The Tapeworm Diet

The Arizona Republic has raised an interesting question. Is it possible to use tapeworms as a diet aid? Won't the tape worm just sit in your stomach and consume all the extra food you eat, and after a while you can pull out the thing? The basic answer is no. This would not be a good idea. They go into some more details:

While a tapeworm might take in some of the food you do, it would at the same time be taking in a lot of vitamins and other nutrients you need to stay healthy. Do you know what ascites are? A big pool of fluid in your tummy caused by an immune response to something in your guts. Something like a tapeworm. It gives you a big potbelly, which runs kind of counter to the look you might be wishing for. And a tapeworm might not necessarily just set up camp in your innards. It can also cause cysts in your muscles, liver and eyes. Your eyes! So don't you think it might be easier instead to just eat a bit less and exercise a bit more?

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Posted on Fri Apr 22, 2005


Actually, I wanted to clear up a few misconceptions on this forum. As a veterinary technician currently going through parasitology, I thought I could straighten some things out.

1) The adult tapeworms live in your small intestines and the head stays attached there.

2) They don't 'eat' your food. They're actually feeding on your blood. The reason people and animals loss weight while being infested is by the massive length of the tapeworm blocking the intestines from absorbing the nutrients and calories from the food.

3) The way you get tapeworms is by eating the segments that break off filled with eggs or the eggs.

4) Eating the eggs isn't why they encyst in the muscles or other tissue. It's because the body builds up antibodies against the foriegn object and they have to find other places to go. After antibodies have developed, young larvae (young tapeworms) can move to the blood stream from the intestines and then find a place to encyst. They build a protective barrier (the cyst) to save themselves from the antibodies. These can get many more tapeworms developing inside and if they burst can cause massive problems.

In the end you shouldn't do this. It's extremely dangerous and you can die if not at least get extremely sick and cause permanent damage to your body. I agree with what they said, in the end, is it that difficult to just eat less and exercise more? When the tapeworms come out, which they'll have to or you'll die, you'll just gain the weight back since your body will be in starvation mode and when you actually get the nutrients your body's been lacking it will over use them and you'll most likely gain more weight.
Posted by Rachel  in  Kentucky  on  Sat Apr 05, 2008  at  01:08 PM
I found an interesting article about this:

To briefly summarize, the beef (cow) tapeworm is the only "safe" tapeworm. Others can have negative side effects. The problem is the beef tapeworm doesn't exist in the United States.
Posted by Scotty Tougas  in  Louisiana  on  Tue Apr 08, 2008  at  01:02 PM
i know a way to get to get tapeworms for a diet but you need a passport and 900$ because it is illegal to transport.also to the cysts or eggs whatever cannot live more than 2 days without a host. you will be met at the border at tijuana escorted and given the cyst and medicine to kill it after so many days, if more weight needs to be lost the process will be repeated. jaime
Posted by jaime  in  los angeles  on  Mon May 05, 2008  at  03:58 AM
I've been following this for a good few page's. It seems warped responses come from both side's of the discussion. It's important to know the difference in worms, an idea most of you simply are missing the mark on.

This idea has been pressed over and over though by the few here who actually know what they're talking about opposed to the vast majority of "tapeworms will kill yew omg omg get off fat ass and lose wait nowwwwzz" poster's.

I myself am neutral on the issue, seeing how I have no issue with weight therefor see no need to take such severe measures.

I can say though that bickering over the internet is not going to change someone's view point on the matter.

Then again, I'm 16 so what do I know right?
Posted by Gwen B.  in  California  on  Mon May 05, 2008  at  09:57 AM
Listen up right now! I am still fighting off a tapeworm infection that caused me to have severe flu-like symptoms for months. Not to mention a weight-gain of 10 pounds due to fluid build-up and the disgusting weight of the worms themselves. I had a distended stomach and the thrill of feeling their movement inside me as well as the trauma of passing them.I have never been so sick for so long or so disgusted. These creatures are unsanitary,unhealthy and just plain gross. Care more for yourself than to consider such nasty alternatives.
Posted by Christine  in  Oak Island NC  on  Sun Jun 01, 2008  at  09:48 PM
hi all, i was thinking about getting this tapeworm thing but after reading all this info i wont be bothering,i might be fat but my kids mean more to me then me being thin and they would prefer me fat and alive then skinny and dead.
Posted by lisa  in  hull,uk  on  Wed Jun 04, 2008  at  05:04 PM
i wol love to now where to get a tape worm becuse im super fat and i would like to see if it works
Posted by makayla englutt  in  pearl river  on  Fri Jun 06, 2008  at  11:25 AM
Please Listen!! Tapeworms are dangerous! I have been struggling for two months to rid my body of a 20+ foot monster. I only discovered I had it after passing sections of it. Then I learned that it was the reason I have been sick with recurring flu-like symptoms for months. I have a slender body with a huge swollen stomach. It affects my mood to the point of depression and my vision as well. I have had to deal with doctors who are totally ignorant of the problem and have racked up 2000 dollars in medical bills. And just when I think its over, another large segment gets stuck in my intestine and blocks it off. I am drained emotionally from the stress and repulsion at what I have to have inside my body until I finally get it all out.I have nausea, cramps, fatigue and insomnia, just to mention a few lovely symptoms. I can assure you that you will not enjoy any benefits from a parasite, nor can you control it after it takes up residence. Its far better to be heavy.
Posted by Christine  in  Oak Island NC  on  Thu Jun 19, 2008  at  12:16 AM
I hope the lady that is so confident about American medicine will believe me when I tell her she is way off. If anything, American doctors are ignorant on the subject of parasites. IF you can get them to believe you have one, they often prescribe the wrong medication or not enough. It took me two weeks to get stool samples processed and in the meantime, my visitor was getting larger and producing up to a million eggs a day.Finally, I had to take a picture of a 2 foot long segment I passed into the toilet to convince an ER doctor to help me. The whole experience has been a total humiliation.
Posted by Christine  in  Oak Island Nc  on  Thu Jun 19, 2008  at  12:32 AM
this has been very educational, as well as highly entertaining. "love" how everyone shares these horror stories, and try to warn people, and save them from themselves and their own stupidity, and you have all these girls jumping in saying how they don't care if they become chronically ill as long as they are skinny! hahahaha! good times! good times! nothing is better fun than human stupidity! :D
Posted by blahblahblah  on  Wed Jun 25, 2008  at  01:05 PM
yo eryn- it's mean to brag about your bulimia to all these fat people trying to lose weight. wink everyone else: seriously, rock the tapeworm if you want to. you'll never be lonely again! this forum is hilarious. the idea of a tapeworm may gross everyone out, but know what grosses me out? fat, lazy people with no self control. don't give me any copouts about congenital disorders or low metabolism. shape up and eat less, fatties! or get that tapeworm!
Posted by nichole  in  murderapolis  on  Wed Jul 23, 2008  at  10:30 AM
Thanks for the dog just had tape worms but i know some types are dangerous so i let it go. but i bought 2 extra bottles of medication to kill them, just in case. you never know when oppurtunity knocks....Jaime
Posted by jaime  in  los angeles  on  Wed Jul 30, 2008  at  02:41 AM
Hi there

