The Almost Great Dragon Hoax

dragonA tiny dragon, pickled in formaldehyde, has been found in a garage in Oxfordshire. Its origins trace back to the 1890s when it was given to the British Natural History Museum by German scientists. Evidently the Germans were trying to play a joke on their British counterparts by getting them to believe that this tiny dragon was real. But the British didn't fall for it and threw the dragon away. Luckily someone saved it, and somehow, years later, it ended up in the Oxfordshire garage. Someone must have put a lot of work into creating the dragon, because it looks incredibly lifelike.

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Posted on Wed Jan 28, 2004


The BBC are now reporting the original hoax was a hoax. A meta-hoax?
Posted by Antony Helliwell  on  Mon Mar 29, 2004  at  03:29 AM
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