Snow Tower

My sister forwarded me this photo. It comes with the caption:
Ottawa last weekend...this is NOT a fake photo.  he has been building it for a

Well, if the caption says it's not fake, then it must be real! smirk

But seriously, I'm labeling this one undetermined. It could very well be real, but on the other hand, I can't locate its original source. So who knows!

Similar photos:
Car buried in snow
Road through the snow

Update: It's real. The tower is the creation of Luc Guertin who lives in the Ottawa suburb of Orleans. The Globe and Mail reports:
He began in November with a normal shovel, lifting the snow and packing it down, then carefully squaring it off, just as he has done for years in the backyard to create snow banks around his rink every bit as upright and resilient as arena boards. He then switched to a shovel with a longer handle, and then longer still...
Guertin is now hoping for more snow, at least one more big wallop that will provide him without enough cold raw material to complete the turret he is now thinking of constructing at the end closest to the road.


Posted on Tue Mar 11, 2008


I don't think I'd want to be his neighbor when that thing starts to melt.....if it ever does.
Posted by hulitoons  in  Abingdon, Maryland  on  Tue Mar 11, 2008  at  04:15 PM
I could totally see myself doing something like that if I had to shovel snow for hours at a time.
Posted by tess  on  Tue Mar 11, 2008  at  04:46 PM
Nope, it's not fake. I saw it on the news the other yesterday. Heres a link to another picture:
Posted by John  in  Halifax, Nova Scotia  on  Tue Mar 11, 2008  at  06:41 PM
The houses in the photo in the 2nd link don't look the same, though...
Posted by Josh  in  Texas  on  Tue Mar 11, 2008  at  06:44 PM
It was on the front page of the Globe and Mail yesterday.
Posted by Michael L.  in  Canada  on  Tue Mar 11, 2008  at  06:56 PM
Give me the address and I will physically go there myself. Looks like a Richcraft or Minto townhome.
Posted by Heather  in  Ottawa  on  Tue Mar 11, 2008  at  08:24 PM
I'd believe it. The pictures that I've received from family in Montreal (2hrs from Ottawa) have snowbanks about half that height without intentionally collecting all the snow in one area. With a snowblower ad a shovel that would be fairly easy to do with all the snow they've had. Did I mention that I love the West Coast?
Posted by Transfrmr  in  deep trouble  on  Tue Mar 11, 2008  at  11:07 PM
After reading the comments on the two linked stories, some of which are embarrasingly naive, I just want to say: If you haven't been in snowy places, don't call fake.
Buried cars and rouds through snow are common, and building a snowtower is perfectly feasible.
Nice tower btw.
Posted by A Norwegian  in  Leuven, Belgium  on  Wed Mar 12, 2008  at  03:32 AM
Luc lives several blocks from me.

Check out the fun video that was made along with an interview with Luc.

On easter weekend it was up to 20ft tall and had a big giant 'Happy Easter' sign on it along with a dummy holding up the Canadian Flag grin

Posted by Dave  in  Orleans, Ontario  on  Sun Mar 30, 2008  at  06:25 AM
This is not a joke, this is totally real. There has been SO much snow in Ottawa this year!
This guy lives a couple blocks away from my friend and she's taken loads of pictures of it. It's so crazy.
Posted by Kalli  in  Nepean, Ontario  on  Mon Mar 31, 2008  at  06:31 PM
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