The Tape and its companion site,, seem to be fairly obvious marketing attempts to 'blairwitch' the upcoming sequel to the horror movie, The Ring (i.e. to create hoax websites to generate interest about it). But still, I've received a couple of worried emails from people who have watched 'the tape' and are a little concerned, so I thought I should post something about it. As far as I know, no stringy-haired decomposing girl is going to crawl out of a well and kill you if you watch the tape. Though I'm playing it safe. I made my wife watch the tape. She then made the cat watch it. My cat is the one posting this message (she hit the mouse button with her paw to click submit), so if any one of you watches 'the tape' she'll be safe.

Advertising Paranormal Websites

Posted on Fri Jan 28, 2005


I might be powerless here, Hairy; Just wait until I get you in the Forum!

It's 5:00 I got to go home.
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Wed Mar 23, 2005  at  03:55 PM
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Wed Mar 23, 2005  at  04:31 PM
Oh no! Why's my tv on?

What channel is....

Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Wed Mar 23, 2005  at  04:34 PM
Been reading your bio Rod. The Ether Bunny? It's scary to think that I just may know what it is that you are refering to.
Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Wed Mar 23, 2005  at  06:42 PM
Alright. Googled it. I do know what you're referring to. Now I need to go wash my brain with soap.
Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Wed Mar 23, 2005  at  06:46 PM
hey everyone, im here because ima scaredy cat whose afraid to watch the silly 'fake' movie.

i hear u speaking about Dark Water- its good, iv seen it (d/l it actually!). there are no subs, but u get the idea. visually its very cool, but its not scarey like ring. you feel conpassion for the little girl in Dark Water, but she isnt anything like Sadoko. which is a nice change. but still nice effects, etc...

i remember a couple years ago there being another fake movie, but it had soemthign to do with mermaids and pssoibly maggots? of course iw as too scared to watch it, im very silly,m but has anyone seen it/have the link?

thats all! ciao!!!
Posted by Lauren  in  Sydney Australia  on  Sun Apr 03, 2005  at  06:42 AM
Ok, I am really scared! I just watched THE TAPE and I have no Idea what will happen! If anyone has gotten past day 7 and has watched the tape at then PLEASE email me ASAP!
Posted by Kinsey  in  Centennial  on  Fri Apr 08, 2005  at  06:16 PM
I just watched the tape, apart from the fact most of the scenes are scenes from The Ring2 it seems quite good. I'll let you know if I am still here in 7 days!!!!!!
Posted by Chris Carr  in  UK  on  Thu Apr 14, 2005  at  06:53 AM
Oh yeah, I forgot.

Should've died about three weeks ago. On the Wednesday or Thursday, I forget which.

