Santa in Kinky Boots

Macy's decision to include the cast of the broadway musical Kinky Boots in its Thanksgiving Day parade was criticized by some conservative groups — since Kinky Boots features drag queens, and (so the conservatives argued) this made it inappropriate for the children watching the parade.

But instead of being repentant, Macy's seemed to be doubling-down on its support of Kinky Boots when a flyer started to circulate online announcing that Macy's would be having an event in its kids department hosted by a Santa in kinky boots: "Bring your whole family to see Santa wearing a glittery addition to his traditional outfit!"

Both Harvey Fierstein (who stars in Kinky Boots) and a Broadway news site believed the flyer was real and reposted it, but subsequently deleted their posts when they realized the flyer was a fake. []


Posted on Mon Dec 16, 2013

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