OK, I heard back from Alex, who is now in Germany. My log-in is working now (obviously) so it's Go Time!

When I couldn't log in as the Subby, I said in a comment that as soon as I could be here in my "official" capacity, I would make a confession. Here goes.

Earlier this year, when Hillary Clinton was still in the race for the White House, I got a crazy idea for a hoax so I went with it. As "retired dot com entrepreneur Bob Porter," I spread the word that I wanted to pay the Senator $750,000 (later increased to a cool million bucks) to pose for a "series of tasteful nude photos." This was supposedly to prove that she really was the different kind of candidate she claimed to be. How exactly posing for nude photos would "prove" that I'm not exactly sure, but I stuck to my story.

As ridiculous as the premise may sound, I managed to do 15 radio interviews (13 with American stations, 1 for an Irish station and 1 with an Australian station), almost all of which took me seriously. I even managed to convince some of my interviewers of the "logic" of my argument.

The story also showed up on a number of websites, including and As eccentric millionaire Bob Porter, I did a series of YouTube videos, including one from my hospital bed when I had my appendix removed (for real). For your dining and dancing pleasure, here's a link to the videos:

My Hillary Project

Between feeling kind of lousy for a time after my surgery and Hillary's campaign losing steam, I let my project languish. I've never fessed up to it publicly before but I figured the MOH was the ideal place to come clean, so there you go.

I'm curious to see if any of you heard me on the radio or read about what I was claiming to be doing. If so, what did you think of it? Did you believe me? Did you think I was nuts? Did you smell a rat? Comments?

Posted on Sun Oct 19, 2008


Brilliant! The media can never get enough of these kinds of stories, which is I suppose why they keep falling for hoaxes of this kind. Which radio station in Australia was it?
Posted by Milo  on  Mon Oct 20, 2008  at  02:10 AM
I had to check, but it was 2CC Radio, Canberra.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Oct 20, 2008  at  04:34 AM
Heh, this one completely passed me by. But then, nude pictures of Hillary Clinton are not really the sort of thing I'd be wanting to look into, anyway. . .

I don't suppose her campaign ever got in touch with you for whatever reason?
Posted by Accipiter  on  Mon Oct 20, 2008  at  05:03 AM
Sorry - I missed it too Bob - I'm not really into politics. Ask Razela - she might have caught it 😊
Posted by oppiejoe  in  Michigan - USA  on  Mon Oct 20, 2008  at  06:32 AM
Nudity, or even partial nudity is always guaranteed to get the media's attention. I don't really know what the big deal is: We're all naked under our clothes, aren't we?

Cranky, were you prepared to pay the $750,000 in the (admittedly highly unlikely) event that Senator Clinton accepted your offer? I'm not sure what the Senate's ethics rules on extra income would say about it, but now that Clinton has withdrawn from the presidential race and reportedly still has a lot of campaign debt, she might be more amenable to offers of freelance work.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Mon Oct 20, 2008  at  07:36 AM
*shudders at the thought of Big Gary's suggestion* :sick:
Posted by oppiejoe  in  Michigan - USA  on  Mon Oct 20, 2008  at  01:53 PM
how appropriate
Posted by oppiejoe  in  Michigan - USA  on  Mon Oct 20, 2008  at  01:56 PM
I checked out the videos. I especially enjoyed the comments and your responses. Good work.
Posted by Jackie  on  Mon Oct 20, 2008  at  02:05 PM
I never actually heard from Senator Clinton's office, but I just claimed that she was undoubtedly considering my offer.

No, I don't have $750,000 or $1,000,000 to give her if she actually accepted (although I couldn't imagine that she would). I figured if she DID, for some reason, I'd just get in touch with Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine and ask him to fund the thing. I mean, he'd be sure to make it back and then some just from the curiosity factor, right?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Oct 20, 2008  at  02:07 PM
"Nudity, or even partial nudity is always guaranteed to get the media's attention. I don't really know what the big deal is: We're all naked under our clothes, aren't we?"

I'm not. You don't want to know what's under MY clothes.
Posted by Sakano  in  Ohio  on  Mon Oct 20, 2008  at  02:18 PM
I didn't hear about it and the idea scares me! I might need some mental bleach now.


Good hoax, though. Despite the scariness factor it gave me a chuckle.
Posted by Tah  in  Idaho (Yes, Idaho)  on  Mon Oct 20, 2008  at  02:43 PM
Stupid, pointless "hoax'. Another man trying to come to terms with empowerment of women in our society . . .why didn't you play your hoax with Obama or McCain? I bet you're also one of the ones who comment on Palin's hair and dress . . .yet don't have any idea about how many different ties Obama owns, or the quality of McCain's suits . . .

I never heard of your "hoax" on the radios, thankfully.
Posted by starby  on  Sun Oct 26, 2008  at  09:12 AM
OppieJoe, I hadn't heard of this.

And Starby...uh seriously?
Posted by Razela  in  Chicago, IL  on  Sun Oct 26, 2008  at  05:25 PM
Culture jamming at its best...
Posted by econobiker  on  Tue Oct 28, 2008  at  10:37 AM
God this is funny stuff. This site never ceases to entertain me. thanks again guys.
Posted by How To Fix  on  Thu Apr 09, 2009  at  12:08 AM
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