Scissors Sticking Out Of His Arm

image The setting is a dorm room. A kid gets sprayed with water and retaliates by throwing a pair of scissors which, if you think the video is real, lodge in the arm of the kid spraying the water. I'm skeptical that it's real. Those would have to be some pretty sharp scissors to stick in an arm like that and most scissors are blunt (purposefully).


Posted on Sun Mar 20, 2005


Was Toretti the one videotaping? Why doesn't someone write about this in Cougar Online to prove it??
Posted by brother of dinoboy4jesus  in  Rochester, NY  on  Sun Apr 03, 2005  at  11:08 PM
Oh, duh... the headmaster wouldn't exactly appreciate Kiski's online newspaper to report its own fallacies for the world to see. Anyone on campus have pictures of the stitches?
Posted by brother of dinoboy4jesus  on  Sun Apr 03, 2005  at  11:57 PM
I think Phillips was videotaping, judging from the voice. Toretti graduated. Like I said, the school tried to keep the incident down. Barely anyone knew about it until it was posted on Ebaum's, which is now blocked on the server. I haven't seen any pics of the stitches, but there may be one lingering out there somewhere.
Posted by dinoboy4jesus  on  Mon Apr 04, 2005  at  05:12 AM
I want to verify dinoboy4jesus's story that it is real. I also go to the Kiski School. It happened in Fosnaugh Hall, a senior dorm. The kid with the scissors stuck in his arm got kicked out for coke, and I know the wounds were real, since he had scars. It wouldn't bleed, since the scissors would stop blood flow until they were pulled out, and I doubt there was enough time to put the scissors there and make them stay, even if only for a few seconds. The look like they entered from below because of gravity pulling the handles down.
Posted by bobsheiskaWY  in  Saltsburg, PA  on  Mon Apr 04, 2005  at  03:53 PM
THIS HAPPENED i witnessed this in person, this is not college it's highschool prep school! he was under the influence of substances and that is why he reacts with no pain, it didn't bleed much, it ws just under hte skin, but it was real purple!
Posted by KISKI  in  THe schoool where this happened  on  Tue Apr 05, 2005  at  11:36 AM
seems to me if they were staging this, he would have acted as if the pain were much more severe.
Posted by Big Eric  on  Tue Apr 05, 2005  at  02:17 PM
Guy's this is real, I saw the stitches. And, by the way, they're in high school.
Posted by dynothorian  in  somewhere under the rainbow  on  Tue Apr 05, 2005  at  03:43 PM
hahahahahaha!! that video is so cool! I am a very twisted person!
Posted by Razzle Berry  on  Tue Apr 05, 2005  at  03:56 PM
I don't see a thin twine bracelet on him any time... post a screen shot what you're talking about?
Posted by Stud Beefpile  on  Wed Apr 06, 2005  at  08:12 AM
It looks like it was Windex he was spraying. If you mess with someone's eyes, you deserve what you get.

