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image FlexPetz is a San Diego-based company that allows people to rent out dogs by the day. So if you want to be able to take a dog to the beach on the weekend, but you don't have time to care for it during the week, this is the service for you. Marlena Cervantes, the founder of the company, doesn't like the term "rent-a-pet," according to this AP article. Instead, she likes to think of what she's offering as "shared pet ownership." The service is quite pricey, but it's doubtless cheaper than caring for a dog yourself for its entire life.

As soon as I read about this company, I thought about the many "rent-a-something" type hoaxes that have been reported here over the years, such as: Rent my Son, Rent a Wife, Rent a Negro, Rent a Midget, Rent a German, and Rent a Dildo.

However, I'm pretty sure FlexPetz is not a hoax. Though many might think that it's such a bad idea they would prefer it was a hoax.

My first reaction was to be appalled. Pets, to my way of thinking, are part of the family. They're not something to be rented on the weekend. But the more I've thought about it, the more I've started to grudgingly accept the idea of this company, because if you want a pet but you're not sure if you can take care of it for its entire life, renting one would be better than buying one and later trying to get rid of it. (via Art of the Prank)

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Posted on Mon Jul 30, 2007


I'm not buying it. Why are they so mysterious on the locations of their facilities? Why do they list their mailing address as Delaware?

And I'm not sure what to make of this:

"dogs are fitted with GPS-tracking collars to ensure we can locate the dog...device is only activated when you call our customer service number who can then give you up to the second information on the dog's location"

As far as I am aware, GPS tracking only tells you where the device is, and is not a magical two-way communicator, although maybe there is something small enough to fit on a collar that would work?
Posted by coit  on  Mon Jul 30, 2007  at  12:18 PM
I'm quite happy to rent myself out. Rent-A-Glaswegian. Not only will it impress your friends that you're out with a dashing Scotsman in a kilt, it's also a useful deterrent to being mugged.
Posted by Renquist  on  Mon Jul 30, 2007  at  01:11 PM
Man, I'd never rent my dogs out, they're like my kids! Alex is right, they're part of the family.
Posted by Josh  on  Mon Jul 30, 2007  at  06:27 PM
This is not new in Japan. They have been doing this for years.
Posted by ドリーマー  on  Mon Jul 30, 2007  at  11:13 PM
Josh said: "I'd never rent my dogs out, they're like my kids!"

Not sure that follows logically. I rent out my kids on a regular basis, and know a few other people who do so too.

It's amazing how many people want to be parents for the day but not for life, and the rental service I provide saves such people from having children and just giving thgem up for adoption or leaving them in the baby box when they find out how much work is involved.

Plus it saves on babysitting fees, and since such surrogate parents always want to do fun stuff it's great for the kids, too.
Posted by outeast  on  Tue Jul 31, 2007  at  04:49 AM
Renquist - how much?
Posted by Nona  on  Tue Jul 31, 2007  at  07:01 AM
How exactly do you "rent out your kids"?

Maybe I should have been more specific in my first reply. Personally, it's something *I* wouldn't be keen on doing myself with my children or other family members.

My wife and I are actually in the process of trying to get pregnant right now, because she has some pretty severe female problems, and if we don't try now, we may never be able to have biological children. So we're gonna give it a good effort.
Posted by Josh  on  Tue Jul 31, 2007  at  06:06 PM
"... it's also a useful deterrent to being mugged."

Because they'd mug the Scotsman instead???
Posted by Big Gary  on  Tue Jul 31, 2007  at  06:41 PM
Kid rentals works like this. Kids, especially babies, are chick magnets. Rent one and take it to a park. When women approach and comment how great a dad you are, you say that is it your nephew....
Parents pay for babysitting and babysitters pay instead of getting paid.
Posted by wdl  on  Tue Jul 31, 2007  at  07:58 PM
on the Delaware thing, a lot of companies maintain a corporate office (sometime literally a boiler room) in Delaware, usually Wilmington, due to the corporation-favorable tax and corporate structure laws in Delaware. As for the rent-a-pet thing, well, how is renting a dog for a frisbee-chasing romp in the park any different than paying to ride a horse on a trail or whatever? That's why Uncles, Aunts, Gmas and Gpas get the best of the deal- they can enjoy the kiddies, and give them back to the parents when the kids get tired and cranky. Works for me
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Jul 31, 2007  at  08:15 PM
I read about this on another site and the stated reason was due to people bringing animals to the shelter because they could no longer take care of them. I couldn't keep a pet in my apartment but I might rent a dog just to enjoy for a short time. It wouldn't be the same as the years of enjoyment I had with my dog, prior to having him cooked for dinner, but it would satisfy some of the cravings for pet companionship for a short while. Until the hunger set in, but I'm sure I would have returned the rented pet long before then.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Tue Jul 31, 2007  at  10:55 PM
I'm not saying this isn't a viable concept. I'm saying that this company isn't currently in the business of providing it.

If they were, why wouldn't they openly provide phone numbers and street addresses for their local facilities?

Also, I don't see anyone paying this kind of money just to have the ability to spend time with a dog. I love dogs, but if I couldn't own one (or two in my case), I wouldn't pay over $1,000 per year to spend time with them...
Posted by coit  on  Wed Aug 01, 2007  at  08:49 AM
I can't say I really like the idea of rent a pet. Many animals connect with their owner. Some won't even listen to anyone else or even be comfortable being passed around.
Where it might be fun for a human to have a dog for a day I don't think a dog would understand or enjoy being shuttled from stranger to stranger. They just want a home to settle down in and be part of a "pack".
Posted by Suki  on  Thu Aug 02, 2007  at  10:21 PM
I personally think that the beauty of owning a pet is something that takes time to understand - you must be ready, willing and able to spend as much (if not more) time with your dog as with your kids...

you should check out this webiste that will help you become a better petlover.

The Next Step For You and Your Pet
Posted by Scruffy Bones  on  Mon Sep 10, 2007  at  04:52 PM
I am not sure if renting gives you the same joy, it certainly doesn't provide the same amount of responsibility.
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