Sperm For Tickets

Donate your sperm and get a ticket to a music festival. That's the deal offered by Sperm for Tickets.

Or rather, that was the deal. If you visit their site now, they state that the response far exceeded expectations, so they're temporarily calling a halt to the invitation.

But I'm pretty sure the offer never was for real. Not that the idea of giving tickets in exchange for sperm is that outlandish. Instead, it's the delivery method that seems bogus. The site claimed donors could send their sperm via mail:

we have set up an alternative method for donations by using specially developed donation containers combined with a fast courier network to offer a mail system. The patented container is a new discovery that was made by our research and development team, which allows samples to to stay fresh for up to 3 days. We offer a worldwide courier service using DHL and UPS that guarantee delivery times.

Yeah, right.

The SciencePunk blog has traced the site to a Dublin-based marketing firm called Area52. Evidently it's some kind of publicity stunt.

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Posted on Mon Mar 17, 2008


I'm not surprised that noone's posted on this thread. Now, if the tickets had the face of Jesus on them, it would be a big deal. Sperm with the face of Jesus would really make it hard to keep your mouth shut. I meant that people would be more inclined to comment on that, obviously not suggesting any connection between sperm and keeping- you know what, forget it.
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Mar 19, 2008  at  11:26 PM
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