The Ashera Cat

image Want to own a leopard? That probably wouldn't be legal, but for $22,000 you can have the next best thing. A company called Lifestyle Pets is selling what it claims is a cross between an African Serval, an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat. So it's like a smaller, tamer version of a leopard. They call this cat an Ashera. Their product page says, "Fully socialized, the Ashera gets along well with children and other pets and unusually for cats, the Ashera takes well to being walked on a leash."

At first when I saw the Lifestyle Pets website, I thought it was some kind of elaborate hoax in the vein of GenPets. But the Ashera seems to be real. At least, it's being widely reported in the news. And these cats look big! (Well, big for cats.) I don't think any other cats in the neighborhood would mess with them. Not many dogs would either, I would bet. It would look pretty cool walking one of these cats around the neighborhood, but for $22,000 they're a bit out of my price range.


Posted on Mon Jun 04, 2007


much appreciated. back to the cats. i apologize for any 'de-railing' of the thread i was involved in.
Posted by sean  in  san diego  on  Tue Jun 12, 2007  at  02:49 PM
Even if this cat was bred a little different then a savannah, it claims up to 30 pounds. Savannahs with f1-f2 generations have weighed more then this, so the sites claims that it is the largest hybrid feline available is a lie as well. Plus you can often get savannah with the cool serval looking ears. Save your money, buy savannahs (i got an f4 kitten) or better yet, if you have childen get an f3 generation or lower and save your children.
Posted by babyj69  on  Mon Oct 15, 2007  at  10:23 PM
I like the big cat. Its very big like a mountain.
Posted by Michael  in  Portsmouth U.K  on  Thu Nov 01, 2007  at  09:21 AM
Have a look a the true breeders
Posted by Craig  in  Liverpool England  on  Tue Nov 06, 2007  at  07:55 AM
These cats should NOT be in captivity. For the latest studies on post traumatic stress syndrome in captive animals AND humans exposed to stress, visit Click on the gold heart on the home page to get to the section about PTSD and learn a lot.
Posted by Petey  on  Fri Nov 23, 2007  at  10:09 AM
Living with a hybrid cat (as is a Savannah) is not much different than living with any other cats. If a kitten is well socialized and loved and healthy it reacts as a normal cat would to a family and home.

The Ashera, in my opinion, is a Savannah, it could be registered as one with the The International Cat Assn. with a BIG price tag.

Nothing new or innovative about crossing the Serval to a cat with Asian Leopard background, I have a houseful of them. They use the litterbox, eat cat food like any other cat.
Posted by KRISTINE CHRISTENSEN ALESSIO, ESQ.  in  La Mesa, CA  on  Fri Nov 23, 2007  at  07:49 PM
i want a kitty like that lols XD
Posted by Betty  on  Sat Dec 01, 2007  at  08:45 PM
Iv been looking into Big domestic cats since i first found out about them a year ago, it looks to me like the Savannah cats have bigger ears and grow to be slightly smaller then the Ashera cats? but all the posts i have seen are saying that they are the same breed...
Posted by manda  in  Australia  on  Mon Jan 28, 2008  at  02:06 AM
The size of the Savannah is impressive, and it seems identical to the "Ashera" except in price. I wouldn't want to strain myself scooping the litter box of something that huge, so I have a 10 pound Bengal. She's a cross between the Asian Leopard Cat and domestic breeds, very loyal and exotic to behold. I spent $250 (cheap for a Bengal but exorbitant for me) because I wanted a spotted cat and couldn't afford an Egyptian Mau or Ocicat. Her fur and body remind me of an Abyssinian, another breed I love. If I had it to do over again, I'd look for a Bengal or other desirable breed from a shelter instead. My other cats are rescued "mutts" and bring me oodles of joy. I urge anyone considering spending $22,000 on an Ashera to get a Savannah instead and donate the savings to the Humane Society or homeless people. Don't be a sucker for status symbols.
Posted by NotEnoughHomes4ThemAll  in  Illinois  on  Sun Feb 03, 2008  at  12:06 PM
Ok i bought the Ashera Gd in 2006 i love it , even though i got it a round christmas time 0f 2007 but it was worth the wait. i got the Royal Ashera GHD and it came to the local airport i picked it up and brought it home it was a good cat and already house traind.
Posted by Lauren  on  Mon May 26, 2008  at  09:24 AM
I'm not trying to derail or condemn, but if you want a large spotted cat that's only a fraction of the cost of the so-called Ashera (which is just a repackaged Savannah), then definitely buy a Savannah. I'm not a breeder, but I have one. I also have a standard spotted tabby that needed a home. She's beautiful too, but there is definitely a difference in appearance, size and personality (and cost... she was free). My Savannah was worth every hundred. (Certainly not worth 22 of them though.) Currently, a Savannah Cat is the most affordable option for owning a wild looking cat that has a personality of a domestic dog. So why not buy a dog? Well, I have one of those too. I just like the look of wild cats. And no, they are no more dangerous than any other pet of that size. Take care of them, trim their nails, and of course don't abuse them. Same as any pet.
Posted by Brenda  in  Illinois  on  Sun Oct 19, 2008  at  09:27 AM
Well.. I'm sorry to say that but every time i see a cat, adrenaline just pumps into my blood :$... I wonder how anyome could get to raise a Leopard.. sounds cool and horrific raspberry
Posted by wrinkle cream  in  New York  on  Fri Oct 31, 2008  at  05:17 PM
If the Ashera is the combination of an F1 female Bengal and an African Serval, it would not be a hoax. F1 Bengals are very different from domestic Bengals. Due to being Bengal x Asian Leopard cat, an F1 is typically at least 62% Asian Leopard cat. If this is the case, an Ashera would definitely not be the same as an F1 Savannah created by crossing a domestic Bengal with an African Serval. The word "domestic" is the key.
Posted by Spots-Gone-Wild  in  Kansas  on  Wed Nov 26, 2008  at  10:18 AM
If the Ashera is created with an F1 Bengal female(first generation Bengal out of an Asian Leopard cat) with an African Serval, it would not be a hoax, and would definitely not be the same as an F1 Savannah.
Posted by kswatcher  on  Fri Dec 05, 2008  at  09:06 PM
@kswatcher: "If the Ashera is the combination of an F1 female Bengal and an African Serval, it would not be a hoax. "
Yes, but it'll also be a very wild cat. But I think DNA tests prove that Brodie wasn't breeding cats but just buying savannahs from a breeder and reselling them.
Incidentally, I read that TICA doesn't allow bengals as outcrosses any more and the reason is that it's feared that asian leopard cat blood will mess up savannah personality. A serval is very loyal to humans it's brought up with, but Asian Leopard Cat isn't. Asian Leopard Cat blood would really mess up savannahs.

Oh, and without papers and pedigree, the cat shouldn't be sold for more than a shelter cat.
Posted by lisa  on  Sun Nov 07, 2010  at  05:06 PM
Savannahs do make wonderful pets, and I think this is one
Posted by Domestic Cat  on  Thu May 05, 2011  at  05:31 AM
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