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The Case Of The $54 Million Trousers (NOT a Nancy Drew Mystery)
If you thought that Sarah Palin's (alleged) $150,000 wardrobe was excessive, consider the concept of pants worth $54 million bucks:

Washington Post
Posted by Cranky Media Guy on Sat Oct 25, 2008

Fifty-four dollars million bucks?
Posted by Carl Fink  on  Sat Oct 25, 2008  at  04:05 PM
Man, won't this guy EVER give up?
Posted by coit  on  Sun Oct 26, 2008  at  12:28 AM
He's just like any other guy. He puts his pants on $27 million at a time.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sun Oct 26, 2008  at  05:19 AM
Not this guy again! If I had an expensive item lost at the drycleaners I could see suing in order to recoup the loss so I could buy a new one, but this guy is crazy.
Posted by Mimzy  in  Houghton  on  Tue Oct 28, 2008  at  05:12 PM
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