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Fake Gucci Advertisemant Fools Newspaper
A man in Switzerland phoned a national newspaper and managed to get them to run a two-page advertisement showing himself posing beside a bottle of Gucci perfume. He told the newspaper he was a representative for the company, and told them to send the 60,000 Swiss Frank bill to Gucci.
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Shark with ‘Webbed Feet’ Caught
A Malaysian fisherman recently caught what appeared to be a shark with webbed feet. The 1.7kg shark was given to a worker at the Malaysian Fisheries Development Board in Penang. When she noticed the feet, she gave it back to the fisherman, who threw it back into the sea.
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Homer Simpson Appears on Pizza
With a hopeful-sounding minimum bid of $100, the seller from Kentucky has yet to garner a single taker for his piece of half-eaten pizza with the image of Homer Simpson on it.
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Posted on Sat Mar 24, 2007


First these people take a picture of the webbed shark, then they throw it back into the sea. Does anyone else notice anything suspicious here?
Posted by Phred22  on  Sat Mar 24, 2007  at  06:16 PM
OK, I bit. I visited the Homer Simpson pizza. I just didn't see him. I think the seller of that slice needs to finish his meal, shut the f--- up, and hope the virgin Mary appears to him in his morning oatmeal...
Posted by Christopher  in  Joplin, Missouri  on  Sun Mar 25, 2007  at  02:00 PM
Yes, it looks nothing like Homer. I've found that I can rarely see a likeness in any of these foods that claim to have a face in them. I think I've been associating with you lot for too long.
Posted by Nettie  in  Perth, Western Australia  on  Sun Mar 25, 2007  at  05:42 PM
Homer pizza - ridiculous.

fish wish legs - This smells like a hoax. As Phred says, they take pictures and then throw it back into the ocean. Nice.
Posted by Joe  in  US  on  Mon Mar 26, 2007  at  09:31 AM
Those "legs" look to me like the claspers (sexual organs) of a male shark. See http://courses.washington.edu/chordate/453photos/urogenital_photos/shark_urogenital_photos.htm , second row, for comparison
Posted by nadine  on  Mon Mar 26, 2007  at  11:14 AM
I had the same thought-- that those chicken legs look like a male shark's "claspers"-- but this specimen does have rather large ones.
Posted by Big Gary, MoHDCiCoF  in  Aquarena Springs, Texas  on  Mon Mar 26, 2007  at  12:10 PM
No Pills! See what Clasper Enlargement Patches can do for you!

Seriously, I'd go along with Nadine - I'd bet on developmental error leading to deformed claspers rather than 'feet'. I'm not so dubious of the phenomenon itself as Phred22 and Joe: if you read the article it's pretty clear that the people concerned were more driven by superstitious fear than by intellectual curiosity.
Posted by outeast  on  Tue Mar 27, 2007  at  02:46 AM
This is a fishy, excuse my terrile puns, story. How come they didnt notice the feet before they nearly cooked it. Would they see it before then?
If they did, it's a hoax. But as it is, I might just believe it.The feet, if you look closely, just look like triangles. They might even be oddly shaped fins.

Oh by the way, I can see a likeness to Homer in it but if I won the auction I'd just eat it and be done.
Posted by J  on  Tue Mar 27, 2007  at  10:51 AM
Homer Simpson has been appearing on my wristwatch lately. How much do you think I can sell it for?
Posted by Big Gary  in  Aquarena Springs, Texas  on  Tue Mar 27, 2007  at  11:52 AM
Neat. This shark developed oversized claspers, which freaked the humans out enough to throw him back instead of eating him, thus aiding his survival, so that he will be able to breed and pass on his genes to the next generation of sharks with well-hung claspers.

It's not a shark growing feet, but it's still evolution at work!
Posted by Barghest  on  Wed Mar 28, 2007  at  11:06 AM
Umm, barghest? Dead sharks don't breed. Plus if those weirdass things really are deformed claspers I'd bet dollars to do(ugh)nuts they're the result of developmental error (a transcription error) rather than heritable mutation. I dare say they never even worked... If any part of my hypothesis is correct, it's not evolution at work at all - just nature's typically wry sense of humo(u)r.
Posted by outeast  on  Thu Mar 29, 2007  at  12:51 AM
Gooi Man Kaw? Gooey man cow? pleeeeease....
Posted by Darren  on  Fri Mar 30, 2007  at  09:36 PM
The Homer Pizza has been relisted with a new minimum bid of $5. Still no takers..
Posted by LonelyBoi  on  Mon Apr 02, 2007  at  10:31 AM
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