Ted Jesus Christ GOD

image Ted Kurts is a humble guy. All he asks is that you recognize that he's the Messiah and the second coming of Jesus Christ. You doubt his claim? You want proof? Then check out his photo to the right. Doesn't he look eerily like certain portrayals of Christ? What better proof could you ask for? Oh, and please don't refer to him as Ted Kurts. It's Ted Jesus Christ God, to you. When I come across sites like this it's hard to know if they're supposed to be taken seriously or not. I kinda suspect Ted is serious. Or maybe not. Who knows. But Ted Jesus Christ God says that anyone who links to his site will be blessed, so if he does turn out to be the real thing, then I've got my bases covered.


Posted on Wed Mar 17, 2004


If this so called Jesus was true, he wouldn't post it on the internet. I mean, If I was Jesus and had to show everyone, I'd show the whole world by DOING something, not making a completely un-belivable website with only the american and the israeli flag. I do think Jesus would know there are more countries than that. If he is the messiah, start healing some sick people!
Posted by Max  in  UK  on  Mon Aug 02, 2004  at  04:23 AM
I used to work as a case worker for folks with mental illness and TJCG's site reminds me of the stream of thought that I experienced with a lot of my clients. It's is almost like he is having all these thoughts and he wants to get them out so fast that they are very poorly organized and incoherant. Also, many people suffering from schizophrenia have delusions of granduer, and I even had a client who truly believed he was Jesus. I feel sorry for this gentleman b/c I believe he needs some assistance that he isn't currently receiving.
Posted by Josh  on  Thu Aug 05, 2004  at  10:30 PM
Hey, Harry, get a grip, man.

I started out by feeling sorry for Mr. TJCG. He is very clearly a deeply disturbed, mentally challenged individual. This messiah complex has evidently taken over his life. But at least he is providing entertainment to the masses by going public with it all.

But then my sympathy was redirected to poor saps like Harry who profess to have once believed in Christianity and now obviously are spending their lives researching everything that is wrong with the Christian faith and its teachings and now have to spread their new-found "wisdom" everywhere they can.

Harry, if this is how you really feel, that the Christian teachings are all bunk - fine. But then move on with your life, pal, and go out and live it. Spending your life's energy this way is unhealthy and sad. A waste of time in the pursuit of something, or the burial of it, is a waste of time either way. You and TJCG are rowing on the opposite sides of the same, sad boat. Twirling in circles on the same, pathetic sea.
Posted by Mike  in  Richmond, VA, USA  on  Thu Aug 12, 2004  at  02:48 PM
The scary part is that this guy writes in third person. Don't you hate that?
Posted by Alyce  in  Germany  on  Mon Aug 16, 2004  at  03:07 PM
Alex thinks it's creepy when people write about themselves in third person.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Aug 16, 2004  at  03:26 PM
We don't even know what Jesus really looked like! And when he comes,this world system will come to an end! AMEN! This man is another fake, i guarantee my salvation on that!
Posted by reality  on  Wed Aug 18, 2004  at  12:59 PM
Anyone who actually believes this guy to be Jesus,get real!!!I
Posted by Evey  in  Sweden  on  Thu Sep 02, 2004  at  04:02 PM
"Ted will let you in CLOSE and then KILL you if this is in SELF DEFENSE or capture you and hand cuff you and citizen arrest you and turn you over to authorities."
somehow I don't think the real Son would be that viscious sounding. God is Love, God would never say things like that. Nor would he be so incoherent. Maybe I should offer to introduce him to one of my old therapists?

Much Love,
Posted by pyrotheevilplatypus  on  Mon Sep 20, 2004  at  10:04 PM
I think Ted sounds like a rather evil person if you should judge him from his website,I don
Posted by Evey  on  Wed Sep 22, 2004  at  05:43 AM

If He is Jesus, then I'm the Virgin Mary.

