign. Kudos for sharing!
Posted by Commercial Air Conditioner  on  Fri Apr 16, 2010  at  03:15 AM
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