The Reel in a Rock

image Stop The Presses! The Creationists have disproven evolution! How? Because they found a fishing reel in a rock.

The 'reel in a rock' seems to have been around for quite a while, but I've only heard of it now. What a treat I've been missing. Dan Jones says that he found this thing twenty-five years ago while trout fishing. It was lying right out in the open. It's a chunk of Phyllite rock with an old fishing reel embedded in it. It's pretty obvious that someone has drilled a few holes in order to insert the reel into the rock, but the Creationists are claiming that the rock itself must have formed around the reel. To their minds, this is the only solution. They then argue that since modern geological science says this would be impossible, that Geology must be wrong. And therefore evolution is wrong! It's all so logical. The fragile edifice of modern science brought down by a fishing reel in a rock.

You can find some debunking of the 'reel in a rock' over at the Creation versus Evolution site. A geologist, Ann Holmes, who had a chance to examine the rock says:

The phyllite had saw marks in it where the flattish plate of the reel had been imbedded. Sharp-edged saw marks that would have surely weathered rounder had it been wallowed out by water around the reel. I also suspect a drill hole to hold the one round reel support imbedded as well.

The only real question is who created this hoax. (Thanks to Donald Simanek for sending me the link).

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Posted on Tue May 10, 2005


Objects can become petrified into limestone and some other minerals relatively quickly; It does take very special conditions.

Creationists love to point out the petrified bats and stalactites that grew in only 30 years at a mine that was shut down in the US as being "proof"that fossils are recent. What they neglect to mention/cover up is that 1) There is still bone in the petrified animal skeletons and 2) the mine was closed because large amounts of mineralised water where pouring into the mine on a daily basis. The stalactites there are quite fragile compaered to other caves.

But I like the idea of an X-ray of the reel.
Posted by DFStuckey  in  Auckland New Zealand  on  Tue May 17, 2005  at  03:19 AM
Excuse me, but, I thought I'd say something about this since it seems to have come up.
I am, in fact, someone who believes in Creation and doesn't at all believe in Evolution. However, I don't run around trying to discredit someone for what they believe in. What they believe is their choice, and I have no right to tell them it's wrong.
Actually, I just wanted to tell you that up until this one article, I have found you to be honest and fair and usually unbiased about what you report about. However, in this article, you come off as very sarcastic and rather on the rude side. Perhaps the idea of this seems ridiculous to you (and to many who believe in Creation, also), but you didn't have to report on it in such a sarcastic way. It makes you seem very unprofessional.
I'm sorry that the people on that website are so very much a bad example of those who believe in Creation. And I don't feel like the sort of attitude this article seemed to be giving off was really all that intentional (or, I hope it wasn't). I wanted you to be aware that there are those of us out there that believe in Creation and are scientifically minded.
Posted by Rachel  on  Tue Jan 10, 2006  at  12:50 PM
I'm Evolution-Wiccan. Wiccan but I believe in evolution. This is very fake and Creationists need to stop taking things literally.
Posted by Meerkat  in  Australia  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  02:36 PM
So explain the hundreds of tree and other fossils that extend through multiple geologic columns.
Posted by Bob Evolution is a hoax  in  Peoria  on  Tue Mar 19, 2013  at  02:53 PM
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