The Con Artist Hall of Infamy

A new site debuted three days ago: The Con Artist Hall of Infamy. It's tagline is:

Finally there is a place to induct the champions of greed and deception.

As interesting as the site itself is the fact that it's being bankrolled by two billionaires, Warren Hellman and Arthur Rock, who decided that there needed to be a site devoted to offering the big picture on fraudsters and con artists.

Billionaires with an interest in promoting knowledge about the history of deception! In my fantasies someone like that offers to bankroll the Museum of Hoaxes. Unfortunately, in reality the only people who ever contact me with offers of large sums of money are Nigerian bankers.


Posted on Sun Jul 05, 2009


Is there a problem with Nigerian bankers?

In other news, I just heard something happened to Michael Jackson. What's that all about?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Jul 06, 2009  at  12:27 AM
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