I am assuming that kid got picked on similarly all semester. I would have reacted exactly the same back in middle school.
Posted by tensig  on  Sun Apr 10, 2005  at  04:14 PM
i am not going to spend time getting the screenshot but if you pause/play, pause play when the stabbing victim is explaining and waiving his arms, you see it on his right wrist.
Posted by Robert Faithful  on  Thu Apr 14, 2005  at  03:34 PM
I have got to say, I have seen much stranger things happen. An injury like that, especially in an environment like that, would not necessarily cause terrible pain, and it's completely true that bleeding would be stopped by the scissors. I deal with stuff like this every day as a paramedic, so from my point of view, this video, along with dinoboys photos and story, is probably real. I mean, I sliced through a major artery in my hand one time and was spurting blood a foot away from the wound, and it didn't hurt in the least bit until later.
Posted by HabitOne  in  Maine  on  Fri May 06, 2005  at  06:03 PM
My name is Nick, I am the one in this video who took the fuckin scissors in the arm. The video is 100% real. For the Kiski boys who wanted to know who was filming it was Ivan, Phillips is seen in the video when the camera pans over to me. I didn't get kicked out for coke, it was Aderal (the only reason I made high honor roll 1st semester, 2$ a pop and straight A's, Denver is where its at you Pennsylvania rednecks! I hated your fuckin state!) Anyway, yeah I got the pic to prove it. I had to walk to the nurses office at 2 a.m. to have the bitch pull the damn things out. It bled a lot. I didn't get any stitches so whoever the douchebag is who said that was-a-liein, the wound was too deep, 2.4 inches (almost 5 cm for me fellow Britons) if they sewed it up it would've became infected. Twins my ass and if you look super close you'll see the braclet is on my arm both times I appear. However, this hoax shit is pretty tight. Everytime I tell that story at parties and shit at least five people are shooting out of thier seats yellin "THAT WAS YOU?!" or "I'VE SEEN THAT SHIT!!", show the scar and no more questions. I was like a semi-celebrity for a little while. Maybe some of you should think about schemeing together a hoax with a pair of twins or putty make up set and bottle of fbreeze. 15 minutes of fame is all you get baby, take some fuckin action! I'd love to see more fuckin HILARious videos on this site, or or where it first appeared. Lemme know your thoughts!
I'll send you the pic the second you im me (I couldn't figure out how to post it like everyone else.... sorry)
Posted by Nick  in  Denver Colorado  on  Wed Jun 29, 2005  at  02:16 AM
Im sure alot of scissors have been thrown in history, even if the blade hitting first has low chances its possible. i think the reactions are believable, it's called shock. as for the blood its in his arm... He is smart enough to keep the scissors in his arm, therefore in the short video u dont get to see the blood.
Posted by Brett  on  Thu Aug 11, 2005  at  03:25 PM
this is real! do you see the guy in the back who's running out? he is shocked!
how to fake a scissors in a arm? 3d rendering? wax? no. its real.
Posted by hEnni  in  Berlin  on  Mon Sep 12, 2005  at  02:23 PM
Ive been hurt alot and I've seen people get hurt, and Ive never screamed nor pulled out whatever hurt me ( I once shot a sewing needle 1/2 an inch into the tip of my finger,...straight down ), and actually if you've taken any first aid course, you know the bleeding doesnt start until you pull an object out (unless, like someone else hit something major), thats why you wrap the object in the arm, and let the hospital pull it out are in shock....some of you watch too many movies. This seems real to me. Ive also got a pair of "Fiskars" scissors in front of me, and Im pretty dang sure theyd stick in anyone i threw them at. The only blunt scissors Ive EVER seen are for preschoolers...what are you people using to cut things with?? geez. I dont believe its college though...maybe private school, or a summer precollege or something. If it IS fake, they TOTALLY fooled me, and its freaking who cares? lol

Just my opinion......i laughed, i cried...too funny....stupid kids though...but i bet he wont bug ninja jack at his computer anymore.
Posted by Abe  in  USA  on  Fri Jan 06, 2006  at  01:34 AM
I want to speak to the owner of the scissors in arm video. I am producing a show for Bravo and want it in the show.

Posted by James Beaton  in  Los Angeles  on  Fri Jan 13, 2006  at  06:20 PM
You do not always bleed when you're cut.

The time it would take to apply an effect like that would be much longer than the time it takes to see the injury.

There would have to be a cut in the footage - in the case of this scene a hidden cut... which I did not see at all.

The reactions ARE normal. The boy is in shock, so are the rest of the kids.

My guess on the background of this video is that the kid who was on the computer was a 'nerd' who may have been bullied a lot. With all those kids in the room, he was by himself, on his computer, unflattering clothes, kinda heafty. The rest of them looked like jocks.

Perhaps he was picked on, one too many times.

I don't think this is a fake.
Posted by Daniel  in  Philly  on  Sat Jan 14, 2006  at  08:44 AM
Oh it's real. I saw it on "Outrageous and Contageous" viral videos.
Posted by Meerkat  in  Austrailia  on  Wed Jul 12, 2006  at  06:46 PM
Yes its real. Work as a paramedic for a while and you will see anything puncture any part of the body. this looks like a bone lodged injury as the scisoors dont flop. i have seen stuff like this so many times there is not even a question...i cant believe so many people believed it was fake
Posted by kav  on  Fri Oct 10, 2008  at  10:18 AM
This is True, My Friends name Is Phil, he told me about this video. This is His cousin getting the scissors in the Arm.
Posted by Skyler Zio  in  Denver Co  on  Thu Apr 15, 2010  at  01:28 PM
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