The Woman Who Gave Birth to a Horse

The Nigerian Nation reports that a woman gave birth to a horse during a service at the World Liberation Ministry in Edo State:
It was gathered that the woman whose identity was not yet known started screaming during the prayer session and began to bleed from the vagina before the horse came out.
The General Overseer of the church, Evangelist Silva Wealth, said he was still amazed at what came out of the woman.
He told Journalists that during prayers a revelation came that there was a woman with an issue and that something was blocking her womb. 
Silva said as prayers intensified, the woman started screaming and bleeding started when the object came out.
The cleric said he couldn't confirm whether the horse was dead or alive because he didn't go near it.  
 "I can't describe the object. We have seen people that vomited several things during our service but not this type of thing. God has been blessing our ministry with prophesies and miracles," he said.

Assuming that the story is true — to the extent that a horse fetus really did emerge (or appear to emerge) from a woman during the church service — then we have to assume the incident was faked. That is, a horse fetus didn't really grow inside the woman's womb, because that would be impossible.

So what we have is a modern-day version of Mary Toft, the Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits (back in 1726).

Mary faked giving birth to rabbits in the hope of receiving a pension from the King. But why this Nigerian woman has faked giving birth to a horse is not yet known. Perhaps she's trying to help the World Ministry Church acquire a reputation for miracles.

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Posted on Tue Sep 18, 2012


Well, that itsn't really what a baby horse looks like, or even what a horse fetus looks like (I am from a farm family). Horse newborns are much, much to big to fit in a woman's womb, or to be birthed.
Posted by rosie  in  Denver, CO, USA  on  Tue Sep 18, 2012  at  04:29 PM
Seriously, hoaxes can be all fun and games but there's no way in heck you're getting animal parts near my vajayjay ohh
Posted by Nettie  in  Perth, Western Australia  on  Tue Sep 18, 2012  at  08:40 PM
The joy of religious belief. Who needs facts when you have faith?
Posted by Mr R  on  Wed Sep 19, 2012  at  01:15 AM
rosie : It could fit under a dress, which is all it would take.
Posted by AndyL  in  Connecticut  on  Wed Sep 19, 2012  at  03:04 PM
I think God would have better ways of showing he likes your town than by causing something icky to drop out of someone's hoo-hah.

Seriously. Ew.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  in  Californian Wierdo  on  Wed Sep 19, 2012  at  05:07 PM
The picture almost puts me off my breakfast. Can it be put in a popup instead so people have a choice of whether or not they want to see it?

If you can't I'll just avoid the front page for a while.
Posted by Peter  in  Melbourne, Australia  on  Mon Sep 24, 2012  at  11:41 PM
Looks more like a deer or a deer-like animal to me, rather then a horse, especially with the shape of the head and ears. Possibly a still birth, although why on earth someone would want to stick that up themselves...well...people will do anything for money, I guess.
Posted by Sarah  in  United States  on  Wed Sep 26, 2012  at  09:04 AM
"We have seen people that vomited several things during our service but not this type of thing. God has been blessing our ministry with prophesies and miracles," he said."

I never considered vomiting to be any kind of blessing or miracle and the only prophesy I can think of when upchucking is that I either ate something bad, was bound to lose weight, or was in for a bout of flu?

A human female giving birth to an non-human animal is, in fiction horror stories and mythology, typically ascribed to demonic issues.

Posted by hulitoons  in  Abingdon, Maryland  on  Thu Sep 27, 2012  at  04:55 AM
It looks like a Breyer horse with some kind of jelly all over it. Ugh.
Posted by Mel  on  Mon Oct 01, 2012  at  02:09 AM
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