“The Secret”

Yes, it's another questionable literary enterprise. You've probably heard of "The Secret," a self-help book/cultural phenomenon. As with any such thing, it's Oprah-approved.

"The Secret" claims to reveal a Secret of the Universe, which is (SPOILER ALERT!) that you can have whatever you want, if you just think about it REALLY HARD. OK, that's a wee bit flip, but that really is the gist of the "secret."

Well, you also have to be a good person and you can't wish for bad stuff, but other than that, if you want it, you can and WILL get it.

It's all based on the "Law of Attraction," which author Laura Byrne says governs the universe. She goes on to explain, "The law of attraction says that like attracts like, and when you think and feel what you want to attract on the inside, the law will use people, circumstances and events to magnetize what you want to you, and magnetize you to it."

Not to be a big Cosmic Party Pooper or anything, but if you're going to propose a Physical Law of the Universe and compare it to magnetism, just for starters you really ought to know that with magnets, OPPOSITES attract. Just sayin'

I could go on and on about why this kind of thing really pisses me off, but I'm more interested in what you all have to say. So, here's a link.

Ok, have at it!

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Posted on Tue Jun 26, 2007


This does not work for only good people. This works for the bad. If we abide by the laws and are fueled by positive energy, the same can be said about the bad. If you do not see it, look at our nation and our leaders. I can sit in this chair and concentrate on five names on this page, find everything about you, know everything about you. I will brush shoulders with you and tell you that you are right all along: all you do is complain about silly things like oprah, or not believing in something more than you.
Posted by infinitus  in  Long Beach, CA  on  Fri Jun 25, 2010  at  09:33 AM
I think a much more important "secret" and challenge in life is that opposites are attracted to each other. I.e. soft, goodhearted un-egoistic persons to hard, dominating egoistic ruling ones etc and that it often takes a life long partnership to really understand what kind of person each really is and what really happens in one's relationship.
Posted by Victor von Alten  in  Namibia  on  Sun Aug 07, 2011  at  06:01 AM
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