Sultaana Freeman

The following email has been making the rounds. Someone asked me if it's real:
The Veil
By now you've heard of Sultaana Freeman. Sultaana is the Muslim convert
in Florida who is refusing to remove her veil for a driver's license
photo. So do you want to see what she looks like? Well here you go.
Sultaana with and without her veil!
sultaana freeman
Wait a minute! Doesn't that look like a mug shot on the left? Why, yes! I
think it is! I guess she was arrested! Well, as a matter of fact she was.
It happened in 1997 in Decatur, Illinois, which was after her conversion
to Islam. She was arrested for battering a foster child (religion of
peace, and all that). In 1999 she plead guilty to felony-aggravated
battery and was sentenced to 18 months probation.
By the way, since you've seen her face, you might as well know her real
name. It's Sandra Keller.
Ironic, isn't it? If Sandra/Sultaana had just gone along with the program
and allowed her face to be photographed it wouldn't now be plastered all
over the Internet. And so it goes.

Is this for real? Yes it is. Freeman's mugshot was dug up by The Smoking Gun (now owned by Court TV), which can always be counted on for digging up the dirt on people. Here's a story about it from the New York Daily News.


Posted on Wed Jun 25, 2003


Ok, I'm a muslim convert, and I've been Xposed to muslims all of my life and NONE of us have police records, and NONE of us, have ever, and never will use violence on our childeren or anyone else, so please do not assosciate this stuff with Islam, or it's follower. She's not even a proper Xample of Islam, since there's nothing in the Qur'an, sunnah, or hadith that tells women to cover that much of our bodies, I wear modest clothes and a head scarf, that's it.
Posted by Jen McDermott  on  Thu Mar 03, 2005  at  02:08 AM
Jen, you have a great point, but what is it with X's and run-on sentences?
Posted by gixie  on  Sun Nov 22, 2009  at  04:43 PM
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