Scissors Sticking Out Of His Arm

image The setting is a dorm room. A kid gets sprayed with water and retaliates by throwing a pair of scissors which, if you think the video is real, lodge in the arm of the kid spraying the water. I'm skeptical that it's real. Those would have to be some pretty sharp scissors to stick in an arm like that and most scissors are blunt (purposefully).


Posted on Sun Mar 20, 2005


No way that is that real, you can judge just by their reactions.

Still funny though smile
Posted by kinny  on  Sun Mar 20, 2005  at  08:02 PM
bluntness protects against low-impact injury; with enough force, this could be done.

two reasons (aside from the poor acting) i see to doubt this:

the plastic, light-weight handle doesn't provide a proper balance for such a throw -- the heavier blade would tend to trail the handle, making it more likely that the handle would hit his arm, and an off-chance blade stike would be glancing.

second, i think a natural instinct would be to immediately pull the scissors out. we are talking about a college student here, though, so reasonable reactions might not be relied upon ...
Posted by dint hammerstein  on  Sun Mar 20, 2005  at  08:18 PM
actually, these light-weight scissors tend have light handles AND blades, so maybe the scissors wouldn't have enough mass to allow for this to happen.
Posted by dint  on  Sun Mar 20, 2005  at  08:20 PM
So did the kid jab it in his own arm as part of the joke?
Posted by Citizen Premier  in  spite of public outcry  on  Sun Mar 20, 2005  at  10:19 PM
yeah, it looks pretty real.
Posted by dint  on  Sun Mar 20, 2005  at  11:21 PM
where's the blood.
Posted by ben  on  Mon Mar 21, 2005  at  12:01 AM
Where's the blood? In his arm. Unless you sever something MAJOR, putting something that small into your body like it appears happens to this guy would only block the blood flow.

As soon as it is pulled out, though...

Anyway, that is entirely beside the point. When you see the guy with the scissors sticking out of his arm, the "flesh" is raised to hold the scissors in place. It shows up very easily because it is much shinier than the rest of his skin. The raised part, of course, holds the doctored scissors upright.

I'd bet money that is was made to impress a woman.
LOTS of money.

But good luck collecting if it wasn't.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Mon Mar 21, 2005  at  12:20 AM
I'm very skeptical about this, too. The way the camera pans over to the guy with the scissors in his arm looks too staged and cinematic. The wound did look convincing -- the absence of blood is not a problem -- but it was just too convenient that the time it would have taken to prepare an effect like that coincided exactly with the camera movement. The reactions were a bit lame, too.

Reminds me of this trick my friend used to do in pubs. He'd tear a notch out of a (paper) coaster, and then clip the coaster over the end of his nose. Then everyone's head would turn his way as he loudly said, "I wish you'd stop throwing those coasters, Dave." (Try it!)
Posted by Dave Rattigan  in  UK  on  Mon Mar 21, 2005  at  12:22 AM
Forget the blood, where's the cry of pain??
Posted by Nick  in  Merrie Olde Englande  on  Mon Mar 21, 2005  at  11:21 AM
I'm ashamed to admit this, but when I was 12 I broke a glass on my brother's forearm in the midst of an argument.

He didn't have a "cry of pain", either. (Both of us were too shocked.I completely froze for a good 30 seconds). Luckily my Mom's BF was home as he was an ambulance attendant, so he butterflied my brother back together. So, since my bro's reaction was much the same the guy's reaction isn't so off, and from experience, neither are his friends.
Posted by Winona  in  USA  on  Mon Mar 21, 2005  at  02:55 PM
I should clarify, my stepfather lived in the upstairs of the house we were renting (with his wife at the time), we lived downstairs. So, there wasn't an adult there letting us get to that point of arguing.

I realised my first post kinda put my SF in a bad light. smile
Posted by winona  on  Mon Mar 21, 2005  at  06:24 PM
Have you guys ever seen freshman college boys hanging around in a dorm together? I don't think it's bad acting at all, they had exactly the reactions I'd expect from many college boys I have seen. If I had to judge, I'd say it's probably real, though if it's a fake I think the acting is fantastic. They are believable freshman frat boys screwing around in one of their dorms...sadly....
Posted by Razela  in  Chicago, IL  on  Mon Mar 21, 2005  at  11:04 PM
That's real, allright..

The guy with the scissors in the arm is the boyfriend of a girl who is a former friend of a cousin of someone i attended school with.

So, that makes the story real, right?
Posted by Fernando  in  Portugal  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  04:24 AM
No idea if it's real or a hoax, but those college goers look about thirteen.
Posted by Reynard Muldrake  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  08:11 AM
I don't think this is real, but I'd guess it's possible for scissors to lodge in a person's body when thrown. Those look like fabric shears, which have sharp points and are quite heavy. Unfortunately, on trying to find one of our several pairs of shears and chuck it at the sofa to see how it flew, I have discovered that they are all missing again.
So, what are those kids doing with someone's good fabric shears, anyway?
Posted by Ledasmom  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  12:00 PM
I have those exact scissors.

