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imageGiant Pawprints Puzzle Couple
Mr and Mrs May, of Ipswich, are mystified by a set of large pawprints, seemingly of an animal with claws or toes, which have appeared in their garden.
Maybe it's Bernard.

Drivers Buy Fake Emblems
Increasing numbers of car owners are going to dealers, or to eBay, to buy emblems to make their cars look like more expensive versions.

Fake Breastfeeding Picture of ABC Anchor
Elizabeth Vargas was disappointed that the magazine Marie Claire photoshopped her head onto a picture of a model breastfeeding at the anchor desk. The photograph was to illustrate an article on balancing work and motherhood.

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Posted on Mon Nov 20, 2006


Fake emblems for your car??? What a bunch of morons!
Posted by Christopher  on  Tue Nov 21, 2006  at  04:40 AM
Keep this up alex and we're just going to have get a quick linx tab for this assorted collection ^.~
Posted by Blood For Nothing  in  Somewhere in the Arctic  on  Tue Nov 21, 2006  at  06:09 AM
In my neighborhood, if you're smart, you try to make your car look less expensive, not more. Why try to turn your ride into a magnet for car thieves?
Posted by Big Gary  on  Tue Nov 21, 2006  at  05:07 PM
I picked up a Porsche hood emblem in their factory and took it home, where I stuck it onto the front of my old bicycle. It puzzled a few people.

"Yeah, it's the new Porsche ten-speed. It's a prototype model for their next line of vehicles. They're really pushing for fuel efficiency these days, you know."
Posted by Accipiter  on  Tue Nov 21, 2006  at  11:08 PM
I once owned a Mercury Escort--I replaced a dented hood with a junkyard hood from a Topaz but left the Merc emblem in place.

I referred to the process as "pimpling" my ride.
Posted by JoeDaJuggler  in  St. Louis, MO  on  Wed Nov 22, 2006  at  12:33 PM
> Fake emblems for your car??? What a bunch of
> morons!
That has been happening here for a while already. Some people here rebrand their Protons (a local car) as Mitsubishis, mainly because 1. Protons use Mitsubishi engines, and 2. Apart from the engine, everything else on it is sorta flawed (I'd like to run over the idiot who designed their latest car's interior. It has the wiper and light controls of a left hand drive car, but car itself is a right-hand drive. The net result? I nearly ran into another car after panicking when I wanted to turn on the headlights but ending up turning on the wiper instead when I drove it for the first time).
Posted by RAMChYLD  on  Wed Nov 22, 2006  at  06:01 PM
>Why try to turn your ride into a magnet for car >thieves?

Well said.

I saw the pawprints on the forums and the first thing I thought was "It's Bernard".

Also,qouth the quick links "seemingly an animal with claws or toes" well what animals that grow that size in Ipswitch don't have them?It could be anything.Also, it does not mention the actually length of the footprints.And look again at the Bernard story.The story sounds suspiciously like the pictures may have been tampered with.
Posted by J  on  Sun Nov 26, 2006  at  11:37 AM
"seemingly an animal with claws or toes"

Well, I guess that rules out snakes, whales, or fishes.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Mon Nov 27, 2006  at  02:01 PM
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