Talk To The Dead

Charlotte Paru writes in an email:

"Please let's leave the dead be."

A fascinating comment turned up on a new web site by Nicole Zapruder, who has been "communicating with the dead since she was 4 years old." People aren't disputing her ability; they're asking her not to share the technique on the internet.
"All peoples of earth posess this natural ability," Nicole counters, adding that her site comes with a detailed warning. ("Do not contact any dead person who may have negative feelings toward you...")

Nicole Zapruder's technique of talking with the dead involves something called the "Grey Walter - Berger Construct." Based on the video on the site, this entails looking into a stroboscopic light while a guy with a British accent repeatedly says "Look into the light."

But based on the high number of references the site makes to the recent movie The Orphanage, I'm guessing the entire site is, in fact, guerrilla marketing for that movie. So I'm playing right into their hands by posting about it, but I like horror movies, so I'm willing to give them some free publicity.

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Posted on Sun May 11, 2008


There's no real trick in talking to the dead. The trick is getting the dead to talk to YOU.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon May 12, 2008  at  01:35 AM
Well if it's for The Orphange, I'll let her off! Del Toro is a good director and by chance I was watching The Devil's Backbone last ight, which was good.
Posted by mr royale  on  Mon May 12, 2008  at  04:36 AM
Del Toro was not the director of The Orphanage. The Director was J.A. Bayona.
Posted by Enrique  in  Brussels  on  Tue May 13, 2008  at  02:22 AM
The site is indeed a viral for the launch of "The Orphanage" in Australia.

I looked up their domain registry and service, and it is hosted by an online ad agency.
Posted by Mori  in  Brazil  on  Fri May 16, 2008  at  01:26 AM
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