The Price of Fake Sick Notes

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I'm hesitant to post this, remembering that the last time I posted about fake doctor's notes I ended up with hundreds of comments from people asking me to provide them with fake notes. But here goes anyway. The Shanghai Daily has an interesting short article about the economics of the fake-sick-note industry in China. Apparently sellers of fake doctor's notes can be found outside of many Shanghai hospitals:

The price depends on the type of disease and duration of the sick leave. A note allowing two to three days of rest normally costs 20 (US$2.47) to 30 yuan. The price goes up if the person requires longer sick leave. Ailments on two-day fake notes are always fever and diarrhea. Fractures can be 40 to 50 days, said the reader, who bought a two-day note for 20 yuan.

I imagine the guys selling these notes must be like scalpers, lurking on the street corner, coming up to strangers ("Hey, buddy. Wanna buy a sick note?") I've never seen the equivalent in America. But then, I've never gone shopping for a fake sick note.

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Posted on Sun Mar 12, 2006


please excuse from school
Posted by Rylee Cole  in  25 Mechanic St.  on  Tue Apr 10, 2007  at  02:50 PM
I need a note that says i was provideing home health care for my stepdad from the 2nd through the 10th of april 2007. thanks!!

Posted by John  in  work  on  Wed Apr 11, 2007  at  06:34 PM
i need doc note saying i was in emergency room on 4-20-07 and can return to work saturday 4-21-07
Posted by angela  in  unted states  on  Fri Apr 20, 2007  at  03:53 PM
i need a doctors note for yesterday and the next which are 4-21-07 and 4-22-07. i found out my friend died and in order to get off i have to be sick with a doctors note. i told them i was vommitting.
Posted by Tara  in  amarillo texas  on  Sat Apr 21, 2007  at  11:35 PM
i had pink eye
Posted by felix  on  Mon Apr 23, 2007  at  02:22 PM
strep throat may return to work immediatley
Posted by phillip schmahl  in  florida  on  Thu May 24, 2007  at  07:06 PM
i need an excuse for sunday june 3, 2007 for being in the emergency room
Posted by ashley flake  in  las vegas nevada  on  Mon Jun 04, 2007  at  06:41 PM
i need an excuse for work for the last week and also next week, if i could have both weeks at the same time. I thank you oh and just say i had an allergic reaction to some nuts. Thanks really
Posted by Red Ruffinsore  on  Mon Jun 04, 2007  at  08:30 PM
no wait drop the nuts and just say it was prunes. Thats sortof true anyway. Allergic from prunes that works. Thanks sorry I changed my mind
Posted by Red Ruffinsore  on  Mon Jun 04, 2007  at  08:39 PM
you know what drop the nuts dump the prunes and just say I had a two week case of the 24 hour flu for like 14 days. cool
Posted by Red Ruffinsore  on  Mon Jun 04, 2007  at  08:43 PM
i want a fake doctors note FOR FREE!!!!!!!! angry
Posted by sexy mama  on  Mon Sep 17, 2007  at  10:24 AM
need a doc exuse for 2 days stomach pain
Posted by Joel  in  Houston texas  on  Mon Sep 24, 2007  at  12:51 AM
I need an excuse sayin i was at the emergency room with my daughter october 20, 2007
Posted by Tiffany  in  Columbus ohio  on  Sat Oct 20, 2007  at  09:38 AM
Where can I get a fake doctors note for FREE!!! I'm desperate HELP PLEASE!!!
Posted by Virgo  in  P.A  on  Fri Nov 09, 2007  at  06:15 AM
:D HeLooOoOoOOoo
Posted by Jessie  in  England Derbushire  on  Sun Dec 09, 2007  at  10:07 AM
The best notes I've seen are at

They got me out of work and school last Tuesday
Posted by Dr. EZ Street  on  Wed Jan 02, 2008  at  05:58 PM
can not participate in swim class due to an ear infection
Posted by sati  in  summit il  on  Fri Jan 25, 2008  at  09:50 PM
im reall sick and need doctors note for today and tomorrow
Posted by Barbara Bond  in  Tomball  on  Mon Feb 25, 2008  at  12:22 PM
This is to funny, who would spend money on a fake doctors note for one or two days? This is only common since, we have all been to a Doctor and recieved an excuse for you or your children. All you need to do is go onto Microsoft Word and use the postcard template #3263 or #3381 along with the many fonts, if you have an old Doctors note to copy from great if not, open the phone book and look up Doctors you will find all the information needed for your excuse.I have done this many time for myself and other people, just remember the Doctors signature is in script and hard to read go threw your fonts and use the best one and reminds you of a doctors handwriting.
Posted by Fake Doctor Notes  on  Sun Mar 16, 2008  at  06:15 AM
i need a sick note to my working place in Zambia,say am in the hospital, because i was involved in an accident on 8/19/08.

i need to be off for 50 days and how can i get this note today 8/3/8 i have to fax it to Africa.

Please reply asap.
Posted by conrad handiya  in  30338 Atlanta GA U.S.A  on  Wed Sep 03, 2008  at  10:14 AM
I stumbled upon this site at which explaining about FREE and PAID fake doctor note.

The free one is more suitable for those doing a research or just an entertainment purpose only. While, for those who really need a looks real high quality fake doctor note like Amy, you have no choice, you have to buy it. I've bought it once from that site and it works like a charm!
Posted by Joe Average  on  Wed Oct 08, 2008  at  07:24 AM
Katie will no longer be attending my councelling sessions during school, please excuse her for her absences on the Tuesday school time she has missed. Katie will continue her councelling on a different date.
Posted by Katie McManus  in  Auckland, New Zealand  on  Mon Mar 09, 2009  at  05:11 PM
I need a doctors note for two weeks january 18 to february 15 thanks
Posted by Angie  in  amarillo  on  Tue Jan 19, 2010  at  06:26 AM
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