Jesus is in Heaven rolling his eyes right now at that lunatic.
Posted by MM  in  NY, NY  on  Sun Oct 03, 2004  at  12:39 PM
wow, what a waste of time...
Oh well it provided amusment for 5 minutes(=
Posted by Regan-  on  Fri Oct 08, 2004  at  07:44 PM
...He does look like certain portrayals of Christ, but one look at the way he writes on his site instantly banishes ANY doubt that this guy's a fake.
Posted by Mewtaila  in  Happy Place, Free Country USA  on  Mon Oct 25, 2004  at  11:31 PM
jesus was black

wasn't he
Posted by jo  on  Fri Oct 29, 2004  at  08:25 PM
Wow... Aimee who is known as Aimee M and is known as Aimee Marie and is Known as Hippy Chick thinks she believes Him. He must Be The Real. When He spoke of being Assassinated or Killed or Captured and Abducted or Tortured or Tortured to Death with Satanists with Bondage, He aknowledged that He wouldn't Be able to Update his website. Thankfully Aimee M and is known as Aimee Marie and is Known as Hippy Chick HEARD the WORD of him and made 400 DVDs of His archived pages so that billions of years from now, EVERYONE WILL KNOW!!!!

That was fun. Arent there places to put people like him? Like on his own island where he can wait for a comet to come by?
Posted by aimeemarie  on  Tue Nov 02, 2004  at  08:17 PM
My favorite part is "TJC is more valuable than a radio telescope" with picture of same.
Posted by J  on  Fri Nov 12, 2004  at  12:10 AM
Ted Jesus Christ God? Helller!!!!! Better check the sanity of this guy before it's too late! Advise him to try other forms of businesses. His strategy is obsolete!
Posted by crue  on  Tue Nov 16, 2004  at  09:04 PM
I will bet you that when you get the cd, it's a Word doc with a link right to his website. Maybe one of those "free" AOL promos in there too. I wonder if the asylum he is in minds him being on the computer so much. We should get a group of people together to email him and tell him that we are Sadistic Satanists and we know where he lives and we are going to track him down and fullfill his "prophacy" (sp?)... I guess as long as he is being a freak on the internet, he doesnt have time to go out and harass the real world. I guess Ill let him be.
Posted by aimeemarie  on  Wed Nov 17, 2004  at  03:53 PM
He's likely crazy, but what is equally crazy are some of the responses.

Harry made some valid logical points and was attacked and beaten up by quite a few.

Harry, your a good guy swimming uphill with some of these folks.
Posted by er  on  Thu Nov 25, 2004  at  10:56 PM
I don
Posted by JOSE GALINDO  in  lima-PER  on  Fri Dec 03, 2004  at  04:51 PM
It's funny how this guy contradicts what god stands for. An easy example is, well, everything... (litteraly). Lol, if you go to table of contents and click on "more of the 100% truth" then it takes you to a blank page. If someone posted this already then I'm sorry.
Posted by Andrew  on  Sat Dec 04, 2004  at  12:47 AM
I didn't even bother to check out the website of this man, I know he's not Jesus. That said, the site itself is not a hoax if you all saw it... this site being dedicated to hoaxes means that the end has been achieved in that the decision has been made one way or the other.
I read all of the posts by different people and it's clear that this is yet another forum being used to push either one side or the other in the matter of Jesus.
I am a believer in Jesus, I am a born-again, spirit-filled christian. Harry, this is for you... To be born again does not mean that you are filled with the Holy Spirit, as evidenced by the apostles, they were "born again" when Jesus breathed on them after rising from the dead. They were "Filled with the Holy Spirit" in Acts chapter 2 on Pentecost, 50 days after Passover. The events are two seperate things, just so you know.
Amy, you made some statements about Harry that did seem to be taken out of context with what he said. I know it seems like you have to defend Jesus, but we don't have to make any apologies for Him, those who truly seek will find Him, and if Harry "unfound" Him then it may be that he never truly foud Him in the first place. Believing in Jesus takes a lot of faith, and for those who need proof, faith is out of the question. I'll write more to you all at a later date...

