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Teddy Tour Berlin, run by Karsten Morschett and Thomas Vetsch, cater for those who can't themselves afford to tour the German capital, but want the next best thing.

Expatica.com reports that customers send their teddies and the payment details to the company, who then take the bears around sites such as Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Olympic Stadium, and remnants of the Berlin Wall.

At each site, the visiting teddy is photographed in a snappy pose.

"They aren't photo-montages either," Morschett stresses. "We actually take the teddies to these places and pose them as stylishly as possible, just as their owners would want us to do."

If you want to send your ursine friend to Berlin, it will set you back between $25 and $150 for the deluxe tour.

Morschett and Vetsch say they both admire teddies as "a kind of soft art form" and that they take pains to ensure that their travelogue photos are stylish and not simply vacation snapshots.

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Posted on Wed Aug 16, 2006


Seems like a silly way to spend one's money, but everyone has hobbies.

It also sounds like a great business idea, as long as the photos aren't taken inside of museums, etc, for which you'd have to pay admission and get camera permissions. Hmmmm.
Posted by cvirtue  on  Wed Aug 16, 2006  at  12:32 PM
Now if the $25 includes the international shipping, it might be a good deal.

Pretty clever idea though.

I wonder if they'd do garden gnomes. . .
Posted by JoeDaJuggler  in  St. Louis, MO  on  Wed Aug 16, 2006  at  04:03 PM
Amelie has no comment.
Posted by Straight Outta Lynwood  on  Wed Aug 16, 2006  at  06:26 PM
Perhaps Teddy-bears and Gnomes together... on the same trip...the possibilities are endless.
Posted by stork  in  the spiracles of space  on  Wed Aug 16, 2006  at  11:13 PM
I wonder if my puppet Fuzz the Wonder Raccoon would be able to participate in this, or if he'd be discriminated against due to species? He does have a long history of travel, having visited every continent and even gone up on the Space Shuttle once. A Berlin tour would be just his sort of thing.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Wed Aug 16, 2006  at  11:34 PM
I did a similar thing once but I was actually on holiday as well. I had a teddy backpack and I took him everywhere with me when we went down south. I have photo's of him at The Valley of the Giants tree top walk, getting pissed in Preverley, playing cricket on the beach and at one of the caves.
Posted by Nettie  in  Perth, Western Australia  on  Thu Aug 17, 2006  at  05:56 AM
This is actually a really cute idea. I don't think *I* would want to spend that sort of money, but heck, if someone said, "Hey, here's an extra $100 for nothing..." It might be fun.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Thu Aug 17, 2006  at  07:43 AM
Aw. I have two teddy bears and I think it would be kind of fun to send them on tour. But that's too expensive for me.
Posted by Sakano  in  Ohio  on  Thu Aug 17, 2006  at  08:09 AM
Oh also, I don't think your raccoon would be discriminated against, Accipiter. On their site they have pictures of other stuffed animals too. I saw a hippo and a rabbit.
Posted by Sakano  in  Ohio  on  Thu Aug 17, 2006  at  08:11 AM
meh they got the idea of amielie, in that movie theres this whole subplot about how ameile gets her friend who is a air stewardess to fly around her fathers garden gnome and take photos of him in front of famous momuments...

still cute tho
Posted by joodd  on  Sun Aug 20, 2006  at  06:01 AM
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