The Tapeworm Diet

The Arizona Republic has raised an interesting question. Is it possible to use tapeworms as a diet aid? Won't the tape worm just sit in your stomach and consume all the extra food you eat, and after a while you can pull out the thing? The basic answer is no. This would not be a good idea. They go into some more details:

While a tapeworm might take in some of the food you do, it would at the same time be taking in a lot of vitamins and other nutrients you need to stay healthy. Do you know what ascites are? A big pool of fluid in your tummy caused by an immune response to something in your guts. Something like a tapeworm. It gives you a big potbelly, which runs kind of counter to the look you might be wishing for. And a tapeworm might not necessarily just set up camp in your innards. It can also cause cysts in your muscles, liver and eyes. Your eyes! So don't you think it might be easier instead to just eat a bit less and exercise a bit more?

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Posted on Fri Apr 22, 2005


k, stee, i got an email notification of your response but cannot see it on here. said something TAKE it out? How do you TAKE it ou? So if I swallow one? How's that? How did it get in you first?And also, if its getting are you...putting him back in?
email me!!
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hotmail's preferable but thats k.
Posted by fara  on  Tue Sep 23, 2008  at  01:13 PM
go ahead a die!! you loosers out there that want to have WORMS EATING your guts are a disgrace to the parents who raised you up to be healthy!!!DIE BAKKA!
Posted by susan  in  USA  on  Thu Sep 25, 2008  at  02:22 PM
parents who raised us up healthy? you dont know our lies, so you cant say that.
Posted by fara  on  Sat Sep 27, 2008  at  08:55 AM
Hi I am trying to contact Alliester if possible to get the tapeworm diet pill

