Surf Rage

image Last week British journalists were all abuzz about the 'surf rage' phenomenon: vigilante Cornish surfers waging a kind of guerrilla war against out-of-town surfers. One group calling itself Locals Only! had a website in which it proclaimed it would use harassment and force to defend its surfing spots. But now a bunch of marketing and journalism students have declared that they invented the whole 'surf rage' concept to hoax the media (which, of course, willingly took the bait). The media is now backpedaling, admitting that the Locals Only! group may have been a hoax, but insisting that the surf rage phenomenon itself is real.

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Posted on Tue Nov 23, 2004


This story was no doubt exaggerated, but surfers being hostile to outsiders is nothing new.
Many of them are highly territorial about "their" beaches and "their" waves, and not at all welcoming to newcomers. Southern California surfers, among others, have a reputation for this.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Wed Nov 24, 2004  at  01:22 PM
The water is warm enough to go swimming in Britain? They must have to wear wetsuits.
Posted by John  on  Wed Nov 24, 2004  at  05:22 PM
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