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image A lot of people still stumble upon the "Too Skinny" pictures that I have posted on the site. (Warning: one of the pictures may not be safe for work.) Andrea was one such person, and decided to send in a picture of a real-life skinny model that she once worked with to serve as a comparison. She writes:

I worked for 3 seasons at dolce&gabbanna in milan, italy and all the girl models were very skinny but we had 2 anorexic/bulimic ones, one (the one in the pic) more than the other. The thing that really got to me while working there is that the girl with the best body (thin but curvy, great breasts, ass and legs) was the one that fit into less clothes, no jeans would close or even go all the way up! but even worse than that, there was this new collection of leather/plastic skirts and trousers that we could only fit on the model whose pic i'm sending, two of the trousers we'd even have to close them between 2 people because they were so small... and whenever she had to model those ones she would stop eating for a day or two. To each their own ideas, but i saw her wasting away, partly fault of the fashion industry and i don't think that is right.

I agree that the girl in the picture is very skinny, but thankfully she's nowhere near as skinny as the models in the Too-Skinny pictures (which are all fake, by the way).

Body Manipulation

Posted on Thu Mar 23, 2006


She's still painfully skinny...
Posted by Smerk  in  to mischief  on  Fri Mar 24, 2006  at  01:10 AM
My parents who'd been in show business when they met, were very unhappy with my weight as a very small child so started putting me on diets at the age of 9. The pattern continued with me into adulthood and I became aneroxic dropping to below 80 pounds (don't know what that is in stones)...stuff that should have stuck out became concaved. I would stop breathing at night and my heart also would stop. I ended up a few times in the hospital.

The problem is that you still have bone structure under that tissue layer of skin and you can't reduce the size or width of that structure unless you crush bone or remove it (I know one actress who had ribs removed to get a smaller waist).

It took a while for me to realize what I saw in the mirror, AND more importantly, that guys don't actually want to look at, much less date walking-Rigor Mortis.
Posted by hulitoons  in  Abingdon, Maryland  on  Fri Mar 24, 2006  at  05:41 AM
I think that thing about an actress having her lower rib removed to get a smaller waist is an urban legend. At least, I've never heard of a verified case of this being done. I've most often seen this rumor referring to Cher, but it gets attached to other skinny actresses/singers as well.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Fri Mar 24, 2006  at  03:04 PM
ONE of the pictures may not be safe for work??

Which ones of those ghastly images are NOT grotesque and indecent?
Posted by Big Gary in Turkey, Texas  in  Dallas, Texas, USA  on  Fri Mar 24, 2006  at  04:40 PM

she needs a steak...a steak that weighs more than her


i blame society and the media
Posted by Eva  in  New York  on  Fri Mar 24, 2006  at  05:14 PM
eat something girl, this isnt healthy
Posted by Gisele  on  Fri Mar 24, 2006  at  06:24 PM

Rib removal is not a 'legend' or a hoax, but is actually a common practice by many cosmetic surgeons. Please refer to one site url above as an example
Posted by hulitoons  in  Abingdon, Maryland  on  Sat Mar 25, 2006  at  05:40 AM
Don't forget the story about Marilyn Manson getting a rib removed to preform oral sex on himself.
Posted by Lonewatchman  on  Sat Mar 25, 2006  at  07:46 PM
hey my name is lily.

i am 12 years of age. i wish i was thin. i havn't eaten in 6 and a half days know. i want to be thin but how. i am in year 7. i have been on a proteen diet but it aien't working..... i want to be pretty i want boys to like me i want a boy friend i want what skinny girls my age have! i want to be thin and not having to think about what i eat but eating any thing i want and staying thin..... ]

what can i do plz help .... from lily... xox
Posted by liy  on  Sun Mar 26, 2006  at  12:36 AM
Posted by hulitoons  in  Abingdon, Maryland  on  Sun Mar 26, 2006  at  04:38 AM
I just knew someone would bring Marilyn Manson up ... *fumes off* I can't even go online without hearing that story.
Posted by Dracul  on  Sun Mar 26, 2006  at  07:14 AM
I NEVER want to see Alex's internet porn collection.
Posted by Craig  on  Sun Mar 26, 2006  at  09:12 AM
lily, you shouldn't be doing that. thats a misconception that if you dont eat you lose weight. many people think that. you should be happy, and if the boys dont like you because your not skinny then forget about them. theyre shallow.

i also heard of the urban legend about marylin manson having a rib removed.
not only him but Paulina rubio
and a few other celebrities...
damn urban legends
Posted by Eva  in  new york  on  Sun Mar 26, 2006  at  05:06 PM
I'm sorry to say so but the picture of this skinny girl doesn't look real to me at all, and if it somebody tells me what the hell is going on with that sort hole she has between her ribs. It's just completely unnatural looking. I accept that she looks skinny but I can't imagine why her body would be deformed in that way if it had not been photoshopped.
Posted by Emily  in  France  on  Mon Mar 27, 2006  at  06:30 AM
Actually, that 'hole' as you put it is very real....I know because this is how I looked (I had this as well and worse). Things suddenly go inward and pop outward oddly when you go this far below weight levels. I suppose part of it is the musculature underneath, which is also wasting away becomes sinuous or stringy but hard.
Posted by hulitoons  in  Abingdon, Maryland  on  Mon Mar 27, 2006  at  06:39 AM
Craig sez:
"I NEVER want to see Alex's internet porn collection."

