Swami Sleeps on Fire

Maybe this guy is wearing an asbestos robe. From the Times of India:

When even a match stick singes the skin, is it possible for a human being to lie on fire for four hours, fully clothed and emerge unscathed, body and robe? Even fall asleep in the process? Ramababu Swamiji, 80, from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu,ostensibly did precisely that on Sunday morning when he slept on a homa fire and prayed for the well-being of the society, say his devotees at the Ghanagapur village in northern Karnataka.

And here's some video of the guy. It looks like he's lying next to the fire, not directly on it, but at one point you can see his robe catch fire.


Posted on Wed Nov 18, 2009


It could be like firewalking: he doesn't lie down on a part that actually has roaring flames coming up from it, but instead where it has died down and is covered in an insulating layer of ash. As long as he was careful not to disturb the ash, it would just be a bit warm. And his robe would help to smother any sparks.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Thu Nov 19, 2009  at  03:57 PM
I don't care if that is a asbestos robe, and he is covered in anti-burn gel, what he does in the video is dangerous and pretty impressive.
Posted by Daniel  on  Fri Nov 20, 2009  at  07:51 AM
After watching the video several times, it loks to me like he spends some of the time just bathed in smoke, but there are long periods when it lks as if he is, indeed, bathed (at least partially) in flames. There were several short clips during the video where his robe was burning! Ouch.

Looks pretty real to me. 😕
Posted by daveprime  in  Deep in the sticks...*yay internet!!*  on  Tue Nov 24, 2009  at  02:28 AM
A lot of smoke or steam seems to come out of his robes at one point - I wonder whether they were soaked in water? A stiff cloth wouldn't sag if it was wet. Or he might have some wet undergarment.
Posted by Mr Henderson  on  Wed Dec 02, 2009  at  03:05 PM
thanks for the information dude
Posted by kadın  on  Thu Sep 09, 2010  at  04:02 PM
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