Tank Silencer

Here's another photo that's doing the rounds on the internet. It's captioned 'Tank Silencer'. I have no idea what this device is actually used for, but somehow I don't think it's a tank silencer. So this would be a case of 'real picture, false caption.' Click image for larger version. (via Hell in a Handbasket) image

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Posted on Tue Nov 30, 2004


No, that really *IS* a tank silencer. It was constructed by the Rheinmetall corporation so that tanks at gunnery ranges in Germany wouldn't disrupt residental communities nearby (a lot of the bases and training facilities were built during the cold war, with the main concern being the red horde coming across the Fulda Gap and not the citizens nearby).
Posted by Anon  on  Tue Nov 30, 2004  at  02:21 AM
BTW, that isn't actually a tank. It's a self-propelled artillery vehicle. You can tell by the turret size and shape, position at the rear of the vehicle, and the elevation of the gun. SP's generally carry bigger guns than tanks, hence a bigger "boom," and thus the apparent silencer.
Posted by Frederick J. Barnett  on  Tue Nov 30, 2004  at  09:55 AM
looks kinda perverted
Posted by me  on  Tue Nov 30, 2004  at  10:20 AM
Why camo a piece of equipment at a ffiring range?
Posted by Mo  on  Tue Nov 30, 2004  at  03:33 PM
haha the camo won't do much good considering it's the size of a doublewide
Posted by John  on  Tue Nov 30, 2004  at  04:18 PM
I saw this photo a long time ago and sent it to my Marine brother in law. He said it was a practice device to keep noise down just as Frederick J. Barnett and Anon described.
Posted by gunner  on  Tue Nov 30, 2004  at  06:29 PM
twig and berries a la camouflage. tank silence'her.
Posted by visitingjoke  on  Tue Nov 30, 2004  at  06:29 PM
It's about time somebody came up with a tank silencer. Those things are darned noisy, even when they aren't shooting.
Now we need an SUV silencer.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Tue Nov 30, 2004  at  06:48 PM
SUV is noisy? This is new to me. You just imagine things. What are really noisy - little "Latino-style" Hondas.
Posted by Loxx  on  Wed Dec 01, 2004  at  01:34 PM
Last time I checked, Hondas were Japanese.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Wed Dec 01, 2004  at  01:55 PM
Loxx meant to say Latinos are the ones who trick out the Hondas. But he's got a point, people put the fattest mufflers on old-school Hondas and Acuras just to make it noisy as hell... They think they're so badass because because their farting cuntmobile is noisy! Either they're insecure about their sexuality, or they have a small penis. Someone really needs to dosomething about it, like make a law.
Posted by John  on  Wed Dec 01, 2004  at  03:42 PM
and It's just not latinos who do it! I've seen white boys in street racing hondas.
Posted by John  on  Wed Dec 01, 2004  at  03:49 PM
I apologize for my sophomoric remarks
Posted by John  on  Thu Dec 02, 2004  at  04:51 PM
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Posted by X-Ray  on  Tue Dec 14, 2004  at  08:57 AM
Hi, leider reichen meine Englischk
Posted by wolfrevo  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  08:08 AM
Definitely perverted!
Posted by Jack M. Eoff  on  Sat Sep 10, 2005  at  12:30 PM
Its Not a Tank Its a Artillery Vehicle! Like someone said Above o And it went from a Tank silencer toa Honda WTF?? lol 🐍
Posted by CapETan  on  Tue Oct 03, 2006  at  10:07 AM
Wrong! That vehicle is just pimped by MTV.
Posted by ME  on  Sun Apr 22, 2007  at  01:09 PM
Shut up nerds its a tank to normal people, just because you sit outside military bases with some paper towels and some binoculars, shagging the nearest soldier just to find out the name of their new TANK.
Posted by jimmy  on  Sat Jul 28, 2007  at  08:28 AM
it's a artillary vehichle just like fredderick said. i dunno if that fucking huge thing that looks like a penis is a silencer or not but i does half look cool!
Posted by sean  on  Sat Oct 13, 2007  at  06:05 AM
That is not a silencer. Silencers must cover the barrel as they do on pistols. But that thing is spaced from the artillery's barrel. "So what is it then", you may ask. When enemy aircraft tries to shoot down that artillery, he see a big "pFUCK you" on ground. That's what it is. It's a swearing equipment. Hell, the enemy aircraft may take a few rounds in sky and take some pictures for analysis by the time which they will shoot him down. So, its a swearing machine and also a mind interceptor.
Posted by rezz  on  Wed Jul 09, 2008  at  12:48 PM
why does it look like a stubby wang?
Posted by donkeydong  on  Thu Apr 23, 2009  at  07:39 PM
You are all wrong. It's a new way to launch Hubble kind telescopes. The painting is to avoid to recover the sat' if launching fails (and ask for a new space shuttle mission to NASA).
Posted by Wizz  on  Tue Jun 23, 2009  at  05:11 PM
It is a silencer - the barrel of the AS90 155mm SP Artillery piece is longer than it appears and goes well into the silencer.

Why is it there? so it can be fired for testing on a range without upsetting locals too much.

Why is it camouflaged? To make it less obvious from the air and also because that is the kind of paint we tend to have a lot of.
Posted by LordManley  on  Fri May 25, 2012  at  04:55 AM
So, you just brush on the camo paint and it makes that camo pattern? 😉

Self-propelled artillery vehicle... or tank. Ya know... it's an armoured vehicle on tracks. It shoots a big gun and has guys inside. It looks like a tank. It's built like a tank. Therefore, it's a friggin' tank. With a big gun!
Posted by bubba J  on  Wed Feb 20, 2013  at  11:39 AM
No, a tank and a self propelled gun are very different things. That is an AS90 Self Propelled 155mm howitzer. The kinds of paint we have a lot of are olive drab, brown and black and that is what makes DPM.

Given that I have provided the answer and you now know, I am a little confused as to why you are banging on about it.
Posted by LordManley  on  Wed Feb 20, 2013  at  05:07 PM
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