Stomach Sucked In

The question here is whether the woman is sucking her stomach in, or has the picture been photoshopped? I'd vote for photoshop. Definitely. It reminds me of the 'too skinny' photos I posted a year or so ago (one of which may not be 'safe for work'). (via slowdown)

Body Manipulation Photos

Posted on Tue Apr 12, 2005


It is definatly possible to do this i can do it myself although it is hard to do. with practice i could easily recreate the picture, apart from i dont have breasts and i have a life.
Posted by piridium  in  Teesside  on  Tue Aug 30, 2005  at  09:49 AM
Ha,my friend can suck his stomach in like crazy, he could probably beat that girl, and definitely beat any of you! I bet you don't have any friends that can make their waist 3 inches, or move the center muscle in any direction they want.

(He can also crack anything! Another Ha!)
Posted by Bob  on  Tue Aug 30, 2005  at  05:41 PM
so what is the middle thing she's puffing out, how does she do that
Posted by that guy  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  02:23 AM
The middle thing is a column of muscle, NOT her digestive tract or anything. If you're really skinny, all u have to do is suck in ur stomach, flex ur abs, and just concentrate on doing that. It should naturally assume that shape.
Posted by Bob  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  09:39 PM
i'm not skinny (or heavy for that matter) and i've been able to do that since childhood. i suppose it's a form of contortionism. any of you could teach youreslves.
Posted by evild  on  Wed Oct 19, 2005  at  11:52 PM
I think it's real, Ive seen girls and guys do this at my school.
Posted by Guest  in  cape town  on  Thu Oct 20, 2005  at  06:37 AM
guaranteed this is photoshoped. you can tell by looking at the pixels on her stomach by the door and the other side of that. compare it to the pixels on the arm and you're missing a lot of definition
Posted by tasha  in  ottawa, canada  on  Fri Nov 04, 2005  at  08:44 PM
This is a yoga move. I used to be quite good at it, but doubt I could do it anymore, and doubt even more that you could tell if I did. It's called Uddiyana Bandha or Stomach Lift. I forget what it's called when you push the middle back out like that.
Posted by Chris  on  Tue Nov 15, 2005  at  10:25 PM
No it can't be. I can do the same thing, so can most of my friends. Just suck in the sides of yours and most likely you'll be able to do it also. :p....Well unless you're fat/chunky....not very thin...
Posted by Stephanie  in  Okie land  on  Wed Nov 16, 2005  at  05:42 PM
it is not photoshopped. it is a standard Yogic technique that is used to help massage the internal organs and is easy enough to do with a bit of practice.

does look weird though.

Posted by nuts  in  Australia  on  Fri Nov 18, 2005  at  12:22 AM
This photo could be real. That "sucking the stomach in" it
Posted by Sara Isidoro  in  portugal  on  Mon Dec 12, 2005  at  08:23 AM
After a little bit of trial and error, I realized I can do this too. It's extremely simple, not half as incredibly hard as many would think. It's pretty cool, too.
Posted by Bob  on  Fri Dec 16, 2005  at  02:20 PM
No, her stomach is just sucked in.
It's not photoshopped, anyone can do that.

I have a 20 inch waist to start with, so when I do that suck in/contortion trick it looks like that.
Posted by Nico  on  Sun Jan 08, 2006  at  10:17 AM
you scary Bitch why da hell would u do something like dat,dat shit is scary as fuck!!! Stupid hour bag!!
Posted by Shelly Rosa  on  Thu Jan 26, 2006  at  02:55 PM
what the hell is an hour bag?
Posted by nico  in  nico  on  Thu Jan 26, 2006  at  04:22 PM
I'm pretty skinny myself and i can do something of the sort but it's not that small where my stomach is, but if you really look at her shoulders and then look at her waist area it's pretty obvious that it's photoshopped because her shoulders are just way too big for that to happen
Posted by Meagan  in  Pittsburgh, PA  on  Thu Feb 23, 2006  at  06:01 PM
it isn't photoshopped. I can do that too. It's a matter of sucking in your stomach while flexing the muscles. Try it, you may relize that you can do it too.
Posted by ashley  on  Sun Apr 09, 2006  at  07:14 PM
this is my stomach.
This is NOT photoshopped.

My waist was 20 inches the last time i posted, now it is just over 19 inches.

so ya, anyone can do what that girl did.

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Posted by Nico  on  Mon Apr 10, 2006  at  03:28 PM
Hi, It indeed is possible.

In yoga there are various types of cleansing and energizing the system. The one in the picture is called Nauli.

We create nauli (The muscular rod shape) and rotate it from left through a circular portion to rejunevate organs associated in the abdomen.
Posted by Hari  in  New Jersey  on  Sun May 21, 2006  at  05:50 AM
i would think not because my buddy can do the same F--ked up stomach thing
Posted by NO photo  on  Wed May 24, 2006  at  11:17 AM
No, thats NOT photoshopped i could send a picture of myself doing that. Its not too hard to do but when i was little i amazed people by doing it. All you have to do is suck your stomache in and then concentrate on pushing it out with out the sides going out as well. And I'm not a stick... I'm 5' 11" and weigh 149 pounds.
Posted by Kelsey  on  Tue Dec 26, 2006  at  11:45 AM
Of Course you have to be fairly muscular to control your stomache muscles that well.
Posted by Kelsey  on  Tue Dec 26, 2006  at  11:48 AM
i can do this. my friend, too.
Posted by graelston  on  Sat Mar 03, 2007  at  04:47 PM
being as i can do this, but not as thin in the center, i dont think this is photoshpped.
this is possible if you trainn your abs.
Posted by lexxy  in  Ga  on  Tue Jul 24, 2007  at  10:19 PM
i think she has only trained the "middle abs" so that those on her sides are much weaker.. thats why only the stronger abs show when pulling her stomach.. I THINK ITS REAL (if i was skinnier mine looked like that too, and i hate it)
Posted by Kika  on  Fri Oct 26, 2007  at  10:29 AM
haha. i vote on definately real!

i can do it too! not as goood as her, cuz im not as skinny but its easy, youse suck your stomach into ur ribs and push out ur belly!

haha. great party trick to! smile
Posted by Gabby  in  Australia  on  Sat Jan 19, 2008  at  02:25 AM
i have to say it isn't because i have a friend who when we sucks in his stomach really hard looks exactly like this
Posted by alex  on  Thu Jan 31, 2008  at  10:34 AM
i don't think that it's photoshopped, 'cuz i can do that too. all my friends say that it's the strangest thing they've ever seen! but i do lots of other strange things too!! LOL
Posted by kaela  in  united states  on  Sun Mar 09, 2008  at  03:02 PM
thats real AND phoposhoped
Posted by SiERRA aka me  on  Thu Mar 20, 2008  at  10:54 AM
no it aint photoshopped, i can do this too with my stomach when i bend over slightly, just i'm slighty bigger than her.
Posted by larissa  on  Fri Oct 17, 2008  at  12:22 PM
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