Top 10 WORST April Fools Ever

To complement my list of the Top 100 Best April Fool's Day hoaxes of all time, I've now created a list of the Top 10 WORST April Fool's Day hoaxes ever. These aren't jokes that are just lame or old. These are (at least in my opinion) attempts at humor that are profoundly awful. But they're so bad that a few of them are kind of funny, in a dark, twisted way. Enjoy.

April Fools Day

Posted on Tue Mar 22, 2005


Here's one Northeasterners will remember: Popular DJ's Opie and Anthony from Boston's WAAF loved pulling pranks. April 1st, 1998 they told the city of Boston that their beloved Mayor Tom Menino had perished in a car accident. Problem with this is when his family was notified and the city went into mourning. O & A were fired and relocated to NY and eventually XM radio. They make fun of WAAF constantly which is really unfortunate because they just look like idiots. They got sh*t-canned, they deserved it, I love WAAF and it just shows sometimes people think April Fool's is an excuse to be completely, out of this world stupid.
Posted by Heidi  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  11:34 AM
Gotta love the prisoner one!!!!
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  11:36 AM
Heidi, that's my old neck o' the woods! WAAF is a great station, and I miss it! Colorado has it's rock stations, but AAF is still one of my favorites! Wasn't part of the O&A firing also because of the church sex thing? Or was that when they were in NY?
Posted by Silentz  in  general  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  03:48 PM
Some foreign countries just don't get the concept of April Fool's Day. The idea is to play a joke that gets a laugh out of people, not start WWIII.
Posted by Captain Al  in  Vancouver Island, Canada  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  04:49 PM
After reading a little further I see that people in North America have tried some potentially dangerous tricks too. I would like to revise my last post to read:
Some people just don't get the concept of April Fool's Day!
Posted by Captain Al  in  Vancouver Island, Canada  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  04:56 PM
Yeah Silentz, I stopped paying attention to them when they got booted from Boston but after some web searching I guess they did pull a stunt involving a couple having sex in a church in NY. However, apparently the show did this ALL THE TIME. Couples have sex in risky places and win stuff. The couple actually got charged for it; acts of lewdness. Fun stuff.
Posted by Heidi  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  07:11 PM
Yeah, them Iraquis, they just sooo funny!

Kinda like phoning you up in the middle of the night and telling you your mother died.

Sex in a church? Never thought of that one. Probably 'cause I don't go. There's been a few other "interesting" places, though.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  08:30 PM
I always thought when someone refered to DJs as "talent," they were pulling a hoax.
Posted by Chadds Ford Prefect  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  09:47 PM
The Revival of the Warsaw Pact (# 7 of the Worst April Fool's Jokes) is also # 55 of the 100 Best April Fool's Jokes. ??? Well, which is it? One of the worst, or one of the best?
Posted by Britt  in  Boise  on  Mon Mar 28, 2005  at  07:03 PM
I wondered that too, but it you go to the page listed as "100 best" above, the title is actually "Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time"

I makes no mention of the word best.

I thought I was gettin the old deja vu (again) when I read that article the second time. I was positive I'd read #7 before, and it took about 5 minutes to find it again. Then I stopped feeling so weird.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Mon Mar 28, 2005  at  07:25 PM
I wondered how long it would be before someone would point this out. It was my little experiment (which is my way of saying I was too lazy to delete it from the top 100 list when I should have). Anyway, it took about a week to get noticed.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Mar 28, 2005  at  07:58 PM
what about the one where the radio broadcasters said the space needle had flipped over. cause panic in the seattle area
Posted by Anonymous  in  nowhere  on  Sat Apr 02, 2005  at  03:09 PM
WE had the worst April Fools. It wasn't so much a planned hoax but sorta turned out to be. My Mom is on the liver donor list. We recieved a call at 10am saying they had a liver for her. We spent all day in the hospital with my Mom going through ever test she needed including getting her IV and being given 6 pills an hour, about 30 minutes from time for the surgery the doctor decided the liver he received was not suitable for transplant. So back home we went and again we wait...
Posted by Lisa  on  Wed Apr 06, 2005  at  11:18 PM
According to my sister-in-law, one April 1st (many years ago now) she calmly informed my brother that they were going to have a baby and showed him the positive pregnancy test. After he stopped choking on his cereal, she announced "April Fool!" and explained that the positive test came courtesy of a colleague at work who was expecting.

She needn't have gone to so much trouble, as just over a week later she found out she WAS pregnant (although it took her another week to convince my brother she was telling the truth)!
Posted by David B.  in  England  on  Fri Apr 29, 2005  at  07:48 AM
Dangerous pranks, but that guy who hung himself pretending to be dead{ one of the worst pranks} they put him in jail for a year, Is that not a lot of time
Posted by Anna@pizzaisyummy  on  Sun Apr 01, 2007  at  08:45 PM
Hello April fool's i wish u know how April fool is was created
Posted by Syeda Hajera Naureen  in  Hyderabad-India  on  Mon Apr 02, 2007  at  04:05 AM
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