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Fake blind man caught driving
A 70-year-old Italian man had been claiming to be blind for 40 years in order to get an invalid's pension. He was caught when police stopped him in his car at a routine road check. When they checked his record, they noticed it listed him as being 100 percent blind. (Thanks, Joe)

Underwear on face fails to disguise
"A robbery suspect tried to hide his face with a pair of underwear but the disguise didn't fool witnesses."

Fleeing husband spotted in film
45-year-old shop owner Martino Garibaldi took £37,000 out of his family's savings and ran away with his mistress. "Unfortunately for Garibaldi an eagle-eyed friend happened to be watching the Italian comedy Natale in Crociera (Christmas on a Cruise) and saw Garibaldi and his mistress in the background during one of the scenes. His wife was informed and when she found out that the movie was filmed in the Dominican Republic she managed to trace him."


Posted on Mon Feb 18, 2008



Here you can see a similar case that happened in Spain almost four years ago.

In 1996, Domingo had an accident and was compensated with a great sum of money as resulted blinded.
However, in 2004 he was caught at about 100 MPH. He said that he was driving in the highway thanks to his wife's guidance. He was examined and confirmed to be 100% blind on one eye and almost totally in the other.

But the assurance firm was upset. They signed a detective and saw how how he acted suspiciously, looking at a shop window, and how he signed the fine at exactly the right point. So the Supreme Court repealed the judgement and had to be repeated.

However, the final sentence acquitted the blind man because it couldn't be proved that he wasn't as blind as he said. "The blindness of the charged is not incompatible with a certain degree of visual sharpness" "although we ignore the particular degree of that".
Posted by Alex  in  Seville, Spain  on  Tue Feb 19, 2008  at  04:44 AM
I'm always mislead by headlines... "Fake Blind Man Caught Driving"... I visualized (npi) a store-window mannequin with sunglasses on, driving a convertible. I don't get out much. "Underwear On Face Fails To Disguise". Initially, I thought someone was trying to disguise their underwear with their face, but then I realized how ridiculous that sounded. Why would you try to disguise your underwear? Show it, grow it, long as I can mow it. "Fleeing Husband Spotted In Film". My first thought was one of someguy running down the street in mortal terror of some domestic nightmare, being filmed by Steven Speilberg and crew., but the guy's spotted like a leopard, and running real fast. (See above comment on cabin fever)
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Feb 19, 2008  at  05:03 PM
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