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Man Tries to Kill Wife to ‘Save Marriage’
If there was an award for stupid excuses, this guy would get one. William Dahlby threw a live electrical wire into his wife's bath, and when she tried to jump out, he pushed her back in. But he says that he's innocent of trying to kill her because he only did it to "save the marriage." He was hoping the near-death experience would jump-start their flagging relationship, so to speak. Apparently William didn't realize that the old saying about the quickest way to a woman's heart being with a knife is just a joke... and incidentally, I've heard that joke applied to both women and men. But really, did this guy seriously think that such a pathetic excuse would swing a jury in his favor?
Posted by The Curator on Fri Oct 29, 2004

Ehr...appertently, yes.
Posted by Paul  on  Fri Oct 29, 2004  at  11:04 AM
Maybe he thought a little home-engineered ECT would rearrange his wife's thinking in a way that might work out favorably for him.
Posted by Big Gary C  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Sat Oct 30, 2004  at  07:42 PM
After work today instead of going to our marriage counseling session, I'll just push my husband in front of a bus!
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL, USA  on  Sun Oct 31, 2004  at  12:27 PM
That guy is messed up. Seriously.
Posted by Mewtaila  on  Mon Nov 22, 2004  at  05:33 AM
This man should not only win an award for his stupid excuses but also, he should win an award for being a dumbass. honestly, does he really think the jury would ever believe this?
Posted by Eva  in  New york  on  Mon Feb 13, 2006  at  05:18 PM
Well this sounds "promising"... try to kill your wife to "save marriage". I think this man is mentally ill and needs serious help and i don't mean marriage counseling
Posted by gordman  on  Wed Aug 08, 2007  at  07:29 AM
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