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Snake in Breakfast Food
Seems like people are suddenly finding all kinds of things in their food. A boy in England just found a two-foot long snake in the box of his breakfast cereal:

Ms Willett, who was eating breakfast with her son at the time, said she first thought the snake was a free gift.
Describing the incident, she said: "My lad, he went to open his cereal and luckily enough I was behind him because a snake popped out.
"I just screamed. I grabbed the box off him and found some Sellotape." ...
An expert called in to examine the corn snake, which is non-venomous and feeds on mice and birds, said he was sure the animal had been kept as a pet in England and had been well looked after.

She thought it was a free gift? That would be an unusual surprise toy: a Happy Meal with a free snake! (thanks to Iain and Melanie for the links about this)
Posted by The Curator on Thu May 05, 2005

That's okay, my "trouser-snake" has surprised quite a few young ladies in my life. Don't think it would reach to the top of a modern cereal box, though, if inserted from the bottom. Oops, sorry, Alex. You'll probably have to sensor this one.
Posted by stork  on  Thu May 05, 2005  at  10:56 PM
In Asia, if you want a snake in your food (or drink), you've got to pay extra for it:

tongue laugh
Posted by Big Gary C in Dallas  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Fri May 06, 2005  at  12:37 PM
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