Indecently Exposed Toothbrush

Jan Harold Brunvand calls it the "Indecent Exposure" urban legend. It involves a vacationing couple whose hotel room is broken into and robbed of everything save a toothbrush and a camera. When they get home and develop the film in the camera, they discover pictures of their toothbrush up the robber's rear end (to put it not so delicately). It appears that this urban legend has now served as the unfortunate inspiration for a prank that a New Zealand golfer played on his rival. As this article describes it:

The Dominion Post understands bad blood between teenagers Kauika and Aucklander Kevin Chun boiled over when a bare-bottomed Kauika misused Chun's toothbrush as a prop in a photograph allegedly snapped by Iles.

As punishment, Kauika and Brad were banned from representing New Zealand overseas until the end of the year.

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Posted on Thu Nov 04, 2004


That is SO old. I heard that first when I was still a kid (freaked me out then). I'm talking 20-25 years ago here.

Okay, okay....TEENAGER!!
Posted by Paul  on  Thu Nov 04, 2004  at  05:23 PM
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