The Real Reason for the Blackout

You may have thought that last week's massive blackout was caused by something like an aging national grid, bad transmission lines, or even human error. But guess what? It actually happened because it was the 60th anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment. At least, so claims Al Bielek. I'm not clear on why the anniversary caused the lights to go out, but maybe all the power got sucked backwards through time or something. Even more sensationally, Bielek claims that he predicted the blackout a few weeks ago. In case you don't know about him, Bielek claims to be a time traveler stuck in the present era. He says that he was originally Ed Cameron, a participant in the 1940s Philadelphia Experiment, but that Ed somehow travelled through time and ended up being born in 1927 as Al Bielek. So Al is really Ed, if that makes sense. Not having listened to the radio show on which Al is claiming to have made his prediction about the blackout, I can't positively confirm or deny whether the prediction was really made. But my hunch is that he's somehow pulling a Tamara Rand.


Posted on Tue Aug 19, 2003


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