Posted by JudiCB  in  Houston, TX  on  Wed Dec 15, 2004  at  03:17 AM
i mean the name alone will crack you up
"Ted Jesus Christ God"
and read the stuff he wrote in his site, this guy sounds like he hasn't passed grade 2
and how could he say not all of the bible is true, how the hell did he figure that out?!! i say if u dont believe one part of the bible, how can u believe the rest?!!
Posted by Pablo  in  canada  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  02:00 AM
Stupid people, stupid idea, stupid money.
Posted by Roy Daniel DSilva  on  Wed Dec 29, 2004  at  03:21 AM
Personally I think it's all very very very very very convincing. Clive believes, bought the CDs and even a T-shirt from TJCG, who invited him for dinner and fed him raw Lion-of-Judah flesh.
Posted by Clive  in  France  on  Wed Jan 12, 2005  at  01:22 PM
Has anyone thought of proving he is NOT the messiah? Did they not believe him the first time and thought he was insane? Just thought I'd toss that out there even though I'm a nonbeliever.
Posted by Jeff  in  CA  on  Tue Mar 08, 2005  at  12:03 PM
I'm still wondering wether this man is either trying to be funny, or simply a lunatic who actually believes that he is God.
My friend and I have recently been browsing through his list of religious commandments which include "Do not cut off the balls of any man that is called castration" and "Do not mickey anyone's drink" and it seems to me as though this man is genuinely insane.
I also am personally offended by a statement made by Ted's site which said that if I don't accept Ted as my savior, I will go to Hell. as a Jew, I have seen and heard far too many statements like that, so I'd like to state my beliefs on who goes to heaven/hell and I hope that you can see things my way: No matter which religion you follow, as long as you are a good, honest human being, your soul will rise to Heaven when you die. whichever God is real will definitely understand that those who are of other religions didn't know better than to worship the God(s) they were raised to believe in.
Please reply, and Ted be with you (how can he be Jesus and God? i'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure they're seperate beings..................)
Posted by Yaakov Yisrael  on  Sat Mar 26, 2005  at  09:36 PM
hey Ted, I have some problems with one of my family members. He thinks hes the second Jesus Christ too. I need some advice to believe about this. How did you know you were? He says hes seen him and talked to him. But i cant believe him, because he doesnt sleep a lot. But he said that Jesus made him write scriptures, and that the Armageddon is coming soon. I need advice! I'm scared for him..thanx
Posted by Nikki  on  Sun Apr 17, 2005  at  09:39 PM
The most bizarre thing about "Ted Jesus Christ GOD" is the fact that he hasn't been committed.

I'm no psychologist but it doesn't take a genius to work out that this guy has a textbook case of paranoid schizophrenia. For Example:

"What PROVES that Ted is not making this up? That many Media Messages were and are getting done mostly in PRIME TIME in the USA and if you are OBSERVANT you can see them and hear them for yourself".

He even says that he was prescribed drugs but "the visions and voices continued", he claims that this means they're spiritual and not mental. Perhaps the scariest thing is the way he starts having delusions as he writes.

Check this page out: http://www.tedjesuschristgod.org/First7YearTJCG WritingsWithNoSecurityChanges/tjcgttb/tjcgttb_photoalbum3.htm

I hope that someone is looking after him or knows that he's completely lost the plot because this doesn't look like it'll get better before it gets worse
Posted by Nate  in  Australia  on  Fri Jun 10, 2005  at  02:11 AM
You guys are really racist.
Who cares what he looks like Jesus could have taken over his body and is slowly chnging it to his previous form.
I am a true believer in Ted for he may be crazy but truth spills from his mouth and we should all follow him and when he runs for president(if Bush can't find a way to stay in) we should all help him rise in power to reclaim civilization.
Posted by Ted  in  KY  on  Mon Jul 03, 2006  at  04:34 PM
Ok, so Ted now has a YouTube account...
Posted by mistyrayne  in  home  on  Sat Sep 23, 2006  at  01:17 AM
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