Romney’s family misspells their last name

This image has been circulating online since February with the caption:
Romney's family misspell their last name in the greatest Freudian slip in history.

The Hill reports that it's fake. However, I don't yet know any further details — such as where the picture was taken. Nor have I seen the original yet.

But I've got to say, assuming this is a fake image, it's a really good one. Both because it's very believable (it's easy to imagine that two kids could momentarily stand in the wrong place), and because it makes its point very clearly: That Romney is incredibly rich, and that he seems to prioritize the interests of the rich.

Update: Some investigation reveals the original picture was taken by Reuters photographer Brian Snyder at a Romney campaign rally in Elko, Nevada on Friday, Feb 3, 2012. And that's not Romney's family wearing the t-shirts. It's the Fisher family. ( Below is another picture in the series:

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Posted on Thu Apr 26, 2012


Its fake.
In the first picture the boy wearing glasses has an "M" in his shirt, while in the second he has an "O".
Posted by Wesley  in  Brazil  on  Thu Apr 26, 2012  at  12:15 PM
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