Still No Sex In Space

Ever since humans first made it into space, there have been rumors of sex-in-space experiments. Such rumors are doing the rounds again, and this time it's the Russians who are the focus of them. Russian officials decided they should go on record to deny them:

"There is no proof ... that on any mission cosmonauts had sex," the deputy head of the Institute of Bio-Medical Problems, Valery Bogomolov, told a news conference in Moscow.
"Cosmonauts, too, are regular people, but ... I have not heard about any sex in orbit," he said.
The Russian scientist referred to an experiment conducted by the institute, which researches space health issues by simulating flight conditions on a mission to Mars.
Six cosmonauts, including a woman, had spent two weeks isolated in a zero-gravity capsule, Bogomolov said, but "there were no complaints over the absence of sex."
Speculation over sex in space has been rife since a woman first joined the team of three boarding the cramped Soyuz rocket to the international space station in 1982.
In 1991, US sweethearts Jan Davis and Mark Lee married shortly before their joint space orbit, fuelling rumours in the United States.
The Russian institute appeared to be responding to a document widely circulated on the internet about an alleged 1996 experiment carried out by the US space agency NASA.
The experiment allegedly tested 10 different positions, including the help of elastic bands and other fastening devices, for optimal zero-gravity reproduction.
"We do not have such experiments in our country," Bogomolov said.

I like that last line. Apparently the Russians have no problem with experiments involving two-headed dogs or human-ape hybrids, but they draw the line at sex-in-space research.

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Posted on Wed Dec 05, 2007


*waits in line to participate in the next series of sexperiments* :cheese:
Posted by oppiejoe  in  Michigan - USA  on  Thu Dec 06, 2007  at  05:09 AM
Excellent news oppiejoe, I have a spare ape all I need is your head to make my hybrid. (You can keep the rest)
Posted by Peter  on  Thu Dec 06, 2007  at  01:08 PM
"Speculation over sex in space has been rife since a woman first joined the team of three boarding the cramped Soyuz rocket to the international space station in 1982."

Couldn't the men have been conducting their own sex-in-space experiments before the woman joined the team?
Posted by Sakano  in  Ohio  on  Thu Dec 06, 2007  at  04:11 PM
Zero gravity capsule?? True zero gravity cannot be replicated on Earth - the astronauts train in 'vomit comets'- aircraft that dive in parabola's but weightlessness lasts for only a few seconds.
Posted by Piltdown Man  on  Fri Dec 07, 2007  at  12:50 AM
Now, some Comrade is being remarkably coy here; there was a reported case on Mir where one of the commanders was courtmartialed for sexual harrassment of a junior - this involved an act that the even a President had trouble defining as sex, but still it counted for the courtmartial.

This would therfore put the Russians way ahead of the Americans, though; The US Navy holds the record for deepest sexual assault ( A nuclear submarine on patrol in the 1970s), so this would take the record for the highest.
Posted by DFStuckey  on  Fri Feb 15, 2008  at  02:29 AM
Hmm.., interesting was it possible to make such experiments in USSR? Because of strict attention to any public "sex".
Posted by black pussy  on  Thu May 15, 2008  at  01:39 PM
Posted by Bryan  on  Fri Jun 13, 2008  at  12:11 PM
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