Posted by Angie  in  Adelaide South Australia  on  Sun Sep 28, 2008  at  08:09 PM
ok boys and girls, calm down, yall all have your panties in a bunch. I am a Biology major, and I have been doing alot of research on these amazing little worms. I will start by saying the can be deadly. Now that's been said here's every thing you need to know. The tapeworm pills for the most part are no longer accessible in the U.S. The main reason why? People were becoming addicted to the easy weight loss and not getting them removed until they were on the verge of death. It became a new form of eating disorder. You should NEVER leave a tape worm in place for longer than a few weeks. Also if you do happen to find these pills (which are out there) please make sure to take vitamin supplements. Side affects can be slightly uncomfortable depending on where the tapeworm has placed it's self. Any questions?
P.S. I my self have thought of trying it, don't feel bad but remember what ever you do keep moderation, and safety in mind. Thanks
Posted by Jessica  in  arkansas  on  Fri Oct 10, 2008  at  04:52 PM
Hello Jessica. I do have questions! K, when these tapeworms are inside people, how can you REMOVE them? dont you have to take pills to do that too?
And also, when you take the pills...what is the pil exactly?
please reply asap thank you:)
Posted by fara  on  Fri Oct 10, 2008  at  04:57 PM
dont do that!eww! like seriously fat peolpe get on a tredmeal an eat some veggies!
gulp rolleyes
Posted by skinny  in  salas  on  Tue Oct 14, 2008  at  11:54 AM
Here's a pointer for you: stop wasting the energy to find those disgusting worms and use that energy instead to push your fat asses away from the table. Hell you might burn a few thousand calories with the effort and if you don't replace them with that second, third and fourth buffet style helping you would normally inhale you'll start losing weight. Interesting concept eh?
Posted by HAHAHAHA  in  USA  on  Sat Nov 08, 2008  at  02:01 PM
I do not think there is any reason to be so rude to those trying every desperate way they need to try to lose some weight. we do not all have fat asses asyou say but for medical reasons and medication and genuine disabilities we can diet and nothing happens we are limited for exercise because of also.
I do not over eat and live off green tea for breakfast lunch and tea with only lots of vitamins and yet have this rotten weight gain and would love to try this as have researched for 2 years now and would not have one in me for more than a couple of months at a time as do not want 25 foot long disgusting thing to grow that big
Posted by Angela  in  Adelaide  on  Sun Nov 09, 2008  at  08:51 PM
You call it rude I call it reality. Maybe you've had too many sugar coated words shoved down your throat. Wake up and get real for christ's sake! So you're fat who the fuck cares? Obviously only you. I don't think there should be any reason for people to be so desperate for the sake of vanity to want to ingest a disgusting worm. If you have done your research as you say you have then you wouldn't be so eager to swallow such a vile thing. As far as medical reasons for being fat and unable to lose weight well honey I can sure relate to that I'm one of those people. I have a disorder called PCOS AND I just had 2 surgeries less than 6 months ago to attach metal rods, screws, plates and spacers onto two places on my spine. All because of a dumb bitch who was more interested in talking on her cell phone than driving. Don't whine to me about not being able to exercise try not being able to walk at all. I don't overeat either, in fact I eat only one meal a day that is so small even a skinny twat would starve to death so don't hand me that boo hoo bullshit. The majority of fat asses in this world are fat from laziness. The only exercise they get is shoveling junk food down their throats and then scratching their fat heads wondering why they are so fat. Sure there are those of us that have medical reasons for being over weight but Jesus Christ get a grip on reality. A WORM? IN YOUR GUT? Stop being so desperate! I don't care how fat I get I WILL NEVER be thin just to be accepted by the majority opinion. I say they can kiss my sweet fat ass!
Posted by HAHAHAHA  in  USA  on  Mon Nov 10, 2008  at  01:39 PM
one quick question...
im asian, but do chinese people really eat them everyday?
Posted by Susan  in  usa  on  Fri Dec 05, 2008  at  04:38 PM
i just want to say for all the rude comments about "fat asses" that a lot of people who are coming to sites like this having eating disorders, so stop making them feel like crap; i mean, seriously. for example, i have an eating disorder. it was worse to years ago when i almost died from not eating. i gained tons of weight in eating disorder hospitals so now i'm "fat" but everytime i redevelop my anorexia nothing happens because myu body things i'm trying to kiill it; fat people aren't always lazy, and if they are that means they don't want to lose weight and they are happy with how they look. so shut up and keep your insults to yourselves.
Posted by wow....  in  home  on  Sun Dec 07, 2008  at  09:31 PM
Hey I got such a rude e-mail saying to stop rubishing big people but I never sent anything like that and only want to do this diet myself if anyone can ever contact on where to get. I have done lots of research and the rude people are very uninformed so don't know why they even bother as we all only want to get some help after trying all else
If cannot get soon will not come on here anymore as what is the point unless you can be contacted with some help.
Posted by Angela  on  Sun Dec 07, 2008  at  10:16 PM
check out the image.
Posted by lisa  in  florida  on  Fri Jan 02, 2009  at  03:11 AM
Posted by lisa  in  florida  on  Fri Jan 02, 2009  at  03:12 AM
Hey Lisa