If you clicked on the links on this item, and the ones for kitten/stiletto heels story, I think you've already seen it.
Posted by Big Gary in Tool, Texas  in  Dallas, Texas, USA  on  Mon Mar 27, 2006  at  04:39 PM
Note WHY this girl is skinny: because thats how small the clothes are that are provided for her to model. She has to fit into the clothes to keep her job, therefore, she has to be that thin.
If we ever hope to change the myth that thinner is better (which contributes to many eating disorders), fashion designers will have to start making their clothes for models and celebrities in bigger sizes. The models will then be able to achieve healthy weight and keep their jobs. Im not talking about bigger (average) sizes like 12 or 14, but realisticly thin sizes, like a 6 or 8 instead of 2, 0, or less. A woman who wears a size 6 or 8 is attractively thin but easily within a healthy weight range - and far bigger than a majority of models and actresses.
Posted by chyca  on  Sun Apr 02, 2006  at  01:37 PM
Lily, the truth is most boys don't like girls that skinny. Most people think that girls who are that skinny look gross. Just exercise and eat at least three meals a day, consisting of chicken, fish or beef with green veggies on the side. Also drink plenty of water and cut down on soda, fried food and sweets. Whether you are overweight or not, everyone should eat that way. And why do you need a boy anyways? If a guy doesn't like you for you then he's not worth your time, no matter how cute he is. You should focus on liking yourself, who gives a crap what other people think? most of the losers I went to school with are either meth addicts or on welfare. Do you really care what future meth addicts think of you? I thought not. When I was your age I had terrible acne, and boys didn't look at me, I felt really bad about myself.
When I was around 20 I met a great guy who thought I was beautiful regardless of that, and I got on acutane to help me feel better about myself. Now I hardly get pimples and I've lost weight, the healthy way. But my point is, You're too young to be caring about your weight, You should only be concerned about your health. You just need to be a kid right now, and I know you don't want to hear it and it sounds condescending, but it's the truth. I just wish that when I was your age, I had spent more time playing than wondering if people liked me, if I had known then what I know now, I would have been a happier child and things people said would have rolled off my back.
Posted by fluffychii  on  Thu Apr 06, 2006  at  05:24 PM
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Posted by nico  on  Thu May 04, 2006  at  12:19 AM
Oh and to the girl who said the silliness about the "hole between the ribs"
It's called muscle...and thats what it looks like.

That pic is 100% real.
Posted by nico  on  Thu May 04, 2006  at  12:22 AM
hey dude
u look so ugly like that
oh gosh!
Posted by Larissa(Brazil)  in  CT  on  Thu May 04, 2006  at  08:53 AM

Calling somebody a "cunt" for no reason...

I look fine, I am just small.
I was just trying to show you that the photo of that model is very real.

That's all.

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Posted by Nico  on  Thu May 25, 2006  at  09:31 AM
Recent comments with inappropriate or foul name labels and etc. are very inappropriate anywhere, and are not appreciated by anyone.
Posted by hulitoons  in  Abingdon, Maryland  on  Thu May 25, 2006  at  12:11 PM
I absolutely agree.
I'm not offended, I'm just surprised at the
moronic mentality.
Posted by nico  on  Thu May 25, 2006  at  12:23 PM
Hey. Do you think a girl who is about 5'0 tall and 83-85 pounds is too thin?
Posted by asdf  on  Sun Jun 18, 2006  at  01:16 AM
depends what you want to look like.

85 at 5'0

would be a bmi of about 16.2

youd be thin...
if thats what youre going for, no youre not in any life danger or anything lol.
Posted by nico  on  Mon Jun 19, 2006  at  12:19 PM
nico your pics look great. asdf a bmi of 16 is just ok if you have a light build, you would look pretty skinny
Posted by dave  on  Mon Jul 24, 2006  at  02:30 AM
Thankies <3!

I am 5'5
88 pounds....

most people think i am too thin,
i think i am just fine smile

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Posted by nico  on  Mon Jul 24, 2006  at  10:53 AM
you sure are just fine, you look great
Posted by dave  on  Mon Jul 24, 2006  at  03:07 PM
Dave, please check out if you haven't already. This girl needs help, not encouragement.
Posted by blueapples85  in  Canada  on  Sat Oct 07, 2006  at  03:04 PM
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