Do You Believe in Santa Claus?

image A British psychiatrist, Lynda Breen, has concluded that belief in Santa Claus is actually good for the moral development of children. Apparently believing in the existence of a jolly red-suited man who "'knows if you've been bad or good' helps teach children the difference between right and wrong." As much as my first inclination is to make a sarcastic remark about this, I think I'm going to hold back since there's a whole slew of fantastic beings whose existence I find myself very reluctant to deny, especially when kids are around: jackalopes, Nessie, Roswell aliens, etc. Of course, none of these creatures offer any kind of moral example, so Dr. Breen would probably say that belief in them is unhealthy.

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Posted on Thu Dec 02, 2004


all of you make good points. i liked the one that liked santa to god, that was a nice thinker. now i personally don't believe in santa. i'm not gonna say anyone should or shouldn't. in fact i only found this site because i'm writing an argument over why people shouldn't believe in santa (the other guy got why we should). i'm probably going to hell for writing it too. it's nice to believe in something beyond our own reality from time to time, as long as you don't take it too far. but i have to say that santa wouldn't even exist if a couple of people didn't have to make a living. their names were Clement Clark Moore, a writer, and Thomas Nast, a political cartoonist. both of them used religious beliefs and wrote stories about a man who flew around New York on a horse. this is just a little history lesson, go ahead look it up. also, the ones of you who are so quick to announce your belief in santa and defend him, could you maybe having doubts about your belief? anyway, just giving y'all something to mull over.
Posted by dean  on  Tue Apr 24, 2007  at  09:12 PM
I am 13 and I deffantly DON"T beleive in santa. He is just a made up person. It's your parents who put the presents under the tree. Chirstmas isn't about presents its about family. But i don't like my family because my life sucks. But yeah there is no such thing as santa.

Love always,
Posted by phoenix  on  Sun Jul 08, 2007  at  09:54 PM
look i'm 11 i belive not coz i am helping young ones but coz hey whats christmass with out santa pepole who don't belive look at the facts i stayed up till 11 o clock and my parents didn't move i even went into there room to check so i'm teeling you dumb twits that don't belive he is real
Posted by adam caulfield  in  stanley england  on  Wed Oct 10, 2007  at  12:09 PM
hi me again i agree with niome in gosport and katie in las vegas santa is real phisicaly mentaly and spiritully and elvis in mars go see a therapist look all those who don't belive in my opion have no heart.LADIS AND GENTLE MEN ADAM THE DARK AVENGER CAULFIELD!!!!!!!
Posted by adam caulfield  in  stanley co durham england  on  Thu Oct 11, 2007  at  11:35 AM
FORGOT TO SAY I ALSO AGREE WITH REGAN TEXAS ROCK ON DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by ADAM CAULFIELD  in  STANLEY CO.DURHAM ENGLAND  on  Thu Oct 11, 2007  at  11:40 AM
Yes I do belive in Santa My brother really saw Santa's boot in 2006.My brothers name is Dakotah Moses.He is 13 years old and belive him that he saw Santa Claus.
Posted by Bailey Moses  in  Hanover ,PA  on  Tue Oct 30, 2007  at  08:28 PM
Well i dont belive in santa and i dont no whether its twue or not ? so i just want pweatents fwrom my persons goodbye all and merryy cwistmas!!!! YH!!!!!
Posted by Maddzzi  in  england  on  Sat Nov 10, 2007  at  11:47 AM
Yes Santa Must be real I have about 3 hours worth of explaining why santa is real i wish i cou;d write it all.
Posted by Anaomious  on  Sun Dec 16, 2007  at  01:45 PM
I don't see what everyone's problem is.

If little kids want to believe in Santa Clause, then let them.
I found out the hard way when I was 10, but I got over it.
I think it does teach kids to be better, because the idea of a naughty list and a nice list makes them behave better. If Santa can see you at all times, then you have to be good to get something besides coal in your stocking.

Now what I would like to know is how the question of Jesus really existing came into this conversation.
I believe in Jesus Christ.
I'm a Lutheran, and I've been going to church since I was small.
Why is it so hard for people to believe there's something bigger than us; That there's someone who cares for us so much that he had his son die on the cross for us!
If I ever have kids, I'm going to raise them as Christians and pray that they choose the right path.
You don't go to church for nothing,
you go to praise the Lord, and learn Jesus' teachings.
Personally (I think) if everyone was a Christian, the world wouldn't be so messed up.

