Testicle-Biting Danish Fish

It's true that a South American pacu, sporting "big crushing teeth," was caught recently off the coast of Denmark. But Professor Peter Rask Moller said he was only joking when he warned that these fish often attack male reproductive organs, mistaking them for tree nuts, and he regrets that the news release featuring his warning generated such concern.

The reality is that pacus are vegetarian and there's no record of them attacking a human. But maybe Prof. Moller was only kinda joking, because he added, "I still will keep my swimsuits tied up, and I will never swim in an aquarium with these fishes."

Warning over testicle-biting fish in Denmark? It's all wet

(CNN) -- It is safe to go back into the water again -- at least in Scandinavia. A warning over the weekend for male swimmers off the coast of Denmark and Sweden to protect their private parts because of a testicle-munching fish appears to have been a joke that got out of hand.


Posted on Mon Aug 19, 2013


Well, that's weird.
I'm from Brazil and there's a lot of pacu fish here and I've never heard about something like that.
That fish kinda looks like a piranha, so that might be it.
Posted by Munique  on  Mon Aug 19, 2013  at  01:38 PM
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