They are sharp as hell, and sold in every wal-mart in America.
Posted by raoulduke  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  07:36 PM
Who sent you? Was it... "Nando"?
Posted by Raoul  on  Tue Mar 22, 2005  at  07:49 PM
i think its real, because if u listen real closely u would hear the scrissors hit a wall or something, but u dont.. and if something enters the body quick enough that the skin will seal up around it so no blood will leave the body... and i think those scissors werent even that light with enough force to throw them, which it looked like that kid had, it would go into the skin without a doubt... this is just my opinion, but come on look at his face when he notices it... it looks like it was real to me...
Posted by Alpha  on  Thu Mar 24, 2005  at  09:52 AM
It's not real. Harry Anderson performs the same trick and even included the how to for this trick in one of his books. I have a good friend that works in Vegas as a Magician who also does this trick - but with something other than scissors.

It's obviously fake.
Posted by Lori  in  Utah  on  Thu Mar 24, 2005  at  10:31 AM
probably just a freak accident...has to be real...anybody been shot with a dart gun? doesn't hurt, just feels funny...then again i've never taken a pair of scissors to the tricep...ahaha...goofy kids
Posted by Sean  on  Thu Mar 24, 2005  at  01:59 PM
watching too much tv? there wouldn't necessarily be blood until the scissors are pulled out since the sliced blood vessels have been blocked from flow by the metal of the scissors. and he wouldn't necessarily be in pain immediately after injury. a few months ago, while putting away some clean forks, I rammed the tine of one through the end of my finger when I failed to pull my hand out of the drawer before pushing the drawer closed with my hip. big 'ol fork (not at all sharp) stuck through my finger, from fingerprint pad all the way through, just missing the nail. didn't bleed until I pulled it out and then only a little. didn't hurt but was numb, must have cut some nerves. video looks real to me.
Posted by Peking  on  Fri Mar 25, 2005  at  11:30 AM
Hey guys, it's all about attention to detail. There is a thin twine bracelet on the twin brother with scissors in his arm but not on the twin brother spraying the fat kid.

Twins baby...
Posted by Robert Faithful  in  San Diego CA  on  Fri Mar 25, 2005  at  01:37 PM
"Hey guys, it's all about attention to detail. There is a thin twine bracelet on the twin brother with scissors in his arm but not on the twin brother spraying the fat kid."

good eye, good eye wink
Posted by Ikshnayz  in  indiana  on  Wed Mar 30, 2005  at  06:20 AM
Actually, I go to the school where it happened. It's a private boarding school, the Kiski School, in Saltsburg, PA. I know the people in the video. It was real. It happened just before we went home for winter vacation. The kid who got stabbed came back to school with stitches, and soon got kicked out (haven't found out why). The one who threw the scissors, Dave, was kicked out recently for it.
Posted by dinoboy4jesus  in  The Kiski School  on  Fri Apr 01, 2005  at  10:27 PM
Wow, dinoboy, that's so totally believable...

You know these people, but they happen to be gone so they can't verify what you say.

As the ChurchLady says "How Conveeeeeenient."

Actually, 'I' go to the school where it happened. It's a private boarding school, the Togel School, in Pepperville, Indiana. I know the people in the video. It was real. Blah Blah Blah.

Get my point?

Whether what you're saying is real or not, nobody will probably believe you unless you have better proof than just saying you know all about it.

After all, just because someone claims they saw the "Aicha Suicide Video" does not make the video real.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Fri Apr 01, 2005  at  10:45 PM
Ok, to give myself at least some credibility, here's a formal school picture of the kid who threw the scissors:

Dave Lawless
Posted by dinoboy4jesus  in  the Kiski School  on  Sat Apr 02, 2005  at  05:16 AM
Posted by Orange Juice  on  Sat Apr 02, 2005  at  06:42 AM
Did you know that if you mix equal parts of concentrated Orange Juice and Vick's Vap-O-Rub you get gasoline? In a pinch on the road, pour a quart of OJ and 36 little jars of Vapo in the gas tank, and you'll get at least 20 more miles down the highway...
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sat Apr 02, 2005  at  07:55 AM
If you still don't believe me, here are the other people in the video:
the guy stabbed
first guy on the bed
second guy on the bed
Posted by dinoboy4jesus  on  Sat Apr 02, 2005  at  09:13 AM
Thank You, dinoboy!

That offers so much more credibilty to your story. If you would have posted those in the first place, I wouldn't have been so condescending.

Do you see my point about providing evidence? Now that you have, people will have a hell of a lot easier time believing your story. Generally people who post here are not believed unless they can show some proof of some sort, and, as I tried to show previously, anyone could have typed in the story that you did. However, NOT everyone could have dug up those pictures.

Of course, just providing the pictures is not actually PROOF, but it IS fairly convincing. (Of course, you could just be scamming us along with whoever made the video, if it's fake.)
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Sat Apr 02, 2005  at  09:24 AM
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