Superbowl Overexposure

image Half of America saw Justin Timberlake 'accidentally' expose part of Janet Jackson's breast on live tv during the Superbowl halftime show. But now a great controversy is sweeping over the internet. Was the exposure really an accident? Or was it planned and staged? Matt Drudge is reporting that it was planned and even approved by high-level CBS officials beforehand. Plus, the accidental exposure fit in remarkably well with the lyrics of the song, which made references to getting naked before the end of the song. Finally, how exactly does one 'accidentally' rip away part of a costume? I mean, it wasn't like something got snagged. He quite purposefully reached over and grabbed her costume.

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Posted on Mon Feb 02, 2004


Aren't we forgeting about the other exposure that occurred at the end of half-time?
Posted by J  on  Mon Feb 02, 2004  at  01:52 PM
I completely missed the streaker. It would be amusing if that were staged also.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Feb 02, 2004  at  01:57 PM
It seems wearing the "star ring" around her nipple, and notice the closeup seems to show it is pierced and pinned in, would be painfull and uncomfortable under a leather bodice and dancing like she was.
Posted by gunner  on  Mon Feb 02, 2004  at  10:05 PM
It's possible that the planned exposure was to tear the leather garment away and reveal the red garment, and the accident was in grabbing both instead of just the one.
Posted by mara  on  Wed Feb 04, 2004  at  01:46 PM
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