wow i was shocked at wat i saw Fucking hell its awefull I recomended these worms as i did it and worked I even supplied a few peole them but FUCK that never again . Sick its like an alien from PLUTO many thanks
Posted by Gary  on  Sat Jan 03, 2009  at  02:47 PM
Your topic of discussion is outstanding. Lot of us still unknown about this crucial disease. To be more suggested I like to add with you that Tapeworm infections pose a serious public health problem in many less developed countries due to poor sanitation conditions. So Special awareness is required for facing this disease
Posted by Hemorrhoids  on  Tue Jan 13, 2009  at  11:34 PM
sick Are you sick in the brain? A tapeworm...
Posted by bad anoraxia  in  us  on  Tue Jan 20, 2009  at  06:07 AM
"Eating Disorder" is a cop out. The only eating disorder anyone ever has is in their stupid head. Get over yourselves and stop using a pathetic excuse to explain away your inability to push your fat ass away from a table or refuse to eat altogether. If you are that pathetic you need to seek out help for your MENTAL ILLNESS! Another group that irks the shit out of me are those that are soooooooooooo damn lazy they resort to surgery. Guess what? You got yourself up to size elephant by horking down tons of food so, you can lose the weight as well by eating like a normal person. I do not and never will believe that diet change and exercise fail as a weight loss program. People fail. If you have honestly changed your diet and are putting forth a honest effort to exercise then you WILL lose weight and you will continue to do so as long as you follow the rules. People today want instant gratification, nobody wants to have to work for anything they just want it handed to them for free. You people are disgusting with your laziness and you make me sick. "Oh it's not my fault because I'm fat" YES IT IS! "It's not my fault that I can't eat better and lose weight" YES IT IS! If you don't want to look like a cow then STOP eating the whole cow. I have said before that some people have metabolism disorders I am one of them but I do not blame my weight on everyone and everything else. I have to take responsibility for my health. The days of blaming need to stop so grow up, get real and get active otherwise shut up!
Posted by HAHAHAHA  in  Florida  on  Sat Jan 31, 2009  at  04:20 PM
Guys ive stopped doing the tape worm thing and resorted to normal cardio excersise I was told i had a eating disorder aswell but fuck that ive lost more weight and ive actually got a hard stomach now FUCK the tape worm hello treadmill
Posted by Gary  in  South Africa  on  Mon Feb 02, 2009  at  01:01 PM
this further affirms by disbelief in Darwinism...i refuse to believe that someone who wants to swallow a tape worm is the product of thousands of years of evolution and natural selection.
Posted by peasaresorepulsive  in  united states  on  Mon Feb 23, 2009  at  09:47 AM
Posted by jesse  on  Mon Mar 23, 2009  at  01:31 AM
on the spike TV show
"1000 ways to die"
using the tapeworm diet is #734
it's unsafe
Posted by jon  in  canada  on  Sun Mar 29, 2009  at  08:47 PM
I dont know if you guys have heard of a show called 1000 ways to die but someone died from eating a tapeworm cuz it got so big that it got into her brain and killed her...dont eat a tapeworm just stop being lazy and do some're all worthless
Posted by rebus tabmac  in  Michigan  on  Sun Mar 29, 2009  at  08:48 PM
Are you kidding me, you people who 'want to try it' actually need therapy not tapeworm.
Do you not realize that the tapeworm lives in your intestine, can grow to 20 feet long and will reproduce and the larvae can infect your brain and other organs.
In addition, the tapeworm can eat through your intestinal wall causing internal bleeding resulting in death.
So not worth it to 'be skinny'.
Stop eating McDonalds and start exercising, you will feel so much better for it in the end.
Darwinism at its best, stupid vain people.
Posted by cs  in  can  on  Sun Apr 05, 2009  at  08:27 PM
you people are sick!
tapeworm can give you headache,confusion, and hydrocephalus! you never learn until you get one!
Posted by no name  on  Sun Apr 19, 2009  at  06:18 PM
im 15. i used to be 140 pounds. there was a traumatic expirience that happened in my family. this happened in 2007. i am now 245 pounds. i now have medical conditions because of my weight. some people just don't understand that tapeworms may be other people's last resort. please don't judge.

tomorrow i am going to eat raw meat. i hope this changes me for the better.
Posted by Samantha  in  Texas  on  Mon Apr 27, 2009  at  09:57 PM
>>I dont know if you guys have heard of a show called 1000 ways to die but someone died from eating a tapeworm cuz it got so big that it got into her brain and killed her...dont eat a tapeworm just stop being lazy and do some're all worthless<<

Haha rebus, that episode is the reason I found this little site.
Posted by Claire  on  Thu Apr 30, 2009  at  02:37 PM
yeah i think your right....i changed my mind!
Posted by Samantha  in  Texas  on  Thu Apr 30, 2009  at  05:46 PM
Hello to all. I have a niece that has too much weight for her health. She has been taking Topamax. It seems many are quick to condemn tapeworms and maggots. Maggots are remarkable little surgeons. Will only eat bad tissue, leaving the good tissue. All I know is if I had a choice between amputation and surgical maggots, bring the little folks on. The tapeworms as far as I have read can be removed effectively with just one dose of medication. All that is stated above is probably for tapeworms that have been in people for years. Again if I had a choice between tapeworms and a gastric bypass bring the worms on.
Posted by Corky Moo  in  Florida  on  Mon May 04, 2009  at  01:24 PM
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