Racelift.com is the online home of the Institute of Ethnological and Racial Modification. The staff at the institute claim to have developed powerful new "Racelift Technologies" that allow you to change your race. For instance, among their testimonials is that of Hohepa Mikhailov, who transformed from what looks like a Russian sailor into a New Zealand Maori. His testimonial reads:
When I was studying and living with the Native Maori culture of New Zealand, I found it hard to relate because I would always be an outsider to them. I got my RaceLift in order to gain an insiders perspective of the Maori culture. The IERM surgeons were even able to apply the traditional Maori tattoo's on my face at no extra charge! Thank you Dr. John!
The site is pretty obviously a joke. If the dodgy science doesn't give away the joke, then the numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes throughout the site should. (Thanks, Oz)

Body Manipulation Websites

Posted on Thu Oct 11, 2007


Take a look at the "Who we are" page. Everyone is wearing a surgical mask! You can't identify any faces. Surprise! In the FAQ section it also mentions that the US government has instituted a lottery to restrict the number of Arabs who want to look like another race. When did that law get passed? And, how come no mention of it was ever made before now?

Guess what!? It's a hoax. No real surprise there, is there?
Posted by Christopher Cole  in  Tucson, AZ  on  Thu Oct 11, 2007  at  04:34 PM
The write up in "what we do" is a bunch of double talk. Obviously written by a computer nerd obsessed with microchip construction.
Posted by darren  on  Thu Oct 18, 2007  at  09:53 AM
Dr. Chadwick Larkin received his undergraduate training at College. LOL
Posted by darren  on  Thu Oct 18, 2007  at  09:55 AM
Reminds me of the Rock Hudson movie "Seconds", except that there isn't a race change in the film.
I mention the movie world because this sort of thing could be done, through makeup or prosthetics and teaching dialectics or specific laguages and fashion.

I think it could be a money maker if they invest and get acting coaches and special make-up artists, fashion experts, ect.
Get funding from an art foundation or advertise as a "reality show experiment"
Posted by booby meets bob and hangs out with bimby  in  usa  on  Sat Oct 20, 2007  at  07:39 PM
I never got laid as a white dude either! What gives?!
Posted by bob hangs out with booby, while bimby is missing a  in  the usa  on  Sat Oct 20, 2007  at  07:46 PM
hmmmm . . . Since there is a vocal group among Maori who want to enforce copyright on their cultural artifacts including tatoos, this website is skating not so much on thin ice, but on a lake of fluoric acid.
Posted by D F Stuckey  in  Auckland New Zealand  on  Sun Oct 28, 2007  at  05:20 AM
re Racelift, Kia Ora was wondering if u had permission to use the above photograph of Joe Rauhina at all?.I also wonder if Joe knows that you are using his face for your site!
Posted by Anne Hastings  in  Far North New Zealand  on  Tue Mar 13, 2012  at  06:11 PM
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