Go to church, people.
Learn stuff,
and please stop being so ignorant.
Posted by Kay  in  Arizona  on  Sun Dec 23, 2007  at  01:44 PM
We've got to put and end to this lie about Santa Claus, can anyone really say it's fun to lie to their own child. When telling a lie to your child feels fun then somethings wrong. Who in the world could really say it's healthy to lie. It's not healthy it's sin. The store's are for it, it means sells, people make alot of money off this lie.
Has life become so bad that we need to lie and go on as it is fun just to enjoy the month of December. You should visit with your family, even give them gifts but you don't have to lie in order to do it.
We should help others that need help when we can or feel the urge. We don't need people standing around with a money pot and ringing bell to remind us that the poor are with us, their with us every other day of the year.
We should be thankful and praise God every day that Jesus was born, but He died on the cross for our sins and has rose from the grave. We should put our focus on the fact that He shed His blood for our sins and if we believe and ask to be forgiven we will be saved. Jesus Lives
Posted by Gail  on  Mon Dec 24, 2007  at  09:23 PM
im sorry to tell you but santa isnt real i woulnt lie but i dont want to make you not belive
Posted by lucy  in  wales  on  Thu Feb 07, 2008  at  01:50 PM
Posted by bronte  on  Thu Feb 07, 2008  at  02:23 PM
My sister saw Santa Claus on Christmas eve.
Posted by Shelby  on  Sun Feb 17, 2008  at  09:18 AM
My brother Dakotah Oliver saw Santa Claus's boot on Christmas eve belive me.
Posted by Dell  on  Sun Feb 17, 2008  at  09:21 AM
This is my last piece of writeing i promise until next xmas so i say i'm a born again christian and i can't belive i'm saying this kay in arizona i agree with you every one of these people should goto church and i know i sound like a parent saying this but it's true LERN PEOPLE OR BE DAMMED TO A LIFE OF IGNORANCE. my opinion is taht people can belive wot they want to belive but in the end we're all human we have the right to belife

thanks and peace be with you.
Posted by adam caulfield  in  england  on  Sun Mar 23, 2008  at  02:18 PM
i realy dont no the truth about santa, because i would love santa to be real, but how am i supposed to no when parents are telling people they are, and other parents are saying they arn't! only adults no if they are real or not, and untill they tell me the truth i will belive that santa is real and i wont care what any one else says.

Posted by lauren  in  doncaster  on  Sat Sep 06, 2008  at  12:24 PM
cool smirk This is my final comment so i'm saying this as a 12 year old i say let us belive it's our childhood anyway so leave us be
Posted by Adam caulfield  in  stanley england  on  Sat Oct 25, 2008  at  06:45 AM
Hi im a 12 year old girl and i belive in santa. My friends all call me a baby for believening him but i dont care! i know my parents put presents underneith the christmas tree , But i know that their is one special gift that Santa puts under the tree. I know it!

I'll always believe in Santa Clause
Posted by Tay  in  Untited States  on  Tue Nov 04, 2008  at  12:12 PM
I'm 36 years old and not crazy. If you don't believe in Santa Claus your in for a big suprise. I am a scientist and have ran into the big guy through my journeys around the world. Everyone questions area 51, but you know there's something going on there. Question circumstances and be open minded. To all a good night:)
Posted by James Cunha  in  Eureka California  on  Mon Dec 08, 2008  at  10:09 PM
I just want to know who santa's connect is? he must have the good shit!
Posted by James Cunha  in  Eureka California  on  Mon Dec 08, 2008  at  10:17 PM
My lady is gonna go to the North Pole tonight and the elves are gonna watch.
Posted by James Cunha  in  Eureka California  on  Mon Dec 08, 2008  at  10:22 PM
hi guys i know it's late but merry crimbo.... did santa come? well i have only one thing to say santa = real..... bye bye. cool mad
Posted by adam caulfield  in  stanley england  on  Mon Feb 02, 2009  at  11:39 AM
im 11 and i dont belive it is rediculus u really think santa comes down the chimly every december???
Posted by poo  in  england  on  Thu May 07, 2009  at  09:40 AM
Look for god sake I have an inkaling feeling that I know you somehow but anyway What I belive is that
1. when i said i was a christian I was an idiot
2.sorry for saysing dammed to a life of ignorance i sounded like a preacher....god i hate preachers..
3.what you have to remember is this real or not real santa at times is the only good thing that can happen I'm not saying that it's alright to lie to your kids but for some they need santa just so they have something to want to live for.
Posted by adam caulfield  in  stanley england  on  Tue May 26, 2009  at  01:26 AM
Hello every one... it's the run up to Christmas and I've done some thinking and I still think sao is also in england but getting back to the santa is real I also think that I know the person known as 'poo' who also lives in england but getting back to the matter in hand, I have gone off christisnity so you may flame me for one of my preachy comments but I STILL BELIVE IN SANTA. I'm also writing a paper on the big man so please get in touch if you have any points to put across. Thanks and farewell.

Adam Caulfield ^_^
Posted by adam caulfield  in  stanley england  on  Sat Oct 24, 2009  at  04:02 PM
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