I was on the "tape worm diet" and found it to really help. I think people get a little carried away with all the side effects, I believed that you need to control the parasite and start the dose again from start after 8-10 weeks, at least thats what i did. I lost approxiamatley 28 kilogrames or approxiamatley 56 pounds in 2 and 1/2 months. But if you do try it remember the bigger it gets the more harm it can cause.
Posted by Gary  in  South Africa  on  Wed Jul 30, 2008  at  02:19 PM
Sorry i made a mistake it took me a total time of 6 months to loose the weight the 2- 1/2 months is 8 - 10 weeks the periode whereby i kiilled the parsite with prescription tablets and restarted the process.
Posted by Gary  in  South Africa  on  Wed Jul 30, 2008  at  02:31 PM
i agree w melissa. i could certainly deal w some discomfort in exchange for effortless weightloss.
we can be tape-worm-fabulous together smile
ill start looking
Posted by derek  in  connecticut  on  Wed Aug 20, 2008  at  02:20 PM
need address for tape worms? where do you buy a pill form? can anyone tell me the website if there is one?
Posted by Cindy Schindler  in  las vegas, NV  on  Sat Aug 23, 2008  at  10:40 PM
West Virginia/10/Meghan-
Posted by Kitty  in  West Virginia  on  Mon Aug 25, 2008  at  09:17 AM
Where do you buy a tapeworm I would like to use and adjust when needed
Please can you answer
Posted by Angie  on  Mon Sep 08, 2008  at  09:37 PM
I want to order one
Will someone who has please contact me
Posted by Angie  on  Mon Sep 08, 2008  at  09:56 PM

Ive done the tape worm diet, it worked for what i needed, and f..... u all that think they can try and tell or rather advise us """" ohhhh noooooo please dont they will kill you """" F U theres medicine to sort out the shyts and im thankfull for it

All my love

Posted by Gary  in  south africa  on  Tue Sep 09, 2008  at  02:54 PM
Would someone who does this diet please please e-mail me where to get as really want to do. I will try and if works ok for me and then find the time span to get rid of and start again as your supposed to do.

Posted by Angie  in  Adelaide  on  Wed Sep 10, 2008  at  11:53 PM
if anyone's repied to the others about where to get tapeworms from can youplase please tell me, even if you ave an idea of where to gt it from?
i want to try them
Posted by fara  on  Thu Sep 11, 2008  at  01:57 PM
I keep asking those who are on or who have used if can get pill in Australia I really need to try and ofcorse if have ill effects are too bad just wont do again, but we all need some extra help at times. Please can anyone e-mail me
Posted by Angie  in  Adelaide South Australia  on  Thu Sep 11, 2008  at  10:46 PM
Hi, I wanted to let us all know I found a website that you can order the pills and am waiting for them to contact me it's called Weight-B-Gone hope it helps us all
Posted by Angie  on  Sun Sep 14, 2008  at  12:14 AM
you cant buy a tape worm pill as the parasite dies in 48 hrs if not hosted. ie: if they cant have juicy burgers or divine steak they die lol
Posted by Gary  in  South Africa  on  Mon Sep 15, 2008  at  09:54 AM
sounds as if all the comments posted yer have a lot in common with the worms loads of crap vampire cool grin
Posted by jedhia  in  uk  on  Mon Sep 15, 2008  at  12:30 PM
Hi Alliester, I need to email you but need the address or can you email me bout how to get
Posted by Angie  on  Thu Sep 18, 2008  at  10:56 PM
Can you email me somehow on where I can get some please
Posted by Angie  on  Thu Sep 18, 2008  at  10:57 PM
I have just read the opening lines of this thread and I would like to say this....
Me thinks using a tapeworm for slimming is excellent and very effective... I
Posted by stee  in  the port  on  Sun Sep 21, 2008  at  01:37 PM
haha this is funny, ive been reading about this tapeworm diet cause i heard about it off my flatmate... so funny people are really miseducated it is disgusting! it is less of a risk to be anorexic (bullemia will rot your teeth and burn your throat lining but still much less risk) so the long and short of it is change your diet and exercise or don't eat! its as simple as that!
Posted by meme  in  england,uk  on  Mon Sep 22, 2008  at  08:49 AM
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