Wooooooooooooo! I appear to be posting from beyond the grave!
Posted by Boo  in  The Land of the Haggii...  on  Thu Apr 14, 2005  at  07:10 AM
i saw that tape over a year ago.
almost got hit by a car...but that was yesterday
Posted by kylekurtz  on  Sat Apr 23, 2005  at  10:22 PM
i saw that tape a couple weeks ago and nothing has happend but like every day something bad happens like 1 day someone threw a knif and it almost hit me.that tape is y does anyone watch it
Posted by nikki  on  Thu May 12, 2005  at  07:11 PM
i watched the tape yesterday and then i watched the real movie (the ring ) and it was a tape not a DVD and soon as i put it in the tape was empty. then after that my TV wouldnt work and the phone rang it was so scarey. then we bought a tv and that one didnt work 2. the next day my friend told me i was gonna die....
Posted by cant tell u that  in  somewhere  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  11:42 AM
I really hope that this is worth watching, bcuz i really want to be scared.Im only 13years old and to that AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Posted by Miranda Salas  in  Alice,Texas  on  Wed Jun 22, 2005  at  09:09 PM
....I'm thirteen. Come on, thirteen is old enough to realise when something is fake. I watched this, when it firsted came out, however long ago that was. But yeah, nothing has ever happened... I realise this is old... but yeah...
Posted by jackie  on  Thu Aug 18, 2005  at  03:53 PM
lol i've watched this a couple 4 months ago... i aint gone yet... tho noone here knows me... my friend and i had found out bout that stupid site... we both watched it at the same time and all xD we died laughing when we were looking at the stupid forums on the site lmfao i kept calling them a bunch of p**sies an s**t lol... i got banned... so did my friend... last thing i ever wrote on the forums was "either the s**t is a hoax or else shes just too damned scared to come after a wicked clown!!" which apparently i knew it was a hoax xD... pissed so many people off with it... and its good to know the site is now down cheese woohooooo!!!!!
Posted by Dave  in  hell  on  Wed Aug 24, 2005  at  09:31 PM
It was a roleplay. The roleplay continues on
Posted by Emi  on  Sun Sep 11, 2005  at  05:05 PM
I don't think that and no longer exist. I used to go to all the time but neither of them show up, even when I use google and click on the link. I know it was a hoax, and a funny one at that.
Posted by Terri  in  NC  on  Fri Oct 28, 2005  at  01:35 PM
I can't open the link! it seems to be dead!
Posted by Me  on  Thu Dec 22, 2005  at  05:26 AM
my friends where all too scared to watch it... they sent it to me and i watched all but alittle at the end and they told me to stop... i knew it was a bunch of crap.
Posted by Jewels  in  lalaland  on  Sun Jan 08, 2006  at  04:03 PM
okay what i have too say is true, and no it is not anything scary, who ever wants to watch the so called 'tape', who ever will watch the so called 'tape' will be fine, absolutely fine. My friend and i watched the tape about..............
12 months ago,so about the start of 2005, and i am still here today, a year later, and personaly, i recon, any one who watches the tape and believes it has serious problems,
the ring 1 and 2 is made up and the images from the so called tape are mostly from the ring 1 and 2..............Wake up people
Posted by Kayla  on  Sun Jan 15, 2006  at  04:14 PM
I went looking for the tape dot com and didn't find it... this string is over a year old after all... but found something worth mentioning anyway...

Ducttapefashion dot com


I love this country.
Posted by Malvakai  in  Boise  on  Mon Feb 20, 2006  at  08:37 PM
Hahah a sequel, that is quite redonculus. I hope the ring girl kills everyr ;D
Posted by Tony Seiko  in  Nunavut  on  Sat Mar 04, 2006  at  04:09 PM
I almost died laughing when scroll through all these posts. You know that link and the Ring-Community were in the filler movie between The Ring & The Ring 2, aka: Rings.
Posted by Artic  in  Antartica  on  Wed Apr 26, 2006  at  09:35 AM
S-I-H is back!
Posted by Guy  in  Place  on  Sun Jun 04, 2006  at  10:47 AM
yall r the dumbest ppl ever if u think a tape can kill you..i mean the movie was a good thriller..but come on a tape killing you?....u all must be rele in 2 superlogical things 2 believe this crap!
Posted by allison  on  Tue Jul 11, 2006  at  05:53 PM
OMG!!! i totaly posting this from jk...not in heavan... guess i didnt make it. THE VIDEO!!!OMG!!! Im DeAd!!!

ps...its kinda hot down here...

 im just kiding i went to heavan

Posted by jessica  in  South Carolina  on  Tue Jun 12, 2007  at  09:42 PM
ok ppl u all are so dum ppl r just trying to get u guys just to belive it, in one website (i forgot wht was the website)some person rote down, ok ppl if u want to join the ring community its all a hosk we just want to get ppl to belive it, LMAO and i thot tht the ring was real...........will mayb it is will one time me and my friend was walking up stairs then just then we both saw a dark thing go by and it looked like a girl........we wached the tape (THTS NOT REAL) like a year ago and on tht day we saw tht weird dark shaow crepy =S
Posted by LJ  in  Toronto, ON  on  Sun Dec 09, 2007  at  05:52 PM
Hey i would like to see the actual video but i can't find it, can someone seen me the url of it? thanks .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by Alan  in  utah  on  Mon Dec 31, 2007  at  12:45 AM
It's called an ARG (Alternate Reality Game). I've been playing for years. People watch, and are led to by a link at the end of the tape. The site is made out to look real, but if you go on the forums there is a page you can click that says "Yes, this IS just a game." It's actually very intruiging and a lot of fun.

Sorry you guys don't have imaginations. =(
Posted by Underdog  in  TX  on  Sun Jan 04, 2009  at  02:20 PM
please what ever you do dont watch it i am 14 and the same thing has happend to me the phone call if you do watch DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE!
Posted by megan craig  in  newcastle  on  Thu Feb 02, 2012  at  02:41 PM
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